Total Bellas S2 E5 episode recap: Wine About It

In this episode, the entire Bella clan relocated once again, leaving Phoenix for Napa Valley California for the launch of Brie’s and Nikki’s new specialty wine collection.

While the entire family was pleased to travel to Napa for the launch of the collection, Brie’s husband, Bryan, was concerned about his wife tasting the wine given advanced stage of her pregnancy. Of course, as usual, Bryan’s request that Brie refrain from tasting the new wine sparked a family debate concerning Brie’s rights as a woman, as well as the health risks associated with drinking while pregnant.

In the end, however, Brie decided to honor Bryan’s request, and only gargle the wine before spitting it out. Brie particularly reached this decision after considering how she might be judged by others visiting the Napa Valley vineyard. The thought prompted the twins to conduct an experiment in which Nikki would pretend to be pregnant while drinking wine at the vineyard.

After the twins began the experiment it became quite apparent that people are indeed extremely judgmental of pregnant women who choose to drink wine. Not only did Nikki receive sidelong glances, but she also had a waiter who refused to pour her a full glass of wine she asked for one. Perhaps the vineyard was trying to save itself from potential liability should something go wrong with Nikki’s supposed pregnancy?

While I have my own opinions concerning pregnant women drinking, I choose not to voice them because I believe that each individual woman is entitled to do what they believe is best for themselves and for their babies. That being said, I believe it was highly inappropriate for Brie’s family to get involved in the discussion between her and Bryan about whether she should drink or not. They should have let the couple come to their own decision without giving an opinion one way or the other.

However, keeping their opinions to themselves doesn’t seem to be something that the Bella clan is very capable of. The family’s loose lips were further in evidence later in this episode when Bryan asked Bella matriarch, Kathy, for business advice.

It seems that Bryan isn’t always going to be content with working for WWE on the sidelines, but is looking to become an entrepreneur selling subscriptions to a sort of gardening service which would dispense seeds and gardening advice to its customers on a monthly basis.

Kathy was thrilled that Bryan was asking for her advice particularly because her daughters seem to reject her input on their business plans. While I see how this can be insulting to Kathy who has achieved much business success, I also can see why the twins might want to achieve business success on their own without their mother’s input. However, I also find it appalling that they would slam Bryan for seeking her advice.

In starting his business, one in which neither of the twins is directly involved, he should feel free to seek advice from whomever he chooses. Further, when she was upset, Kathy proceeded to air all the grievances that she was currently harboring against her daughters. These included the girls criticism of her wardrobe and cooking skills, and their incessant teasing. While I understand that all of Kathy’s feelings came to the surface at once, I don’t feel it was appropriate to air all her grievances at once. This caused the twins to feel attacked and respond by attacking their mother even more.

After Kathy stormed from the room Bryan and Kathy’s husband, John Laurenaitis, explained that the twins teasing was only all right to do if everyone was enjoying being teased. In the end, Brie and Nikki apologized to their mom, but they weren’t the only ones needed to learn that a joke is only funny if everyone is laughing.

Throughout the weekend Napa, Brie and Nikki’s brother JJ had been playing what he considered to be harmless pranks on the entire family. For example, he put a fart machine under Kathy’s chair during a dinner with Brie and Nikki’s new business partners, and scared John while he was flipping hamburgers causing him to spill his wine on Nikki’s sweater.

However, JJ took his pranks a bit far when he scared Nikki causing her to trip and fall down the stairs cutting her hand. Hopefully, the entire Bella clan has gotten all the immaturity out of their systems, just in time for next week’s Total Bellas season finale.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.


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