Monday Night Raw TV report for 11/11/2013

In honor of Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veteran’s Day (United States), as well as other ceremonies around the world that may commemorate November 11th, I would like to say thank you and blessings to all those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives for their respective countries. May we never forget. God Bless.

Monday Night Raw Report for November 11th, 2013

Introduction Segment: Tribute

A still-photo and video montage of various military personnel and wars airs, with John Cena narrating, basically saying what I have above in my opening remarks.

Segment #1: Recap

A recalling last week’s Raw ending is shown.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

After the usual welcoming from Michael Cole, it is announced that The Authority, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, are “on vacation.” The Big Show also “won’t be in the building” because of “injuries” he may have following the brutal attack seven days ago.

WWE Champion Randy Orton is out first, and berates Big Show for how he became employed and received a WWE Title shot. Orton proclaims that he will continue to be WWE Champion after Survivor Series and that he is now in control of Raw, since The Authority are away. However, not so fast, as the General Manager of Raw, Brad Maddox, is the real person in charge. Before he can utter much out of his mouth, the new-and-improved Kane walks out. Cole says that the former “Big Red Machine” is now the “Director of Operations,” appointed by HHH and Stephanie.

Kane backs this statement up, and as Maddox tries to book a match between Orton and Tag-Team Champion Rhodes, Kane remakes it to Tag-Team Champion Goldust and Randy facing each other. Kane and Brad end up in an argument over who is really running the show, until Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero walks out. She overrides both men and makes the WWE Champion take on both Tag-Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers, in a 2-On-1 match. That is right now!

Cody and Goldust make their entrance and the bout is up next!


Match #1: Two-On-One – WWE Champion “The Viper” Randy Orton VS. Tag-Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers (Goldust and Cody Rhodes) (Non-Title)

Goldust begins, and it will be the “tag” version with Cody standing on the apron. Goldust and Orton trade side-headlock take downs. Orton pushes back and gives Goldust a shoulder block off the ropes, but Goldust comes back with a series of a hip toss, armdrag, and dropkick. 1 – 2 – Orton kicks out! (Loud “let’s go Goldust” chants ring out.)

Cody is tagged in and plants Orton with a front-suplex. 1 – 2 – Orton gets the shoulder up! Randy comes back with a kick and uppercut. Rhodes runs off the ropes and Goldust blind-tags him. Goldust comes in and rolls up Orton from behind for a near fall!

Orton corners Goldust and punches. He runs out of another corner with a clothesline for two (amid “Randy’s boring” and “J.B.L.” chants from the crowd.) Orton methodically stomps away and begins to work over the Tag-Team Champion. Both slug away at each other, with Goldust trying to climb the ropes but gets kicked off.


Orton is back in control with a grounding headlock, but Goldust fights out of it. Orton misses a powerslam and gets rolled up again for another two-count! Goldust drives Randy to the mat with a DDT, then crawls over to a hot and fresh Cody! He flies off the op with a missile dropkick, then almost gets it with a sunset flip out-of-the-corner! 1 – 2 – Orton kicks out! Rhodes almost gets him again with a top-rope moonsault and pin combo!

Orton ducks a clothesline and goes for the backbreaker, but Cody slides out of it and hits an elbow. He tags in Goldust, who uppercuts Randy, then they both clothesline Orton to the floor. The referee begins the 10-count, and gets all the way, giving the Tag-Team Champions the victory!

Winner via Count-Out: Tag-Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers (Goldust and Cody)

Post-match, as Randy backs up the ramp, The Big Show’s music plays and out comes the 7-Footer. He barrels for the WWE Champion and begins the assault! Show tears apart the announce table and drags the steel steps near them. He grabs Orton and walks up the steps, then chokeslams the WWE Champion through the table, enticing loud “yes, yes, yes,” calls from the crowd! Ringside personnel attend to Orton.


After a recap of the previous match, The Big Show is shown leaving the building via a cab with a smile and wave!

