New WWE Universal champion to be crowned on Raw tonight


A new WWE Universal champion will be crowned on Monday Night Raw tonight with Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, and Roman Reigns battle it out in a fatal 4-way match.

All four won their respective qualifying matches last week on the show to end up in this final match. The title became vacant seven days ago when Finn Balor had to surrender the Universal title just 24 hours after winning it at SummerSlam due to an injury which will keep him out of action for at least six months.

Meanwhile, Rollins and Owens have started badmouthing each other on Twitter leading up to the match. It all started when Rollins said that his middle name is “Dangerous” but “next Universal Champ” works just as well. Owens replied saying that his middle name is Yanick and he is still walking out of Raw as the new champion. “Who wants to see me put this chump in his place? WELL worth the price of admission,” Rollins fired back. “You misspelled ‘champ’…Also, I don’t need you to put me in my place, buddy. I can get to the top all on my own,” Owens replied, with a dig at Rollins and his help from The Authority during his first WWE title reign.

Rollins told Owens to watch his mouth as he’s not Sami Zayn while Owens hilariously told him that no conflict between the two could ever be so serious that he would “ever confuse or compare” him to that.