Monday Night Raw TV Report for 03/14/2016

Monday Night Raw TV Report for March 14th, 2015 – “Pounding Headaches”

We go live to right away to the arena in Pittsburgh and Tag-Team Champions The New Day’s music plays; a match kicks off Raw!

Match #1: Tag-Team for the Tag-Team Championship – The New Day (Big E. and Xavier Woods)) (with New Day/Tag-Team Champion member Kofi Kingston) VS. The League of Nations (Rusev and Alberto Del Rio) (with League of Nations members Sheamus and King Barrett)

Rusev and Big begin with an elbow-collar tie-up ad Rusev shoves E. into the corner. They tie-up again then Rusev hammers away in the corner, but Big hits a clothesline and locks on an abdominal stretch. New Day double-team Rusev with trading stomps in the corner, but Rusev hits back a short time later and tags in Alberto. The League takes over with Del Rio punishing Woods.


Rusev is back in and has Xavier in a bearhug, then gives him a fall-away slam. He holds Xavier as Alberto dives off the turnbuckle with a double axe-handle, then wears Woods down with a grounding chinlock. Xavier punches back in the corner, but Alberto reverses into an armbar against the top trope. Del Rio lets go, but misses another dive and Woods manages the hot-tag to Big.

He gives Rusev a belly-to-belly suplex and a standing splash, but Rusev drops out of the Big Ending and gives E. a spinning-wheel kick for a near-fall! Big backdrops Rusev, then he and Woods double-team with a knee and Tornado-DDT! Xavier covers, but Alberto breaks it up. Del Rio takes Big to the floor but is planted with a flatliner by Woods. Rusev controls and almost gets this, but Xavier raises his shoulder!

Kofi distracts the referee and Rusev, then leaps onto Sheamus and runs Barrett into the corner of the barrier, as Xavier rolls up Rusev for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall and STILL Tag-Team Champions: The New Day

Post-mtach, the entire League gang up on New Day. All three tag champs are laid out as Barrett, Rusev, Sheamus, and Del Rio are pleased with their assault.


Segment #1: Arena Promo

Dean Ambrose walks out and wishes he could’ve been WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but because of his misplaced foot, that did not happen Saturday at Roadblock. “The Lunatic Fringe” does warn WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H what does happen though when he is messed around with, as at Roadblock, he wrestled him well.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he and Paul Heyman stand on stage. Heyman threatens Ambrose that he is holding Brock back, and instead of going at it with Dean tonight, they will meet at WrestleMania in a “No-Holds Barred” Street Fight. Heyman walks away, but Lesnar walks forward until Ambrose pulls out a crowbar. Brock circles the ring and thinks, then teases running at Dean until Ambrose takes a swing.


Match #2: Single – Ryback VS. Sin Cara (with Lucha Dragon member and United States Champion Kalisto)

They lockup and Ryback takes Cara down with a side headlock a couple of times. Ryback shoulder-rams Cara in the corner, then gives him a Thesz Press as Sin ran of the ropes. He splashes the Lucha Dragon, and tosses him with a backdrop soon after. Ryback suplexes Cara and continues to dominate.

Sin battles back with some high-flying moves, but is caught from a springboard into a Shellshock. Ryback drops him with another for the 1 – 2 – 3, glaring at Kalisto.

Winner via Pinfall: Ryback

Post-match, Ryback gets on the mic and tell Kalisto “that’s what happens when a ‘good Big Guy’ beats a ‘good Little Guy.’” He asks Kalisto to face him at ‘Mania for the U.S. Title.

Stephanie McMahon is walking through the hallway and will be out next.


Segment #2: Arena Promo

Stephanie is all smiles and introduces her husband, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. He saunters out and mocks the fans’ wishes of Dean Ambrose defeating him at Roadblock for the WWE Title, as well as their own lives relating to “authority.” He informs us that he “will beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, because time and time again, The Authority always wins.”

Dolph Ziggler interrupts and joins them in the ring. he claims to know what he does for The Authority, “busting my ass for all of them!” (pointing to the all the fans.) He and Steph verbally-joust about his place in the company, but declares that he “will not quit,” despite all she puts in front of him and the threats. McMahon gets her back up and is ready to can him, but “The Game” stops her and instead insinuates to him that he should join The Authority, “to get everything you want out of life.”

