Road Dogg to induct Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame


WWE today announced that former WWE Tag Team champion Road Dogg Jesse James will be the one inducting Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame next week.

The move comes to no surprise as the two share a long friendship and James was Jarrett’s sidekick when he arrived in WWE. Billed as The Roadie, James was attached to Jarrett’s hip for most of the times and he provided the vocals for Jarrett’s WWE song “With My Baby Tonight” in 1995.

When Jarrett’s personal issues came up in the media and he was admitted to a rehab center towards the end of last year, his wife Karen thanked James for always being there for her husband.

The Road Dogg joins Paul Heyman, Molly Holly, and Edge and Christian doing speeches at the Hall of Fame.