Finn Balor recounts fallout from injury, surgery, and what’s next


In a series of tweets, former WWE Universal champion Finn Balor recounted the roller coaster week he had at the SummerSlam weekend, winning the title and then vacating it just 24 hours later.

“The moment I got injured I knew it was serious, it was an instinctive reaction to pull on my wrist, I entered survival mode,” Balor wrote. He said that after the bell rang, he was reluctant to celebrate as he knew what was going to happen on Monday Night Raw the next day. Despite knowing he had to surrender the title, he said he wanted to fulfill his duty as a champion and appear on Good Morning America on Monday morning along with Charlotte.

Balor said that at 5PM on Monday evening, the worst news possible was confirmed. “The most difficult part of relinquishing the title was when I came back through the curtain and I was overcome by a feeling of inadequacy,” he wrote, adding that being a champion for the 24 hours gave him strength, but now he wasn’t anymore.

The former NXT champ traveled to Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday at 3AM and underwent surgery which lasted 4 hours, 3 hours longer than anticipated due to the several complications and worse injury than everyone previously thought. Following the surgery he woke up at 5AM on Wednesday morning all groggy and sore and that’s when the gravity of the situation began to set in.

He noted that on Thursday, he flies back to Orlando, Florida and then he will check in with the WWE Performance Center, a place he called home for a couple of years. He will continue his long road of rehabilitation at the WWE state-of-the-art training facility, with WWE’s medical staff overseeing the process.