Match #2: 6-Man Tag-Team: Los Matadores (Fernando and Diego) (with El Torito) and Santino Marella VS. The Union Jacks (3.M.B. members Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre)

In a contest I’m really tired of seeing (seriously, time to move on. Now!), Los Matadores and Santino take this one following a Cobra from Marella on Mahal. El Torito and Fernando & Diego had taken out Slater and McIntyre.

Segment #3: Locker Room Promo

WWE Champion Randy Orton is getting worked on by a technician. Kane, Vickie, and Maddox walk in and try to make amends for his potential injury. Orton snaps at them all, but Kane threatens that Orton “better listen to me Randy, because I’m the ‘Director Of Operations.’ And if you keep mouthing off like that, Big Show won’t be your only problem.” The technician orders everyone out of the room so he can help the WWE Champion.

It is shown on the screen that Dolph Ziggler will challenge Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship later tonight! (Honestly, I hope Dolph wins.)


Match #3: Single – “The Intellectual Saviour Of The Unwashed Masses” Damien Sandow VS. Kofi Kingston

Damien aggressive quickly with knees-to-the-head, then he tosses him to the outside. Sandow hammers away on Kofi against the apron, then clamps on a chinlock. Kofi battles out of it, but gets whipped hard twice into the corner. Sandow rams his shoulder in the corner, and headbutts him to the mat.

He drops the Elbow Of Distain, but misses a legdrop. Kofi sweeps up Sandow and punches away, then nails a high-kick for two! Kingston hops up on the second rope and jumps off with a knee-to-the-back-of-the-head. 1 – 2 – Damien kicks out! Sandow whips Kingston into the ropes, and Kingston comes back with another kick. He tries a springboard move, but Sandow counters and subsequently drops him with the “You’re Welcome” Full Nelson Slam for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pin Fall: “The Intellectual Saviour Of The Unwashed Masses” Damien Sandow

Up next is the Intercontinental Championship match!


Match #4: Single For The Intercontinental Championship – “The Show Off” Dolph Ziggler (Challenger) VS. Curtis Axel (Champion)

Lockup and tussle between the two. Another one after the referee broke up the first, then Axel gets Dolph in a side headlock and wristlock. Ziggler breaks out of it but gets kicked in the corner, then hit with a nice dropkick for a one-count. They both run off the ropes and Ziggler leap-frogs Curtis, then hits a beautiful dropkick of his own.

A suplex nets Dolph a two-count, then he drops 10 consecutive elbows on Axel! Dolph ends up on the floor after a harsh Irish whip from Curtis, then is punches at against the apron. The I.C. Champ takes control and pounds away on Ziggler. Dolph fires back with a high-jumping DDT!

Dolph hurls Axel into the ring post, then runs off the ropes with a jumping forearm. He hops on the second rope and gives Curtis 10 punches in the corner, then brings him down with a neckbreaker. He is sling-shotted into the top turnbuckle and rolled up but kick out closely! Dolph come back with the Fameasser for a close call! Axel counters another whip and catches Ziggler with a backdrop.

The I.C. Champion climbs the top rope and Dolph hops on to meet him up there! He soars with them both via a sit-down facebuster! 1 – 2 – kickout by Axel! Ziggler tries for the Zig-Zag, but Axel fends him off. He throws him into the ropes then up high in the air with a flapjack! Curtis twists Dolph around with the neckbreaker and gets the victory!

Winner via Pin Fall and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel

Segment #4: Office Promo

Kane and Maddox are still verbally-squandering but end up reaching a small truce. They decide to both book the show, making World Heavyweight Champion John Cena take on both Real Americans members Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger, and The Shield facing C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan 3-on-1.


