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IMPACT TV report for 06/06/2013

Impact begins with Bully Ray walking to the ring to brag about beating all of TNA’s heroes.  Bully Ray defeated Sting at this past Sunday’s Slammiversary to retain the World Title.

Bully calls out Dixie Carter and demands to be inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame. Hogan comes out instead, and Bully calls him “dad.” Hogan calls Bully a “son of a B” and reminds him that the Bound for Glory series is coming up. I really think he should have just said “bitch” and let them beep it. Censoring yourself always sounds lame to me. I also don’t get why Hogan thinks Bully should be worried about the BFG series, the winner won’t be crowned until October. What a silly son of a … “B”.

Hogan gets a couple cheap pops out of the Atlanta Georgia crowd before announcing the big news: Bully Ray will face Jeff Hardy tonight in a ladder match with a hammer hanging above the ring. Whoever gets the hammer first can use it.


Match #1  Bound For Glory Series qualifying match: Chavo versus Hernandez.

Chavo gets behind Hernandez and puts on a cravat. Hernandez gets out and knock Chavo down with a shoulder block. Chavo gets behind Hernandez again, rolls over his back, and takes him down with an arm drag. Hernandez pushes Chavo into the corner; Chavo responds with a couple European uppercuts. Chavo lands a dropkick, Hernandez knocks Chavo to the mat.

Hernandez goes for a splash in the corner but misses. Chavo takes Hernandez downs and applies an armbar. Hernandez powers to his feet and places Chavo on the top rope. Chavo jumps off the top but Hernandez catches him and slams him to the mat. Hernandez hits Chavo with a clothesline and a double axe handle shot to the back.

Hernandez hits Chavo with a big splash in the corner. Hernandez slams Chavo to the mat again but then misses with a slingshot shoulder block. Chavo hits Hernandez with 2 vertical suplexes, but Hernandez blocks the third.

Chavo hits Hernandez with a dropkick and climbs to the top. Chavo goes for the frog splash but Hernandez gets his knees up. Hernandez picks Chavo up for the Border Toss but Chavo slips out. Chavo rolls Hernandez up, but Hernandez reverses it and stacks Chavo up for the win!  Chavo looks bitter, but eventually they shake hands. Hernandez qualifies for the Bound for Glory Series.

Later tonight will be the debut of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Rampage exchanges pleasantries with Storm and Gunner in the back before making his debut.


Devon makes his way to the ring to complain that Abyss “stole” his title at Slammiversary in an unsanctioned match, and demands he return that title right now. Joe Park comes out instead and confronts Devon. Park thinks Devon robbed him of the TV title at Slammiversary and he’s not going to take it.

Joe Park takes Devon to the mat with a double leg takedown. Park clotheslines Devon and knocks him down again. Devon finally manages to knock Joe down and pummels him. Devon knocks Joe to the floor, pummels him some more, and slams him into the steel post.

Devon gets a chair when suddenly Abyss’ music hits. Abyss doesn’t show, so Devon decides to go look for him. At ringside, Joe Park sees blood coming out of his mouth and looks enraged.


Match #2:  Robbie E versus Samoa Joe.

Robbie claims to be the BFG MVP last year because he beat Jeff Hardy, the man that eventually won it. That match was his only win of the series. Joe starts off with a big kick to the face, a lot of punches, and then stomps on him in the corner. Joe hits Robbie with a back splash in the corner and an enzuigiri.

Robbie lands a few punches and climbs to the top rope. Robbie flies but Joe just walks away and Robbie crashes.  Joe hits Robbie with a running high knee, a round kick, a chop, and a knee drop. Joe puts Robbie up on the top rope and drops him with a muscle buster.  Joe gets Robbie in the rear naked choke and Robbie taps. Joe goes on to the Bound for Glory Series.


When we return, Mickie James is apologizing for standing and watching last week as Velvet Sky got attacked by Gail Kim. Mickie seems a little insincere to me, and I don’t think Velvet is buying it either, but she does accept the apology. Velvet also says she is healthy and wants that rematch.  Mickie says she’d love to, but she already has a match tonight.

A video tribute to the legendary Kurt Angle is shown in honor of his Hall of Fame induction.


When we return, Jeremy Borash introduces Rampage! Rampage says he came here to be the best, and he knows that in order to do that, he has to beat the best. Kurt Angle comes out and gets in Jackson’s face and says “you’re looking at the best.” The two men stare intensely and then shake hands…and then stare intensely again.


Bully Ray and Ken Anderson are in the back talking. They laugh at D Lo and Ken lobbies for the VP job. Bully Ray changes the subject to his match tonight and Anderson asks if he’s going to want any help out there. Bully says that’s the kind of call the VP should make.  Ken isn’t sure if this means he is the VP or not, and I’m not sure either.

