Total Bellas S5 E8 episode recap: Off the Deep End

If all of my faithful readers thought that the Bella Twins couldn’t get any closer, well, you would be wrong!

Now, they live right next door to each other. You read that right…two women who have spent their lives either fighting or hanging out still cannot seem to get enough. I guess it is lucky for us that the twins seem to have such a codependent relationship, because that only means more drama for us to watch on TV.

The twins didn’t wait long to have their first fight. Shortly after Nikki moved into the house next door to Brie. Brie saw that there were some problems regarding Nikki’s new pool and Nikki did not want to put a fence with a gate around her pool or a pool cover over the pool when no one was swimming in it.

This caused Brie to have concerns about the safety of her two year old daughter, Birdie. Brie was worried that her little girl would wander into Nikki’s yard, fall into the pool, and drown. However, Nikki seemed more concerned about how the pool looked rather than the safety of it.

I sometimes wonder whether or not the twins make a bigger deal out of things than they really are in order to spike the ratings for their shows! As a loving childless aunt myself, I could never see putting anything else above the safety of my beloved nieces and nephews. Surely, Nikki doesn’t think that all those stories about drowning kids are fabricated. Given the special relationship between Birdie and her aunt, you would think that her safety would be paramount. Apparently, Nicole decided it was because now her pool has both a gate and a cover.

Meanwhile, Nikki had other problems. Her boyfriend, Artem made it clear that he wanted to marry Nikki and have kids with her in the near future. However, Nikki wants to wait until she is 40 to have kids. I guess she hasn’t thought about how difficult it is to have kids at that age and maybe she thinks that her money and fame will help with that.

While money may help, she still has to consider her body. Her doctor suggested that maybe Nicole should freeze her eggs to make conception easier. However, that option led to to freezing embryos which to concerns about whether or not the couple may breakup. I still think that they are rushing things, but I guess the bigger the rush the better the drama on Total Bellas.

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