Monday Night Raw TV report for 12/12/2016

Hey! It’s time for another Raw…this is the go-home show before Roadblock. We have the debut of Emmalina tonight, as well! What are we waiting for?! LET’S DO THIS.

We open LIVE from Philly…and we’re not wasting any time! It’s the moment of truth for The New Day.

Match #1
Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
The New Day (c) vs. Gallows & Anderson vs. Cesaro & Sheamus

Xavier says that tonight is for everyone that’s cheered for the New Day, and everyone who’s been part of their journey. This includes his Grandma, who’s no longer with us. This gets a respectful response. Kofi says it’s time for the other teams to come out and allow New Day to take their place in history. Holy cow…there’s a locker room celebration ready for New Day if they win. THERE’S UNICORN BALLOONS! Where do you even get those things? I just hope that the celebration room doesn’t jinx them.

Kofi and Sheamus to start. Kofi headscissors Cesaro, and he cartwheels out of it. Cool. From a seated position, Cesaro literally muscles Kofi up for a suplex. Sheamus tags in, and after a double-team move, Sheamus tries an axe handle off the top for two. Kofi hits a dropkick into the New Day corner and tags in Big E. They double team Sheamus, but they’re unable to make the cover. Anderson comes in and hits a hard lariat on Kofi for two. Gallows tags in and this is some SERIOUS gaijin violence. Out of the commercial, Anderson has Kofi in a sleeper hold. Kofi breaks out but gets immediately laid out for two.

Gallows tags back in and hits a boot. This is followed by a double team running elbow. Big E tries to come in, but he gets laid out too. This isn’t looking good for New Day. Gallows tries a suplex on Kofi, but gets thrown into Cesaro and dropkicked. Sheamus tags off of a prone Kofi and is a HOUSE OF FIRE. Irish forearms to Gallows, and a powerslam gets broken up by Big E. MAGIC KILLER but Cesaro breaks up the pin at TWO~! Cesaro gets another hot tag and is the second HOUSE OF FIRE tonight! 619 (?!) followed by the double boot, cross body on Anderson gets one, two, TH-NO! Giant Swing into the Sharpshooter on Anderson! Xavier breaks up the pin, but Cesaro knocks Big E for a loop.

Sheamus and Cesaro hit their finish, but Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise OUTTA NOWHERE for the pin! We have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPION…RECORD HOLDERS! I loved the Demos when I was a kid, but New Day deserve it. Good stuff at the end. ***

Rollins Report is tonight with Kevin Owens. Nothing could go wrong there, right?

Cole announces that over 7,000 hours of content is now available on the WWE Network. They’ve got nearly 50-100 thousand hours that will probably never be seen. For example…WCW toss-offs (Pro, Thunder, Saturday Night). Personally? I would love to see that.

Tonight…BEHIND CLOSED DOORS featuring Rusev and Lana. Gross.

Party Time! The Champs are here! The New Day show up to a hero’s welcome backstage. Stephanie makes a toast to the longest reigning WWE Tag Team champions, and Xavier gets champagne in her eyes…uh oh. Enraged, Stephanie knocks a bowl of Booty-O’s into the air, killing the party dead. She always makes it about her, doesn’t she?

Recap of Strowman vs. Zayn from three weeks ago. Zayn wants a match tonight…OR ELSE!

Match #2
Braun Strowman vs. Curtis Axel

Before the match, Stephanie gets a towel while Kevin Owens asks for a minute. That boy is scheming up something. Corey Graves calls Axel “Paul Bunyan” as Strowman completely destroys him with one shot. Axel tries to make a comeback, but gets clotheslined in midair. Strowman hits an inverted power bomb (from the wheelbarrow position) for the finish. Talk about a demolition. 1/4*

Byron pees his pants in the ring while trying to interview Strowman, and appropriately Braun yells at him. Apparently, nobody can last with him for two minutes. You sure it isn’t the other way around, big boy?

After the match, Sami Zayn confronts Mick Foley and says he has the power to give Zayn the match, but Foley won’t do it. Foley says Zayn’s career is at stake, and he’s sure Zayn cannot beat Strowman. Zayn makes it known he wants to leave Raw, and Foley tells Sami that he’ll make a call to Bryan and set up a trade. So this is where it ends, eh? I still could see this simmer down the road…like Zayn eliminates Strowman in the Royal Rumble or something.

Match #3
Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado

Dorado wears a cape to the ring. Any man who makes an entrance with a cape is bound to have a malfunction. See Dragon, Ultimo. Daivari with a headlock to start, followed by an armbar. Dorado counters with a headscissors and a heel kick. Byron says, “Dorado was once a 7th Grade Teacher.” Corey says, “Did he wear the mask to class, Byron?” Corey is winning me over. We continue the match as JACK GALLAGHER comes out and grabs a microphone, announcing his intentions to do a run-in! Crowd loves it. This guy has a Daniel Bryan feel to him. Fans dig him. Match ends in a DQ. Gallagher hits a drop kick as Daivari flies to the outside. What a weird thing. Wasn’t even a match, really.