Of course, Ziggler declines and name-calls Steph, so she slaps him back. She makes him wrestle tonight against Triple H, and if he wins, then Dolph gets a WrestleMania match!

Later tonight, The Undertaker will have a chat with Shane and Vince McMahon!


Match #3: Single – Sami Zayn VS. The Miz

(Note: Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens is on commentary.) They elbow-collar tie-up and wristlock, then Sami gives Miz a few armdrags. Miz backs away on the outside and yanks Zayn out, but Sami counters by leaping onto the barricade and moonsaulting onto Miz!


Zayn continues to hit Miz, but “The Awesome One” takes control. He hits a running-clothesline in the corner, but eats a couple of clothesline by Sami. He goes to the top and rockets off with a crossbody, then soars over the top rope with a swanton-splash! Owens gets up from commentary, but is hit by Miz. Zayn is cradled by Miz, but capitalizes on Owens’ distraction of Miz with the Helluva Kick and takes this one!

Winner via Pinfall: Sami Zayn

Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Rene Young invites The League of Nations to talk with her. Barrett, Rusev, Sheamus, and Del Rio proclaim they “sent a message” to Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E., then challenge them for the Tag Titles at WrestleMania.

Brie Bella and Alicia Fox make their entrance, and will be wrestling Team B.A.D. next.


Match #4: Tag-Team – Brie Bella

Naomi hits Alicia with a dropkick and fierce punches right away. She dropkicks Fox in the corner but only gets two. She tags in Tamina who rips at Alicia’s chin, then tries a slam, but Fox gets out of it and switches with Brie. She dropkicks Tamina from the middle turnbuckle, then kicks away like Daniel Bryan.

Bella hits Naomi off the apron, then gives Tamina a running knee. She kicks Tamina out of the corner, and hits a big move for a near-fall before Naomi broke it up. Lana gets on the apron, distracting Bella and giving Naomi and Tamina a double-team chance; Tamina covers to complete!

Winners via Pinfall: Team B.A.D.

Post-match, Fox goes after Lana, but is hit and Lana laughs.

Segment #5: Backstage Promo

The Social Outcasts are promoting Grilled Dogs, a product from the fast-food restaurant Burger King. Heath Slater, Adam Rose, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas each describes themselves as part of the food, but are cut off too soon by an unseen director. Curtis is left in a Burger King crown as the other three walk away, particularly with Bo and Heath taking his Grilled Dogs.


Segment #6: Backstage Promo

JoJo interviews Paige about her life and career. Lana promptly interjects and the two go back-and-forth with vocal jabs. Team B.A.D. walks up and also caution Paige about who she talks to.

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Rene Young asks Divas Champion Charlotte, who is with her father Ric Flair, about her challengers at WrestleMania for the Divas Championship. Charlotte puts down Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, and their history together. She states that she is and will continue to be better than her former friends.

The Usos make their entrance for a tag bout, next.


Match #5: Tag-Team – The Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas and Adam Rose) (with Social Outcasts members Curtis Axel and Heath Slater) VS. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)

(Note: The Dudley Boyz – Bubba Ray and D-Von – are on commentary.)

Bo and Jimmy start then Bo leads his partners in a parade around the ring fro a break. He climbs back in the ring and is given an uppercut, and despite distractions from both Bubba and the rest of the Outcasts, Jimmy and Jey finish off Dallas with a kick and top-rope Splash!

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

Segment #8: Locker Room Promo

Dean Ambrose is contemplating when a familiar face stands beside; it is WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley! They discuss Ambrose’s decision about facing Lesnar, with Mick trying to convince Dean it may not be the best career option. Ambrose asks Mick about his infamous Hell In A Cell match (and the most famous one), where he took two dives off the cell, which was in 1998 in Pittsburgh, whether he was “afraid” or “scared,” and why he still did it. “Because I’m Mick Foley, and that’s what I did.” “And I’m Dean Ambrose, and this is what I do.”

Mick settles, but gives Dean more than some advice; he hands him a large present that replaces the crowbar – “Barbie!” Ambrose takes out a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat!


Match #6: Single – Dolph Ziggler VS. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon) (Non-Title)

They square off as Triple H starts with a side headlock takedown. He shoulder-blocks Dolph, but is also taken down with a side headlock. HHH shoulder-blocks Ziggler again, but is armdragged, and worn down with a side headlock. Dolph just about wins with consecutive pin combos, but is elbowed harshly running off the ropes. “The Game” hurls Ziggler into the corner barricade and walks away.


