IMPACT TV report 03/07/2013

Impact begins with its traditional recap of recent events. The first person we see in the back is Kurt Angle, and he looks pissed off. Angle tells us that he will reveal who the VP of Aces and Eights is later tonight, and warns that no one in TNA is safe.

The first person to the ring is Austin Aries.  Aries tells us that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with his partner Bobby Roode lately, but that’s OK because he beat Hernandez last week anyway. Tonight Aries wants to call out TNA Champion, Jeff Hardy.  Hardy comes to the ring and gets hit with a cheap shot from Aries before the match begins.

Match #1: Austin Aries versus Jeff Hardy.

Aries rolls Hardy into the ring and starts choking him with his shirt as the match begins. Aries hits Hardy with a punch and a kick and then takes him down with a snapmare. Aries hits Hardy with a knee drop and a kick.  Hardy fights back and the two men exchange a series of strikes. Hardy gets the edge and Aries goes down.  Hardy goes on the attack and Aries sends him flying out of the ring to the floor.


Jeff hits Hardy with a couple punches and then a sunset flip. Aries rolls through the flip and hits Hardy with a dropkick.  Aries hits Hardy with an elbow and then picks him up for a vertical suplex attempt;  Hardy slips out of the suplex and rolls Aries up for a two count.

Aries and Hardy exchange strikes again and then Aries climbs to the second rope. Aries attempts a frog splash, but Hardy rolls him up for a two count. Hardy lands a kick and a jawbreaker to Aries and then whips him to the corner.  Hardy hits Aries with a Stinger splash in the corner and then clotheslines him. Hardy climbs to the top and hits Aries with a frog splash for a two count.

Hardy knocks Aries to the floor and then hits him with a flying clothesline from the ring apron. Hardy climbs to the top again but Aries cuts him off. Aries tries to suplex Hardy into the ring. Hardy slips out and hits Aries with the Twist of Fate. Before Hardy can go for a cover, Matt Morgan runs in and hits Hardy with the Carbon Footprint, ending the match. Morgan gets ready to kick Hardy’s head into the steel ring post when Bully Ray comes out wielding a steel chain and saves Hardy.


When we return, Matt Morgan promises to gut the entire TNA roster until Hogan gives him what he wants.  Next we hear from Kurt Angle, who will be facing Wes Briscoe inside a steel cage this Sunday.  Angle tells us “My name is Kurt Angle, and I hurt people.” He promises to teach Wes Briscoe what pain is at Lockdown.

Wes Briscoe makes his way to the ring next and he tells us that his dad and uncle were two of the all time greats, and that they told him Kurt Angle was the greatest of all. Wes agreed until he met Angle and discovered he was ‘as worthless as that sport you got a medal in that they just kicked out of the Olympics.’

Angle comes out to confront Briscoe and tells him he doesn’t want to wait for Lockdown and wants to kick Briscoe’s ass now. Angle takes Briscoe down and pummels him. Several members of TNA management break it up, including D Lo Brown.

Completely unexpectedly, D Lo kicks Angle right in the nuts and reveals himself as the Aces and Eights vice president. D Lo asks Sting and the rest of team TNA is they can trust each other the way the brothers in Aces and Eights trust each other.


Match #2: Sting versus Devon, in the first of a series of three matches to determine who gets the man advantage in the TNA versus Aces and Eights match at Lockdown.

Sting starts off with an elbow and a punch, Devon responds with a spear. Devon and Sting exchange strikes until Devon rakes Sting’s eyes. Devon hits Sting with a neckbreaker and a headbutt and then climbs to the top. Devon goes for a flying headbutt but Sting rolls out of the way.

Sting hits Devon with a punch and a pair of clotheslines. Sting hits Devon with a Stinger splash in the corner and Devon rolls to the floor. Sting goes out after Devon and gets hit in the face with a beverage by a fan!  Devon slams Sting into the steel post and busts him open. Devon rolls Sting into the ring and covers him for the win.


When we return, Gail Kim angrily confronts TNA Knockouts champion Velvet Sky. Velvet responds by slapping Gail in the face and walking away.

Bruce Pritchard and Al Snow announce that Tazz will no longer be a Gut Check judge (because he turned traitor and joined Aces and Eights) and will be replaced by OVW trainer Danny Davis.  The new gut check team gets off to a great start by eliminating the WINNER of the match last week.  Lei’D Tapa will get a vote to see if she can get a TNA contract, and Ivelisse Velez gets eliminated.


Match #3:  Velvet Sky, Chavo and Hernandez versus Gail Kim, Kazarian and Daniels.

Kaz and Hernandez start the match off and lock up. Hernandez pushes Kazarian away easily. Kazarian retaliates with a couple punches and then tags in Daniels. Daniels lands a couple kicks and Hernandez responds with a forearm.  Hernandez body slams Daniels and tags in Chavo.

Chavo dropkicks Daniels and tags Hernandez back in. Hernandez puts Daniels in a bearhug and then launches him through the air with an overhead throw. Hernandez goes for a suplex on Daniels but Kazarian saves his partner.  Hernandez takes down Daniels and Kazarian at the same time with a double clothesline. Hernandez props up Daniels so Chavo can dropkick him.

