Booker T formally announces his intentions to run for mayor of Houston


Booker T formally announced his intentions to run for mayor of Houston, Texas earlier today, with the election set for 2019 and not 2020 as stated before.

“My love for our city and my desire to be a positive change agent for Houston is not new, in fact, it has been a significant motivator in my life for decades,” the press release stated. Booker also noted how he had a difficult upbringing, from losing his father before his first birthday and his mother at the age of thirteen, struggling in poverty and the life of crime he chose at the time.

“The choices I have made have provided me with an opportunity to live a truly privileged life as a global personality for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., and have afforded me the honor of acting as an ambassador for our community. Houston, Texas, is my home and regardless of the city, state or country, I may find myself in around the world, I honor my bond with our community and represent Houston to the best of my ability,” the statement continues.

Booker said that in the coming weeks and months ahead he will be making additional announcements regarding his campaign and the team and vowed to fight for the voters of Houston just as hard as he fought for himself and his family over the past 30 years.