New Women’s title to be unveiled at WrestleMania?


A WWE employee who occasionally posts on Reddit’s SquaredCircle board and who is a confirmed source, wrote today that a new WWE Women’s title will be unveiled at WrestleMania this Sunday.

It seems that WWE is dropping the term Diva’s title and bringing back a new version of the Women’s title, a move that is supported by almost all the Divas who spoke publicly about it. Apparently WWE has commissioned a new title which is similar to the WWE World Heavyweight title but is on a white strap.

“Dont worry, I am not going to spoil who actually wins the women’s title at mania however I am here to confirm the rumor sites and do them one better. The official unveiling for the women’s title will be done live at Wrestlemania 32 by a previous Women’s champion we all hold in pretty high regard,” the user Falconarrow wrote.

“I personally think they did a bang up job with it. Nothing too over the top but great design,” he added.