IMPACT TV report for 09/07/2012

Impact begins, as it always does these days, with a replay of the Aces and Eights attacks from recent weeks. After the replay, we are informed that the Final Four in the Bound For Glory series will be decided tonight. James Storm has already qualified.

Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe will face each other first, and later tonight Bully Ray will face RVD. Whoever has the fewest points at the end of the night will be eliminated.

Match #1: Jeff Hardy versus Samoa Joe.

Joe’s arm is still taped up because of the chair shot he recently took from his former partner, Magnus. The two men lock up and Joe gets the early edge, twisting Hardy’s arm. Hardy gets to the ropes to break the hold and then they lock up again. Hardy gets Joe in a headlock and then Joe whips him to the ropes. The crowd breaks out in competing “Let’s go Hardy” and “Let’s go Joe!” chants as Joe shoulder blocks Hardy to the mat.

Joe pushes Hardy to the corner and then beats him down with a series of punches and kicks. Joe throws Hardy to the floor and then goes out after him. Joe hits Hardy in the face with a knee strike and then slams his face into the steel steps. Hardy gets to his feet and slams Joe’s head into the steel steps. Hardy leaps over the steps and hits Joe with a flying leg lariat, knocking him into the security barrier.


When we return, Joe and Hardy are back in the ring and Joe knocks Hardy to the mat. Joe goes for a cover but Hardy kicks out at 2.  Joe whips Hardy into the ropes and hits him with a running back elbow and a kick to the head. The two men exchange several strikes, with Joe eventually knocking Hardy down. Hardy lands a couple punches and Joe responds with a headbutt. Hardy lands a pair of kicks and then an inverted atomic drop.

Hardy takes Joe to the mat with a double leg takedown and covers him for a two count. Hardy hits Joe with a jawbreaker and then goes to the top rope. Joe gets up and goes after Hardy; Hardy leaps over Joe.  Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Joe reverses it and gets Hardy in a choke hold. Hardy escapes the choke and hits Joe’s injured arm with whisper in the wind. Hardy hits Joe with the twist of fate and then locks up Joes’ head and arm in a submission hold. Joe’s still selling an arm injury and he taps out.

After the match, TNA champ Austin Aries is talking to Hogan.  Aries is sick of being attacked and wants answers. Hogan tells him that they’ve got the guy that flap jacked Aries last week and Aries can try to get answers out of him. Hogan gives Aries permission to do anything he wants to him, including breaking both his legs. Aries seems happy about that.


When we return, Christy Hemme is interviewing Samoa Joe. Christy is asking Joe how he feels about losing when they are interrupted by Magnus. Magnus says Joe is obviously devastated, and he seems sympathetic. It’s an act though, Magnus tells Joe he attacked him because he lost his temper after a tough loss, and then proceeds to insult Joe by calling him an egomaniac. Magnus says he’s willing to be the bigger man and just walk away, but instead he cheap shots Joe in the back.

In the back, Hulk Hogan is asking several of the TNA tag teams why they should be given a title shot. The Robbies think they should have the shot because they are young, everyone else claims to deserve the shot because they are awesome. AJ Styles wants a shot to, but he has no partner and Hogan rules him out first.

Somewhere else in the back, an even less interesting Hogan is also talking to the talent. Brooke Hogan is talking to Tara about her title shot against her former student, Miss Tessmacher. They are interrupted by Gail Kim, who thinks she deserves a shot. Hogan tells her she can wrestle Tara tonight.


Match #2:  Gail Kim versus Tara.

The two women lock up and Gail gets Tara in a headlock and takes her to the mat. They get back to their feet and Gail takes Tara down again, this time with an armdrag. Gail hits Tara with a dropkick and Tara goes down again. Tara gets to her feet, lands a punch and then backdrops her. Gail goes for a flying armbar, Tara punches her way out.

Gail shoulder blocks Tara into the corner and then hits her with a leg drop to the back while Tara is in the ropes. Tara gets out of the corner, takes Gail down and then mounts and pounds her. Tara goes for a pin and Gail kicks out at 2. Gail regains the edge and goes for a cover and gets two. Gail charges Tara but Tara sidesteps and then powerslams her to the mat.