Match #5: Single – Tamina Snuka (with Divas Champion A.J. Lee) VS. Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella)

Tamina uses her power early, chucking Nikki into the corner. Bella comes back with a couple of quick roll ups and a drop-toehold. She dropkicks Tamina out of the ring. Nikki jumps on Snuka, but is thrown down hard. Tamina scoop-slams Nikki, then locks on a bow-and-arrow submission. Nikki elbows and kicks her way out of it, but is choked using the ropes. Snuka pump-handle slams Nikki for a two-count, then grapples her with a rear chinlock.

She runs at Nikki, who counters with a small backdrop, then swings her around with a flying headscissors! Nikki monkey flips Tamina and bulldogs her for two! A.J. gets involved when referee Mike Chioda wasn’t looking, allowing Tamina to put Nikki down and then soar off the top rope with the Superfly Splash to finish this contest!

Winner via Pin Fall: Tamina Snuka (with Divas Champion A.J. Lee)

Post-match, Brie Bella comes in and dropkicks both A.J. and Tamina to exact revenge for her sister.


Segment #5: Locker Room Promo

WWE Champion Randy Orton is still being checked on when The Shield walk in. Orton wants to know why they weren’t around to help defend him against The Big Show. United States Champion Dean Ambrose informs Orton “it’s none of your business where we were.” They all imply they only work for themselves.

Fandango and Summer Rae make their entrance for his match next!

Match #6: Single – Fandango (with Summer Rae) VS. Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)

Prior to the bout, a clip from “Total Divas” shows why this match is set up, with Natalya training Fandango and Kidd getting jealous. On to the match, where they trade waistlocks and Kidd snapmares Fnadango down. He flips over him and hits a stomach-kick, and a chop in the corner. He goes for a headscissors out of the corner, but Fandango counters, tossing him to the floor.

Fandango in control back in the ring, wearing him down with a headlock. Tyson flips out of a back drop and mini-hurricanranas Fandango into the second turnbuckle. He flies off the top rope with a missile dropkick, then a running hurricanrana from the apron! Tyson springboards back in the ring with a sunset flip, but a la the late-great Davey Boy Smith from SummerSlam 1992, Fandango counters and pins Tyson’s shoulders to the mat and traps his legs for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pin Fall: Fandango (with Summer Rae)

Up next, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena faces The Real Americans!


Match #7: Two-On-One – World Heavyweight Champion John Cena VS. The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger) (with Zeb Colter) (Non-Title)

Prior to the bout, Zeb Colter cuts a promo ripping England for the usual stereotypes, including “bad teeth, bad food, imperialists, and soccer thugs.” He even puts them down for liking “Mr. Bean!” (That was a great line!) He asks them to chant along, “We the people,” then huddles with Cesaro and Swagger to begin the match.

Swagger and Cena go at it, with an armlock from Jack. They then measure each other out. His challenger for the World Championship at Survivor Series interrupts, as Alberto Del Rio makes his way out and distracts John. Cesaro and Swagger take advantage and gain control just before the break.


The Real Americans are still dominating, with Cesaro running hard into Cena’s back with a knee! He clamps Cena by the waist and hoists him over with a gutwrench suplex for two! Swagger in now and locks in a grounding chinlock. Cena counters with a backdrop on Jack, then a full-nelson into neckbreaker drop on Antonio! 1 – 2 – Cesaro gets the shoulder up!

Swagger comes back in and hits two Swaggerbombs, but misses the third as Cena rolls out of the way. Cena fires himself up against Swagger with a couple of shoulder blocks, but gets upper-cutted by Cesaro! He goes for the swing-around, but Cena counters into an almost-STF. (to massive boos as well!) Jack tries the Patriot Ankle Lock, but Cena kicks him off and catches Cesaro who flies off the top rope! Cena attempts the Attitude Adjustment, but Swagger runs in and takes him out by the legs.

Antonio goes for The Neutralizer, but is backdropped by Cena. The World Champ turns Swagger around with a spin-out backdrop, then drops the 5-Knuckle-Shuffle fistdrop! He tries again for the A.A. but Swagger wiggles his way out and clamps on the Patriot Ankle Lock again. Cena struggles out of it and drops Swagger with the A.A.! 1 – 2 – Cesaro interjects the count!

