IMPACT TV report for 05/31/2013

Impact begins with a look inside the Aces and Eights Clubhouse. Bully Ray says that AJ Styles is their first order of business tonight. Last week AJ declined an invitation to join Aces and Eights by attacking them with a hammer.

D Lo tells Mr. Anderson he’s sorry that his plan to recruit AJ didn’t work out and pats him on the arm sympathetically.  Anderson then attacks D Lo from behind and leaves him lying unconscious in the back.

Bully Ray and Devon head to the ring. Bully Ray asks if Bully Ray really thought through the no holds barred stipulation for their upcoming match at Slammiversary. I don’t think he did; in a no holds barred match, ALL of Aces and Eights can come out and help Bully Ray and they won’t get disqualified.

Match #1:  Bully Ray and Devon versus Sting and Joseph Park.

All four men start brawling right away and the action spills out of the ring. Eventually Sting and Bully Ray face off on the middle of the ring to start the match. The two men exchange punches and then Sting clotheslines Bully.


Devon hits Park with several punches. Park responds with a hip toss and a bodyslam. Joe climbs to the second rope but is cut off by Bully Ray. Devon slams Joe to the mat and tags in Bully Ray.  Bully lands several strikes and tags in Devon.

Devon mimics Hogan’s pose routine in the ring and then puts Park in a chin lock. Joe gets to his feet and Devon hits him with a back elbow. Devon tags in Bully and Bully hits Joe with a dropkick. Bully Ray pounds Joe into the mat and tags in Devon. Devon and Bully try for a double team clothesline but end up hitting each other as Park ducks out of the way.

Sting gets tagged in and lands several punches and a clothesline. Sting puts Devon in the Scorpion Death lock (AKA the Sharpshooter here in Canada) and Park tries to put the same hold on Bully Ray.  Bully kicks Park off of him and into Sting, freeing Devon. Sting takes Devon and Bully down with a double clothesline. Sting hits Ray and Devon with Stinger Splashes.

Bully and Devon hit Sting with a double team suplex/neckbreaker. Bully hits Park with a scoop slam as Devon climbs to the top rope. Bully Ray holds Park down so Devon can attempt a top rope headbutt to his groin.

The entrance music for the Monster Abyss starts while Devon is perched on the top rope.  Sting takes advantage of the distraction and yanks Devon off the top rope and then finishes him with the Scorpion Death Drop for the win!


When we return, Kurt Angle is complaining about AJ Styles.  Angle is glad AJ didn’t join Aces and Eights, but he still thinks AJ has done a lot of unforgivable things lately, including attacking Angle with a hammer.  Angle will face AJ at Slammiversary and promises to make him pay.

Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring to talk about Slammiversary, but she is interrupted by Aces and Eights.  Garret Bischoff, Wes Brisco, and Doc enter the ring and surround Dixie menacingly.  Before anything happens, Samoa Joe and Magnus come out to the rescue. Joe then challenges Garrett Bischoff to a match.

Match: Joe versus Bischoff.

Bischoff attacks Joe from behind before the bell. Joe hits Bischoff with several strikes and an enzuigiri.


Joe hits Bischoff with a front kick. Outside the ring, Briscoe and Doc attack Magnus, and then Bischoff joins in the attack. Joe does a suicide dive into all three members of Aces and Eights.  The match gets thrown out as all 5 men brawl outside the ring.

After the match, Joe announces that at Slammiversary, Bischoff, Brisco, and Doc (who he calls a big shaved ape, which inspires a “big shaved ape” chant) will have to face Joe, Magnus, and the returning Jeff Hardy!!


When we return, Hogan is asking his daughter about the look she gave Bully Ray when he said he still loved her. Brooke admitted it tugged at her heart strings. She’ll probably turn heel soon. And suck at it.


Match #2:  Bad Influence and Aries and Roode versus Chavo and Hernandez and Storm and Gunner.

Gunner and Daniels start the match off. Daniels pushes Gunner and Gunner connects with a series of strikes. Gunner backdrops Daniels and Daniels tags in Aries. Aries tags in Roode before even trying to do anything.

