Jim Cornette and Santino Marella face off in nasty argument in Detroit


For many who don’t know, Santino Marella and Jim Cornette are not friends, and probably, they never will be. And yesterday at a convention in Detroit, the two went face-to-face in the halls of the Cobb Center and it wasn’t pretty.

Marella and Cornette have history dating back to 2005 when Marella began training at Ohio Valley Wrestling. In July of that year, there was a segment where he was supposed to act afraid of The Boogeyman, however, things went south and Marella started laughing instead. Jim Cornette, who was booking the promotion back then, snapped and slapped Marella across his face. Cornette was eventually fired by WWE which was overseeing OVW at the time.

The face-to-face in Detroit was captured on video and sees Marella standing in front of Cornette as the two argued. Cornette tells him that he has nothing to say to him but Marella continues to block him from walking away.

“Get the f*ck away from me. I’m trying to walk away from you,” Cornette tells Marella. When he’s blocked again, Cornette turns around to the fans walking by and says, “Hey, look at this guy! He’s trying to start a fight with me and I’m trying to walk away. Motherf*cker, I don’t have a god damn thing to say…” and then the video gets cut off.

Meanwhile, after the incident, Cornette tweeted, “Sorry to anyone I missed at Cobo, some comedy midget wanted me to slap him AGAIN so he could sue since he’s unemployed. Walked out instead.”

You can see the video below.