Tara hits Gail with a series of strikes and a delayed vertical suplex. Tara goes for another cover and gets 2. Gail grabs Tara’s leg and takes her down. Gail goes to the top but Tara cuts her off.  Tara gets Gail up on her shoulders and then hits her with widows peak for the win.

After the match we see a replay of Joey Ryan’s Gut Check match with Austin Aries and his failure to impress the Gut Check judges. Of the three judges voting, (Pritchard, Snow, and Taz) only Al Snow voted to give Ryan a contract, which is interesting because Al has been attacked by Ryan a couple times now.

Al Snow goes to the ring and calls Ryan out. Ryan comes out and Snow offers him another Gut Check match, and if he wins, he’s in, if he loses, he’s out. There will be no judges this time. Ryan says he already earned a contract when 87% of the fans voted for him to get one.

Snow thinks that means Ryan is scared. Ryan finally agrees and Snow tells Ryan that he will have to face…Al Snow. Ryan laughs and says “This isn’t the 90’s and no one wants to see you in spandex.” Al replies that he’ll kick Ryan’s ass in jeans and then punches him. Ryan screams that he’s going to sue and leaves.

In the back, Bully Ray asks Joseph Park what he’s discovered about Aces and Eights. Park replies that he’s not allowed to say because of attorney client privilege. Park has apparently been hired by Sting and Hogan to investigate Aces and Eights. Bully Ray tells him to be careful.

Elsewhere in the back, Aries has started questioning the Aces and Eights captive, who we now know is named “Mike.”


When we return from the break, Hogan is still trying to figure out who will face Kaz and Daniels for the tag titles tonight. Hogan eliminates Gunner and Kid Kash from contention.

Match #3:  RVD versus Bully Ray.

Ray shows off his massive calves, and RVD kicks them. Bully Ray hits RVD with a few strikes. RVD gets Bully in a headlock. Ray whips RVD to the ropes and hits him with a back elbow and then stomps on him. RVD trips Bully and rolls him up for a two count.  RVD puts Bully in a headlock and holds it for a long time. Ray grabs RVD’s ponytail and pushes him to the ropes.

RVD misses with a kick but then lands two of them, knocking Ray to the floor. RVD hits Bully Ray with a baseball slide dropkick and then a flip dive outside the ring. RVD rolls Ray back into the ring and then climbs to the top rope. Ray grabs the ropes, causing RVD to lose his balance. RVD gets hung up in the corner and Ray pounds on his leg repeatedly.

After punishing RVD’s legs with strikes and a leg lock, RVD finally gets to the corner. Earl Hebner yells at Ray to give a clean break, and then RVD lands a series of strikes, a pair of clotheslines, and rolling thunder. RVD hits Bully with a big monkey flip and a springboard body press.  Ray hits RVD with a big boot to the head and then goes for Swagger bomb, but misses.

RVD lands a kick and climbs to the top rope.  RVD goes for a 5 star frog splash but Ray counters with a Bubba cutter for the win!  Bully Ray makes it to the Final Four, but RVD is eliminated.

In the back, Aries is getting ready to start torturing “Mike” (the captured Aces and Eights member) with a pair of pliers.  Hogan interrupts, but only because he also wants to torture Mike. Hogan gets a phone call from Aces and Eights. Apparently they want Mike back, so Hogan tells them he’ll trade Mike for the big guy that recently tried to break Austin’s arm. Hogan and Aries want Aries to fight the big guy at the PPV on Sunday, and Aces and Eights agree.


After the commercial, James Storm comes to the ring. Storm finished first in the Bound for Glory series, so he gets to pick his opponent for Sunday. Storm invites the other three finalists (Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, and Samoa Joe.  Bully Ray was one of the people claiming Storm was the man behind Aces and Eights, so Storm chooses him.


Match #4: Kaz and Daniels (champions) defending against…Hogan’s choice.

Hogan comes out to the ring to announce his final decision for the tag title match, and he chooses Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.  Things break down before the match even begins, with all 4 men brawling inside and outside the ring. Eventually the match starts off with Hernandez and Daniels. Hernandez body slams Daniels and tags in Chavo. Chavo dives in and hits Daniels with an uppercut.  Chavo tags Hernandez back in.

