WWE announces Bret’s return to RAW next Monday


WWE.COM has confirmed that Bret Hart’s appearance this coming Monday in Montreal won’t be just for the fans in the arena, but the WWE Hall of Famer will also appear during the televised show.

The official WWE website uploaded a video of AJ Lee announcing the return of the “Hit Man” to Montreal after 15 years, his first time back in the Bell Centre after the Montreal screw job at the Survivor Series in November 1997.

While no longer under contract, Hart has been making appearances on TV every few months for the company and seems to be enjoying his time after patching things up with the WWE. He recently appeared on the RAW 1000 episode as the ring announcer for the Intercontinental title match.

When asked on Twitter about his involvement on RAW this coming Monday, Bret wrote, “Yes, I was asked by WWE to be in Montreal this Monday and I’ll be there. That’s one off the bucket list.”