Seth Rollins is on his way to the ring.

Rollins comes out to a great cheer from the Philly crowd. This is the Rollins Report. He wants Triple H. He wants Chris Jericho, too. He wants to know if Kevin Owens is going to get involved with their match next Sunday. This brings out Kevin Owens…who then walks to the back. He returns with a stool and sits from a distance. Rollins rips on him for sitting so far, and Owens rips the show apart. Rightfully.

Rollins asks how things are going with Y2J. Owens starts to spin things, but Rollins interrupts and brings the conversation back to Jericho. Owens interrupts HIS interruption to say that he and Jericho will have each other’s back this Sunday. They bicker like fourth graders, and KO says that New Day have another title defense tonight against Owens and Jericho. Whoa.

This brings out Jericho, who asks if Owens really thinks that he would team with him again. Owens tries to sell him one more time on the Tag Title shot, and Rollins starts pushing both their buttons. He calls Jericho and Owens “Bon Jovi and Meatloaf”, and the crowd erupts in laughter. Jericho threatens and says SETH ROLLINS, YOU….are going on the disabled list this Sunday.

They both come down ringside and destroy Rollins outside the ring. Jericho slaps him around as KO holds him. Reigns comes out for the save, but he gets dropped too. Rollins and Reigns clean house, as Owens saves Jericho from the Pedigree. Reunited and it feels so good…

Interview with Rich Swann leads to recap from last week’s finish to 205 Live. TJ Perkins got involved and The Brian Kendrick lost his stack. Triple threat match is announced for Roadblock. Kendrick arrives and gives Swann some food for thought, which brings TJ out. He calls Kendrick out to the ring for their match.

Match #4
TJ Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick

Perkins refuses a handshake to start, and then tries to kick his head off. Kendrick takes advantage with armbars and a shoulder tackle. TJ misses a wrecking ball drop kick as we go to commercial. After the break, Kendrick has the advantage with a headlock. Kendrick tries the Captain’s Hook but TJ counters with a kick. TJ mounts some more offense, and dropkicks Kendrick in the legs. Perkins hits the dropkick from the Tree of Woe, and follows this up with a dropkick off the top for two. TJ Perkins is to dropkicks as Scott Steiner is to suplexes. Perkins tries the chickenwing, but Kendrick counters with a suplex for two. Kendrick tries another Captain’s Hook, but TJ gets him in the kneebar submission. Kendrick gets the ropes and posts TJ. Kendrick hits Sliced Bread #2 for the win! Like Michael Scott’s breath…good, not great. *1/2

Rollins and Reigns are backstage with Foley. Mick gives both guys a chance to get in the Tag Team championship main event. That means New Day has to go through two triple threat matches to retain their titles. Holy smokes.

Recap of Banks vs. Charlotte feud. Come on guys, call it an “Ironwoman” match. Bayley is backstage hugging everyone. Jeez, get a grip, kid.

Match #5
Bayley vs. Alicia Fox

This is over a Bayley Bear. God help us all. Bayley with a headlock to start, and brings Fox down. Bayley smashes Fox with a running back elbow. Fox finally mounts some offense with a scissors kick for two. Fox hits a suplex, followed by a Northern Lights suplex for two. She looks lost on offense. Belly to Bayley finishes outta nowhere for the win. 1/2*

Rusev and Lana are on their way to the ring.

We come back with “Behind Closed Doors” with Lana, who introduces Rusev. That new entrance isn’t working, Alex…sorry, bud. Rusev declares that last week, he “TOOK OUT AN AMERICAN TRASH.” Good, he’s cleaning up after himself. He says the “G” in “Certified G” stands for garbage. Rusev then says, “After I took out the garbage, Lana and I did our thing…you know what I am talking about!”

Rusev warns everyone that the footage is a little bit edgy. His Russian accent is fading. They both ask youngsters to cover their eyes. Then they recap last week’s hotel escapade. Apparently, that was the footage. Chorus of boos from the audience. Lana says that they wouldn’t show the fans what they do, and Rusev explains that the whole thing was a plan.

Big Cass shows up and says this isn’t the hotel room. He marches to the ring and Rusev attacks him. Big Cass gets the advantage, and the brawl spills to the outside. They’re beating the crap out of each other! Rusev gets a kick and tries to walk away, but Cass catches him. Rusev then throws Cass into the post and runs off with Lana.