Triple H has an armlock on Dolph, and focuses on it. He hits a hard knee-to-the-face, then drops him with a front suplex. On the outside, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion slams Ziggler’s arm against the steps, then suplexes him from the apron into the ring. He sits atop the turnbuckle and soaks in the moment of Dolph being down, and then jumps off, but “The Show Off” blocks.

Ziggler gains momentum with a knee and running-clothesline, then a splash in the corner, and an elbow for two! He leaps on “The Game” in the corner and gives him multiple punches, then reverses a Pedigree-attempt into a jackknife cover! 1 – 2 – HHH kicks out! Dolph drives Trips face-first with a Fameasser, and just about gets this! The same happens after a leaping-DDT, but HH counters a couple runs with a boot and spinebuster!

Triple H picks Dolph off, but Ziggler fends him off and superkicks him! 1 – 2 – HHH kicks out, and shoves Dolph to the barrier. He goes again for the Pedigree, but Dolph backdrops. Dolph tries the Zigzag, but Trips pushes back and Pedigrees to win!

Winner via Pinfall: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon)

Post-match, Roman Reigns’ music plays and both Steph and “The Game” look for him in the crowd. Instead, Reigns is on the ramp! Both glower at each other, then Roman runs to the ring and attacks. They brawl in and around the ring, taking the fight to the backstage area. Reigns gets the better, busting Triple H open with an equipment case, and is only stopped by his cousins, The Usos, Swagger, and Mark Henry, despite the efforts of referees, agents, and “security.”


Segment #9: Video Promo

Former WWE Women’s and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jacqueline will be inducted into the Hall-of-Fame this year!

Segment #10: Backstage Promo

R-Truth is still trying convince Goldust to be his tag-team partner, but Goldie still declines.

Chris Jericho is out and will wrestle next.


Match #7: Single – Chris Jericho VS. Neville

Prior to the bout, Jericho cuts a promo discrediting A.J. Styles.

Jericho shoves Neville to start, but Neville hits back with kicks and gets the better, which infuriates Chris on the outside.


Neville is still in control, almost getting a three-count. Neville is slow, and Jericho rolls him up but he kicks out. Jericho shoves referee Charles Robinson, who yells back that “he’s hurt,” and calls for the DQ.

Winner via Disqualification: Neville

Post-match, Jericho rips on the crowd until they call for A.J. “The Phenomenal One” answers and goes at it with Jericho! He hits the springboard-forearm and stands over “Y2J.”

After the break, The Undertaker, and Shane and Vince McMahon will face off.


There is speculation on what will happen when Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Divas Champion Charlotte meet in the ring on Smackdown!, as well as if Roman Reigns will be there too this week.

Segment #11: Arena Promo

Vince McMahon is out first and asserts that The Undertaker will help him in destroying Shane’s goal of controlling Monday Night Raw/WWE. “The Deadman” walks out to loud “Undertaker” chants. McMahon tells him not to “ever put your hands on me again,” but ‘Taker responds by taking his jacket and hat off. Vince backtracks quickly, then continues to try and convince “The Phenom” what he is going to do to Shane in Hell In A Cell at WrestleMania.

Shane joins now and tells Vince that he’s “not ‘best for business’ anymore.” He talks to Undertaker and says he has a strategy. He is going to use his mind, physicality, and heart. ‘Taker responds with his fists, saying that “what I have are these, and even more so than WrestleMania itself, these (fists) are my legacy.”

Shane calls him out though, “yep, for the last twenty-five years, you’ve helped carry this company on your back. You are ‘The Phenom,’ you are ‘the measuring stick.’ That’s why I’m so shocked that you’re standing around here, dancing around here like a puppet, as Vince is pulling the puppet strings.” Undertaker does not take kind to that, but he really doesn’t take kind to Shane’s next remark, “I have the misfortune of being Vince’s son, but you, well, you’re just Vince’s bitch.”

Both engage in fist-a-cuffs until Vince shoves Shane into a chokeslam; ‘Taker frowns at fins and goes for him, but The Boss slides out of the ring and backs up the ramp. The arena goes blue and ‘Taker stares at both a downed Shane and a gleeful Vince to close the show.

End of Raw.

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