Aries looked like he might have been a little scared of Gunner. Roode and Gunner exchange hammerlocks. Roode slams Gunner into the corner and hits him with a chop and a punch. Gunner responds with a kick and a clothesline and then tags in Chavo.

Chavo stomps Roode in the corner and then tags in Hernandez. Hernandez bodyslams his partner Chavo onto Roode and then hits Roode with a big splash. Hernandez tags in Chavo. Chavo lands a couple kicks and then the three Amigos. Chavo climbs to the top rope but is cut off by Aries. Aries hits Chavo with a slingshot elbow and tags in Kaz.

Kaz hits Chavo with a neckbreaker and tags in Roode. The heels isolate Chavo until Chavo is able to fight his way out with an elbow. Kaz rakes Chavo’s eyes. Chavo lands a dropkick and tags in Hernandez.  Hernandez hits Roode with a clothesline and a shoulder block.

Hernandez hits Aries with a press slam. Hernandez tries a double clothesline and takes down Kaz, but Daniels ducks. Hernandez tags in Gunner and Kaz tags in Aries. Gunner puts Aries in a backbreaker and then the torture rack. Aries submits!


When we return, Mickie James walks to the ring to celebrate her recent championship victory over the injured Velvet Sky. Mickie is concerned that a small number of people think her victory was tainted.  Mickie clipped Velvet’s knee hard as she was clutching it in pain.

Velvet comes out and they still seem to love each other, but I suspect Mickie is slowly turning evil.  Gail Kim comes out to say she wants the next Knockouts title shot. Velvet says she’s next in line for her rematch. Gail attacks Velvet and Mickie doesn’t do anything to help. Taryn Terrell comes out to save Velvet and attacks Gail.


Match #3:  Gail Kim and Kenny King versus Taryn Terrell and Chris Sabin.

Taryn and Gail start things off and Taryn starts off hot. Taryn lands several forearms, a clothesline, and a neckbreaker. Taryn hits Gail with a suplex and then a flying crossbody from the top. Gail tags in Kenny and Taryn tags in Sabin. Sabin takes King down with an armdrag and then a hammerlock.

King gets out and slams Sabin to the mat. King hits Sabin with a wheel kick and then puts him in a headlock. King hits Sabin with bodyslam and then misses a springboard legdrop. Sabin hits King with a forearm, a clothesline, and a kick.

Gail pulls Sabin’s hair as a distraction. Gail tries to hit Sabin with a kick but Sabin catches it and then Taryn spears Gail. Sabin hits King with an enzuigiri and then finishes him with the Cradle Shock.

After the match, King hits Sabin from behind and stomps him into the mat. Suicide comes out to make the save and hits King with a double underhook gutbuster.


Match #4:  Ken Anderson versus AJ Styles.

Anderson attacks AJ before the bell, but AJ quickly responds with punches and chops. Anderson puts AJ in a headlock and then shoulder blocks him. AJ trips Anderson up and then stomps him. AJ takes Anderson down with a bodyslam and then hits him with an elbow drop.

AJ hits Anderson with a suplex and then they exchange punches.  AJ snaps Anderson’s neck on the top rope and Anderson falls out of the ring.  AJ hits Anderson with a baseball slide dropkick.


AJ tries to suplex Anderson into the ring but Anderson blocks it. Anderson DDT’s AJ onto the edge of the ring apron and then slams him into the side of the ring. The two men exchange punches and Anderson backdrops AJ.

Anderson looks like he’s trying to get AJ in a kimura lock. The two men exchange a lot of punches. AJ goes to the top but Anderson cuts him off and hits him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam. AJ turns things around and beats on Anderson in the corner. AJ has Anderson hanging upside down from the top turnbuckle and hits him with a big dropkick.

Kurt Angle runs out into the ring and attacks AJ. AJ hits Angle’s injured leg with a kick and then both men get attacked by Aces and Eights. Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Joe Park all come out to join the fight.

After a little chaos, Sting and Bully Ray, the two men that will fight for the TNA title, face off in the middle of the ring. The two men exchange a lot of punches and Sting puts Bully in the Scorpion Death Lock. Devon runs into the ring to save Bully Ray and the former partners take Sting out with a 3D. All the members of Aces and Eights stand triumphantly in the ring as Impact goes off the air.

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