Owens and Jericho are backstage. Owens is doing all the talking. Jericho stands up and says they need to concentrate on the Tag titles. Zayn is making his entrance.

…and apparently Emmalina isn’t debuting tonight.

Match #6
Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

This could be Zayn’s last match on Raw. Zayn with a dropkick early on, and hits a front flip into a clothesline. Mahal hits a hotshot and a running knee for two. Mahal with forearms, a back elbow, and a running dropkick to the back of the head for two. Mahal hits a kneedrop, and goes into a modified crossface. Zayn hits a clothesline and an exploder suplex into the corner. Zayn hits the Heluva Kick for three! Total squash match. 1/2*

Afterwards, Foley comes out and makes the trade to Smackdown official. Sami Zayn asks once more if he can have the match with Strowman, and Foley says no. Foley then announces that this trade is to a wrestler of equal value, which happens to be Eva Marie. Ouch. Zayn loses his mind, and says “I’M SICK OF PAYING FOR YOUR MISTAKES.” Foley then caves in after Zayn gets in his face and announces Strowman vs. Zayn in a ten-minute match for Roadblock..oh, and the whole trade this was a ruse. Whatever. This will probably play out like Dustin Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase from the early 1990s.

Recap of John Cena on SNL. He was great. Big Cass vs. Rusev is confirmed for Roadblock.

Match #7
WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
The New Day (c) vs. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

At one point, Rollins and Reigns were fantastic tag champs. Go back and watch their pre-show match with The Usos from Money in the Bank 2013. Fantastic stuff. New Day plays it smart by having Xavier Woods in Kofi’s place for this match. One benefit of the “Freebird Rule”, no doubt.

Woods gets a headlock and a shoulder block on Rollins to start. Woods tries multiple sweep kicks and finally hits one, but then gets caught up in a neckbreaker for a one-count. Reigns gets the tag, and Woods tags in Big E. BIG DOG VS. BIG E. Reigns gets the early advantage, countering the shoulder block and hitting a clothesline for two. Jericho tags in as Owens beats up Big E in the corner. Owens and Jericho celebrate in the corner.

Owens comes in the ring and beats down Big E for a two-count. Owens hits shoulder blocks in the corner and tells Kofi to shut up. This guy doesn’t miss a single detail, I swear. Jericho comes in and slaps Big E around. Jericho grinds his forearms into Big E’s face, and hits a rolling back elbow off the top for two. Jericho tags in KO, who hits a senton bomb for two. Owens misses a clothesline, and both men clothesline each other. Woods comes into the match and catches Owens with a forearm. Woods hits a dropkick as Owens is draped over the middle rope. One, two…no! Jericho distracts Woods and Owens catches him on the top rope. Owens goes to hit a superplex, but Jericho joins him to help. Rollins runs around the corner, as Reigns and Big E come under the four guys at the top. SUPER SPLASH MOUNTAIN! We go to commercial.

After the break, Owens has Woods in a sleeperhold. How many times have we come back from commercial and there’s two dudes in a sleeperhold? Mix it up, guys. Owens misses a senton and Woods looks for the tag. HOT TAG to Big E, who catches Jericho in a belly to belly suplex. Make it two. Make it three. Rollins tags in while Big E doesn’t pay attention, hitting a running dive to Jericho on the outside. Then Reigns tags in Rollins during a high knee from the top rope. Reigns hits the power bomb on Jericho for one, two….no! Superman punch to Owens, but Jericho rolls up Reigns for two! Walls of Jericho attempt and Woods tags himself into the match. Woods hits an incredible top rope elbow, launching the length of the ring to hit Reigns! One, two, NO! This is getting good.

Reigns gets up and catches Woods with a right. They exchange haymakers and Rollins makes the tag. Great double team move by Rollins and Reigns gets two! Rollins climbs to the top rope, and Jericho stops him in his tracks. Lionsault on Woods gets a CLOSE two! Jericho puts Woods in the Walls of Jericho. The longest tag reign of all time is on the line! Woods tries to roll up Jericho, but only gets two! Woods gets sent to the outside, and when he’s brought back in, Owens and Jericho hit a double team Codebreaker, but Rollins breaks up the pinfall by pushing the teammates into each other!

DISSENSION between Jericho and Owens! Rollins hits the Pedigree but gets pulled to the outside. Woods rolls over! ONE, TWO, THREE! HISTORY! The New Day do the impossible and win TWO triple threat matches with their titles on the line. Great stuff. ***3/4

After the match, Owens stands over Jericho…asking, “What the hell, man!” Owens and Jericho bicker at each other like quarreling lovers one last time, and Reigns catches Owens with a spear as Jericho walks away.

Roadblock could be great! Don’t miss it. See you next week!

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