Chavo hits Daniels with a hurricanrana but is then tripped by Gail Kim. Daniels lands a few punches to Chavo but is then tripped by Velvet Sky. Chavo lands several punches before being hit with a cheap shot by Kaz.  Daniels tags Kaz in and Kaz hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Kaz tags in Daniels and stomps on Chavo in the heel corner. Gail and Kaz double team Chavo in the corner. Chavo tries to fight his way out but is knocked down again. Daniels hits Chavo with a slingshot elbow, and Kaz follows up with a slingshot leg drop. Chavo hits Daniels with a punch, a kick, and a dropkick.

Daniels responds with an elbow and a chin lock. Chavo fights his way out and tags in Velvet Sky. Velvet hits Gail with a pair of clotheslines and a hurricanrana. Velvet hits Gail with a spear and then all 6 competitors get involved. Eventually Daniels and Kaz get knocked out of the ring and Hernandez takes them both out with a huge suicide dive. Gail Kim takes advantage of the confusion and hits Velvet Sky with “Eat DeFeet” for the win.


When we return we get an update on AJ Styles. Apparently he is still hairier than he used to be and still doesn’t want people from TNA following him around.

Match #4: Samoa Joe and Magnus versus Aces and Eights members Wes Briscoe and Doc.

This is the second of three matches to determine who gets the man advantage at Lockdown. Joe and Bischoff start things off, with Joe quickly twisting Bischoff’s arm. Bischoff reverses the hold, and then Joe re-reverses it.  Joe lands several punches and Bischoff rakes his eyes.

Joe clotheslines Bischoff and tags in his former partner Magnus. Bischoff retreats to the floor and Doc hits Magnus with a cheap shot. Doc tags in Bischoff and Bischoff lands a couple double axe handle blows. Bischoff tags in Doc and Doc hits Magnus with a splash in the corner and then a few elbow strikes.

Magnus and Doc clothesline each other at the same time and both go down. Joe hits a clothesline as he and Magnus double team Daniels. Joe hits Doc with a backsplash and Bischoff makes the save.  Bischoff hits Magnus with a kick and Magnus responds with a clothesline. Joe hits Doc with a kick to the head and Magnus lands a top rope elbow drop for the win. After the match the former partners high five.


Sting is trying to figure out who he wants to send out for the final match tonight,  The score is tied 1 to 1, with Sting losing his match and Joe and Magnus winning theirs.  Eric Young wants to be in the last match to prove he’s not just a comedy act.  Sting seems appreciative but picks James Storm for the last match.

Next up is the Gut Check segment. Lei D Tapa comes out and is greeted with a loud NO chant from the crowd.  Danny Davis disagrees and votes yes. Bruce Pritchard agrees with the crowd and votes no. Lei D Tapa is given 30 seconds to convince Al Snow to break the tie and give her a contract.

After an uninspiring plea, Lei D Tapa is inexplicably given a contract. I agree she has potential, but the whole segment just seemed wrong.  She was on the losing end of her match and did not look great, her promo was unimpressive, and the crowd was literally begging them to reject her by screaming NO!


When we return, Robbie E talks to us about his match with his former Bro, Robbie T.  Robbie E is mad that Robbie T tried to outshine him and wants teach him a lesson.

Match #5: Mr. Anderson versus James Storm.

Storm gets things started with a headlock, a shoulder block, and a hip toss. Anderson tries to break Storm’s momentum with an eye rake. Anderson takes Storm down with a clothesline, lands a couple strikes, and then whips Storm hard into the corner. The two men exchange a series of strikes for a long time until Storm is able to take Anderson down with a bulldog.

Anderson follows up with a neckbreaker and a big boot. Anderson tries a swinging neckbreaker, but Storm blocks it and hits Closing Time. Aces and Eights walk out to ringside and start watching the match. Team TNA comes out to confront Aces and Eights. Back in the ring, Anderson takes advantage of the confusion and hits Storm with the mic check for the win. Aces and Eights will have the man advantage against Team TNA at Lockdown.


When we return, Bully Ray and his wife Brooke Hogan make their way to the ring for a face to face meeting with Jeff Hardy.  Hardy comes out next and a love-fest ensues. Bully Ray talks about all the history they have made together and how proud he is that Jeff was able to conquer his personal demons.

Hardy is also proud of Bully Ray.  They shouldn’t even have a match, they should just hug. In case you haven’t noticed, hugging is so ‘over’ with wrestling fans that sometimes in the WWE they actually chant “hug it out!”  I don’t understand the world anymore.

Bully Ray says that while he’s proud of the history he and Hardy have made, he can’t really be proud of himself until he beats Jeff Hardy for the TNA title. Hulk Hogan comes out in crutches and says may the best man win.  Just then, Aces and Eights come out to the ring and attack Hardy and Bully Ray. Team TNA comes out to help Hardy and Bully.  The two sides continue to fight it out as Impact goes off the air.

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