Cena counters a move from Cesaro and turns him around with a big powerbomb! 1 – 2 – Cesaro kicks out! They hit each other back-and-forth with fists until Antonio nails John with another huge uppercut! 1 – 2 – Cena still gets the shoulder up! On the top rope, Cesaro wants to go for something but Cena punches him down and follows up with a crossbody on Swagger. He clotheslines Cesaro over the ropes then forces Swagger to tap to the S.T.F.!

Winner via Submission: World Heavyweight Champion John Cena

Post-match, Cena fights off The Real Americans from another assault, but suffers the same by Alberto Del Rio and a chair. He puts Cena’s arm in the chair, stomps away, then locks on the Cross Armbreaker to further hurt John’s left arm. Big E. Langston suddenly runs out to make the save as referees check on Cena.


Segment #6: Office Promo

All three show-runners are looking at the monitor and are pleased with Alberto Del Rio’s work. The challenger walks in and is also pleased, bragging about his assault. Kane then tells him to “let Big E. Langston know how John Cena feels.”

Match #8: Single – Ryback VS. R-Truth

Truth actually tries to wear Ryback down with a side headlock a couple of times, but Ryback uses his overwhelming power to push R down. Ryback gets kicked off the ropes, but picks up Truth and runs him into the corners. He military-presses Truth, then drives him down with an over-the-shoulder-slam.

He scoop-slams Truth then splashes him and clamps on a grounding waistlock. This turns into a bearhug, but Truth battles out of it. He runs off the ropes and right into a spinebuster from Ryback, who is gaining his momentum. Ryback runs but misses the meathook clothesline and is rolled up for the upset!

Winner via Pin Fall: R-Truth

After recap from The Big Show and WWE Champion Randy Orton’s squabble earlier, Big E. Langston makes his entrance.


Match #9: Single – Big E. Langston VS. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto quickly kicks away but Langston comes back with power punches himself. he rams his shoulder into Del Rio in the corner, then again off the ropes. Alberto counters another run with double-boots for a one-count, then nails him with a smacking kick-to-the-head.

Alberto hits a DDT coming off the ropes and works him over with a chinlock. Big E. builds momentum back, countering with a side-slam, then hitting clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex! He runs off the ropes and splashes on the back of Del Rio. Langston misses a run in the corner, allowing Alberto to hit the running enziguri. Langston gets his way out of a Cross Armbreaker attempt and body-splashes Alberto down. He signals for The Big Ending, but Del Rio slides out and gets the Cross Armbreaker locked on! Big E. submits fast!

Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio


It is announced that Alberto Del Rio has challenged World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to an Arm Wrestling contest this week on Smackdown.

Segment #8: Arena Promo

Surprisingly, Paul Heyman is in the ring (albeit sitting in a wheelchair and decked out in a neck brace with crutches and a leg boot). Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel stands behind him. Heyman blames everyone, from C.M. Punk to Ryback to the fans, for his “injuries.”

“You’re the ones that encouraged C.M. Punk to climb to the top of that cell and lay this beating down on an innocent father of two small children. You’re the ones who cheered C.M. Punk to giving me this beating. This is ALL YOUR FAULT!” “I, Paul Heyman, shall return with a vengeance. And I am going to hover over C.M. Punk like a sword of Damocles. And I will drive the blade of my sword through the heart of…”

Before he can continue his threats, C.M. Punk walks out and brawls with Axel! Heyman sits in the ring alone and worried. Punk lays out Curtis quickly with the Go To Sleep, then pulls a kendo stick from under the ring! He slides in the ring, grabs a hold of Heyman, smiles, and spins him around before dumping him down. Punk picks up the kendo stick and whacks away on the back of Paul E. “The Straight Edge Superstar” pleases the crowd and walks over Heyman, as Daniel Bryan makes his entrance now! Their three-on-one match is next!


