Total Bellas S6 E8 recap: Bellas on the Move

This week’s episode, began to discuss the events which took place after the births of both of the Bella Twin’s sons, Buddy and Matteo.

While both women were obviously ecstatic that they had to healthy baby boys, Nikki seemed to be struggling much more with motherhood than her sister, Brie. Some may say that Nikki only struggles more because this is her first child, and her sister is becoming a mother for the second time, but I personally feel that there is something else going on.

Nikki’s fiancé, Artem, was recently rehired to be a dancer on the show, Dancing with the Stars. Initially, before the baby’s arrival, Nikki was doing everything that she could to restore Artem’s confidence after his initial firing. However, now that his position has been reinstated, Nikki seems to resent his job.

There could possibly be many reasons for this, the first one is that Artem has to travel to perform on Dancing with the Stars, leaving Nikki alone with their newborn. Second, the Very nature of Artem’s job, requires him to be close physical contact with a woman who is not his fiancée when dancing with her. Further, Artem is so happy when dancing that Nikki feels jealous, because he doesn’t seem that happy when he is with her. Nikki’s family certainly didn’t help either, Brie even teased her about how intimate Artem and his partner booked when dancing.

This only served to make Nicole more fearful that Artem would develop a romantic relationship with his new partner. This shouldn’t be surprising, since Nikki and Artem first began their relationship after she was his partner on the show.

Further adding to Nicole’s stress, is the fact that baby Matteo seems to have trouble adjusting his sleeping patterns, and is often awake all night. Since Artem isn’t at home, Nikki doesn’t have a partner to help when she needs rest; and is therefore sleepless more often than not. This kind of stress would wear on anyone, and therefore, it is no surprise that Nicole had a complete emotional breakdown when alone with her sister Brie.

Nicole’s friends and family aren’t the only ones concerned about her welfare, even her doctors have suggested medication to deal with what they believe is postpartum depression. However, so far, Nicole has refused to be medicated. Fans can only hope that she will eventually have the courage to seek whatever help she needs.

Meanwhile, both twins have further complicated their lives by deciding to move to Napa Valley, California, in order to be closer to the company making their brand new wine. It has also always been a dream of both women to live in Napa Valley. However, neither of the twin’s significant others seemed quite as thrilled with their plans. Since their marriage started Brie and her husband Bryan have moved six times. It seems that Brie isn’t satisfied any location for very long. However, Bryan has no idea why his wife so restless, nor does he have any idea how to change that. He always hopes that the next move they make the last one, but he never knows.

Here’s hoping that Brie will soon learn to be contented where she is, and that the whole family can remain settled in Napa for years to come.


Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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