Matt Hardy issues more Apocalypto invites but match has been taped already!


Matt Hardy sent “formal invitations” to several tag teams on Twitter for the Apocalypto match that will air this Thursday on Impact on POP. The only problem is that the match has already been taped and some of those “invited” had no chance in hell of showing up at the Hardy compound.

Hardy sent invites to The Day of New, The Family of Wyatts, The Man with 3 Hs & The Kid who Breaks Hearts, The X Degenerates, The Express that Rocks & Rolls, Bautista and the Obsolete Evolution, and The Connection of The Rock & Sock. Out of all the invites, only Ricky Morton of The Rock & Roll Express accepted and Bray Wyatt replied to Hardy telling him that he knows where to find him.

“I do. And if #BrotherNero & I have to come there to make this MANDATED war happen, WE WILL,” Hardy replied back to Wyatt.

The Apocalypto match is part of the Total Nonstop Deletion episode of Impact which according to those who saw a preview of it, will blow everything TNA did before away. The whole episode was taped at the Hardy compound in Cameron, North Carolina a few weeks ago after it was delayed due to funding issues.