Orton gets 10 staples to the head to close nasty laceration


Randy Orton was on the receiving end of 10 staples to the head to close a nasty laceration following two vicious Brock Lesnar elbow shots.

The match was stopped and Lesnar was announced as the winner via TKO after blood started pouring down from Randy’s head, leaving a pool on the canvas like we haven’t seen over the past several years. The first seven blows to the head were all protected as Orton had his arms up however the eighth and ninth shots connected right on the cranium, with the ninth one even producing an audible thump and a Heyman reaction that spelled, “Oh shit!”

It is believed that the match had a somewhat similar ending planned although not necessarily that gory. Lesnar obviously did not keep on beating on a bloodied Orton without instructions and at one point you can even see Orton saying something and then Lesnar continuing his ground and pound.

Brock Lesnar is not advertised for tonight’s Raw broadcast and it’s likely that we won’t see him on WWE TV for a few months due to his contract. Shane McMahon and John Cena, both from Smackdown, are advertised although at this point it’s not known if they will be appearing just for the live crowd or if they will be part of the show.