WWE debuts the new Universal title…and fans hate it!


Finn Balor made history last night becoming the first ever WWE Universal champion, the new title that will be the top belt exclusively to the Raw brand going onward.

The Universal title follows the same design of the WWE World title and the WWE Women’s title but has Universal Champion written in the bottom instead of Heavyweight Champion. The other difference is that it has a red leather strap rather than the usual black – or white for the Women’s – and the WWE logo has a black line rather than red since the strap is red.

WWE belt maker Dave Millican was not a fan of the new title, noting that he wasn’t the one who designed it or made it. “To be clear, I’m not taking personal shots at the makers. Most would’ve hated it if I had done it too,” he wrote on Twitter, noting that he was supposed to be the one who did the belt. The Twitter world was filled with negative comments about the title as the majority seemed not to have liked it at all. “I had a number of ideas I liked better but all red was the plan when presented to me too.”

Seth Rollins, aware of the reaction, also wrote on Twitter how disappointed he was, but not with the title, but with the fans. “More important than a title’s appearance is what it represents for the men fighting over it. You really let me down tonight, Brooklyn.”