Match #3:  Kenny King, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode versus Chris Sabin (X champ) and Storm and Gunner (the tag champs)

King and Sabin start the match of and King quickly lands a kick and secures a hammerlock.  Sabin reverses and takes King down with a deep armdrag. Sabin hits King with a hurricanrana and a chop, but then gets attacked by Roode and Aries.

Storm and Gunner run in to help and the heels get chased to the floor; Sabin dives out of the ring onto them. Sabin rolls King back in but is then tripped by Aries. King steps on Sabin and tags in Bobby Roode. Roode slams Sabin into the corner, hits him with a chop and a vertical suplex.

Roode hits Sabin with a knee drop. Sabin tags in Storm and Storm lands several punches, an arm drag, and an inverted atomic drop to Roode. Aries gets in a cheap eye rake and snaps Storm’s throat on the top rope. Roode tags Aries in and Aries lands a slingshot elbow and a couple of strikes before tagging Roode back in.

Roode lands a kick and tags in King. King bodyslams Storm and hits him with a springboard leg drop before tagging Aries back in. Aries lands a punch before Storm whips him head first into Roode’s nuts. Storm tags in Gunner and Gunner hits Roode with a clothesline and a headbutt.  Gunner  hits King with a slingshot suplex.

Roode hits Gunner with a suplex, and Storm hits Roode with a neckbreaker. Aries lands a missile dropkick, Storm lands an enzuigiri. Gunner tags in Sabin and Sabin hits King with a springboard DDT and then finishes him with the “Hail Sabin” driver for the win!


When we return, Devon and Knux are still looking for Abyss, but haven’t found him yet.  Brooke Hogan congratulates Taryn Tyrrell on a great “Last Knockouts Standing” match she had with Gail Kim at Bound for Glory. Taryn asks Brooke if she still has feelings for Bully Ray, but Brooke wants to keep the discussion on wrestling. Taryn says she’s sorry.

Match #4: Mickie James versus Taylor Hendrix.

Mickie starts off all smiles and handshakes, but I think she is evil now. The two knockouts lock up and separate, with Mickie giving a condescending ‘thumbs up’ sign to Taylor. They lock up again and Taylor gets behind Mickie and twists her arm. Mickie reverses but then Taylor takes her down with a fireman’s carry takedown.

Mickie gets Taylor in a headlock and squeezes for a while. Mickie knocks Taylor down with a shoulder block but then misses a clothesline as Taylor bends backwards in a “Matrix” like move. Mickie gets behind Taylor but Taylor gets out and lands a kick.

Taylor climbs to the top but Mickie pulls the ref in to complain about a knee injury. Taylor walks over to see what’s wrong and Mickie hits her with a cheap shot. Mickie hits Taylor with the Mick Kick for the win.

Devon and Knux are still looking for Abyss. In the shadows, we see Knux get destroyed by the monster Abyss. Abyss pummels Devon next and tells him he’s taking the TV title “to the Abyss.”


Match #5:  Bully Ray versus Jeff Hardy in a non title ladder/hammer match.

Hardy flies out at Ray before the match even begins. Hardy hits Ray with a hurricanrana, and  then kicks him into the announce table. Hardy flies off the edge of the ring apron and hits Ray with a clothesline.

Hardy slams Bully into the steel steps. Hardy grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring.  Ray trips Hardy up, pulls him back to the floor, and then slams his leg into the edge of the ring.


Ray hits Hardy with a couple headbutts to the chest. Ray slams Hardy into the corner and then pounds on his leg some more. Jeff lands a punch and Bully responds with a backdrop. Bully grabs the ladder, but then attacks Hardy again. Ray hits Hardy with a big boot to the face and then does the whole Hogan posing routine.

After mocking the Hulkster, Bully looks at the camera and says “hi dad!” Bully tries to get Hardy in a full nelson but Hardy slips out and hits ray with a DDT. The two men exchange a long series of punches and eventually Hardy gets the edge.

Hardy knocks Ray down and then hits him with a double leg drop. Hardy hits Ray with a dropkick and then sets the ladder up again. Hardy starts to climb but Bully pushes the ladder over.  Hardy hits Ray with a mule kick and then slams the ladder into Ray’s nuts. Tazz says Bully Ray does NOT wear a cup; now he doesn’t need a cup because his testicles just got destroyed.

Hardy hits Ray with a jawbreaker and a running forearm. Hardy starts to climb but Ray pushes the ladder over again and Hardy falls hard. Ray climbs and gets the hammer but wastes too much time. Hardy hits Ray with a kick and a twist of fate. Hardy grabs the hammer and Bully Ray begs him off. Hardy swings at Ray but Ray runs away.

After the match Bully Ray is still running and also searching for his belt. Hogan sneaks up behind Bully Ray and gets ready to hit him in the back of the head with a hammer. Brooke Hogan comes out and saves her hubby. All three of them stare at each other until Bully walks away as Impact goes off the air.

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