Hernandez puts Daniels in a bear hug and then throws him overhead. Hernandez takes Daniels down with a snapmare and tags in Chavo. Chavo dropkicks Daniels, tags Hernandez back in and they double team Daniels in the corner. Hernandez bodyslams Chavo onto Daniels as they keep Daniels isolated. Daniels eventually gets free and tags in Kaz. Chavo hip tosses Kaz and tags in Hernandez.  Hernandez hits Kaz with an elbow and tags in Chavo. Chavo and Hernandez knock Kaz down with a double back elbow.

Kaz tags in Daniels and Daniels goes after Chavo, but Chavo takes Daniels down with a flying headscissors. Chavo follows up with a pair of dropkicks. Daniels tags in Kaz and Chavo tags in Hernandez. Hernandez lands a kick and then a backbreaker to Kaz.  Hernandez gets Kaz up in the air for a LONG delayed vertical suplex.

Daniels comes in to save Kaz, but Chavo cuts him off and hits him with the three Amigos (three vertical suplexes, one of his Uncle Eddie’s classic moves) holding him up on the third suplex for a delayed vertical. Hernandez still has Kaz up in the air, so Chavo and Hernandez actually complete their suplexes at the same time.  Chavo and Hernandez throw Kaz and Daniels to the floor.


When we return, Chavo has Daniels in the corner. Daniels whips Chavo to the ropes; Chavo hits Daniels with a big boot. Kaz hits Chavo with a cheap shot and Daniels mounts and pounds Guerrero.  Daniels tags in Kaz and then slingshots himself onto Chavo. Kaz slingshots himself onto Chavo right after Daniels does it. Kaz hits Chavo with a neckbreaker and then Daniels throws Chavo to the floor. Kaz rolls Chavo back in and then Daniels knocks him down again.

Daniels tags Kaz and then hip tosses him onto Chavo. Kaz gets behind Chavo and ties both of his arms up behind his back. Chavo gets to his feet and fights his way out. Kaz lands a couple strikes and tries to keep Chavo from making a tag, but Chavo rolls to his corner and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez downs Kaz with a flying shoulder block.

Daniels comes in and kicks Hernandez, but Hernandez downs Daniels with a shoulder block. Kaz lands a kick to Hernandez, but Hernandez responds with a sit out powerbomb. Hernandez goes to the top rope but Kaz cuts him off. Chavo knocks Kaz out of the corner and then superplexes Hernandez onto Kaz. Daniels comes in to save Kaz, and Kaz rolls out to the floor.  Chavo slingshots himself out of the ring onto Kaz.

Daniels hits Hernandez with a palm thrust. Daniels goes for a split leg moonsault but gets knocked to the floor. Hernandez does a suicide dive out of the ring onto Daniels and Kaz. Hernandez rolls Kaz back in, and then Chavo whips Hernandez into Kaz. Daniels re enters the ring and backdrops Chavo to the floor.  Hernandez picks Kaz up on his shoulders and Daniels hits Hernandez in the gut with the title belt while the ref is checking on Chavo.  Kaz pins Hernandez for the win.

Hogan comes out and congratulates Daniels and Kaz on their tainted victory. He also tells them that AJ Styles thinks he can beat them both by himself. Hogan doesn’t agree, that’s why he’s having AJ team up with Kurt Angle to face Kaz and Daniels at the PPV this Sunday.


When we return, Austin Aries has “Mike” from A&8s in the ring, tied up and on his knees. Aries tells Mike he would like to keep beating him, but since he seems to have some value to A&8s, he’s going to make a deal instead: Aries wants to fight the big guy that tried to break his arm this Sunday at the PPV.

After waiting a while, Aries starts to run out of patience and finally decides he’s just going to start beating Mike again until he talks. The big man from A&8s runs in and knocks Mike out with a hammer before he can start talking. Aries flies out of the ring at the big guy and they start brawling.  As they re-enter the ring, Aries kicks the middle rope up into the big guy’s nuts.

The big man gets to his feet and they start brawling in the ring.  Aries and the big guy from A&8s keep trading punches as Impact goes off the air.

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