Finn Balor addresses the fans’ disapproval of the WWE Universal title


The new WWE Universal champion Finn Balor told ESPN that he doesn’t see the big deal behind the “hate” that the red title belt is getting from the fans.

Balor explained that while fans who pay money for their tickets are entitled to voice their opinions, he did not hear the chants of displeasure during the match because he was too focused on his match against Seth Rollins. “I have been made aware that there was a little bit of displeasure, but with anything new, there’s always reluctance to accept. It’s a red title. It’s red leather as opposed to black. I don’t see the big deal,” he said.

The champ thinks that after a few weeks, the belt will grow on people and fans will eventually accept it. “Raw is red, it’s the red brand and the Demon is black and red, and now the championship is red,” he added.