The music of this year’s WrestleMania


This year there are five WrestleMania theme songs that are accompanying the different videos promoting the event or a particular match.

The main theme song is titled My House and performed by a WWE favorite, Flo Rida. The song is taken from his 2015 EP with the same name and was released back in October. Pizza Hut used the song for their Super Bowl 50 commercial in February.

Another Flo Rida song featuring Jason Derulo is one of the themes, a song titled Hello Friday. It’s taken from his album The Perfect 10 which as released on February 26 of this year. The song made its debut in #79 on the Billboard 100.

Avenged Sevenfold have agreed to let WWE use the Hail To The King song as one of the themes. The song was released back in July 2013 and is in the album that goes by the same name. It spent 11 weeks on the US and UK rock charts.

One of Triple H’s favorites, Motorhead, are also featured at this year’s WrestleMania possibly as a tribute to their lead singer Lemmy who has passed away. The song Sympathy For The Devil is used for WrestleMania, a song originally released in 1969 by The Rolling Stones. The Motorhead version of the song is from their Bad Magic album which was released in August of last year.

And the last song added to the WrestleMania theme song list is titled Oh No and performed by Goodby June. The song is released on iTunes and Spotify today.