Match #10: Three-On-One – C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan VS. The Shield (United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns)

Punk and Ambrose start out, glaring at each other intently. Dean locks on a hammerlock and side headlock, then comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Punk comes back with a calf-kick, then tags in Bryan who helps Punk double-suplex Ambrose. The U.S. Champ hits a hard elbow off the ropes, then switches with Seth Rollins.

Bryan comes back with a stomach knee on Rollins, then puts him in the surfboard stretch. Daniel tags in Punk, then kicks Rollins as Daniel was still holding him. Punk slingshots Rollins face-first into the top turnbuckle, but cannot put him down with the Go To Sleep just yet. Seth backs into his corner then tags in Roman.

Reigns and Punk lock up and Reigns overpowers Punk. He headbutts him a few times, then punches hard. Punk slides through and switches with Bryan, who kicks away. Roman hits back with a double clothesline! Punk is put to the outside, but Bryan gains momentum with a flip over and German suplex on Seth, who tagged in. Bryan brings Rollins off the turnbuckle with a hurricanrana for two! Bryan kicks away and goes for the final kick but nails Ambrose instead. Seth capitalizes on the mistake with a high dropkick.


Bryan elbows his way out of a headlock, but is whipped hard into the turnbuckle. Ambrose back in and works over Bryan, as does Roman Reigns. Rollins wears Bryan down with a grounding chinlock, but Daniel holds onto the ropes and hurls both Reigns and Rollins over to the floor! He crawls and makes the hot-tag!

The “Second-City Saint” comes in and hits all his usual momentum moves, then ascends the top rope again. He soars off with an elbow, then both he and Bryan take out the members! Both Punk and Bryan hit suicide dives to the outside, then Punk kicks Ambrose high in the side of the head.

He picks up Dean for the Go to Sleep, but is wiggled out. Punk instead G.T.S.’s Reigns, and catches Ambrose in the Anaconda Vice. Just as it looks like the U.S Champ will tap, the light go out and “they’re here!” Luke Harper and Erik Rowan suddenly appear in the ring!

Rollins and Ambrose get in their face as Punk/Bryan had escaped outside the ring. The Shield and The Wyatt Family completely brawl and roll around in the ring, while Bray and Roman go at it outside. All end up in the ring, facing off on respective sides, to loud “yes, yes, yes,” and “this is awesome” calls from the fans.

Bryan and Punk were watching until The Shield and Wyatts realized that. They surround the ring, then get in and surround Punk/Bryan! Everyone brawls, and then The Usos and Tag-Team Champions Goldust and Cody run out too! They all engage in a big rumble (yes, pun intended!) with Punk/Bryan & Usos & Rhodes/Goldust clearing the ring and standing tall, while The Shield and The Wyatt Family stare them down outside the ring. Michael Cole wonders what will happen when The Authority comes back to find out about this, as J.B.L. says “all hell broke loose” to close the show!

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

Again, I thought this show flowed smooth again, and really provided another suspenseful ending! It also started off hot, both with the opening promo/match & the fans! On to the analysis:

Excellence: WWE Champion Randy Orton – I liked how he really played up his “face of the WWE” character throughout the show. He really is great at making himself seem like the most important person on the roster, especially when he was angry at The Shield for not protecting him and at Kane for putting him in the situation of the 2-On-1 to begin with.

Great matches between Sandow/Kingston, Dolph/Axel (although would’ve liked Ziggler to win – thought it was a waste of another “special moment.”), Fandango/Kidd, Del Rio/Langston. Two matches that get separate big points for me is The Bellas & Snuka/Divas Champ A.J. and World Champ Cena/The Real Americans. Nikki & Brie have really, really improved their in-ring work, and right now working with A.J. & Snuka can only help continue their experience. I am enjoying this feud and their matches immensely. The Real Americans gel extremely well, and Antonio Cesaro in particular is one of the best workers on the roster. Much like the Divas, I really look forward to seeing him wrestle, whether it is in a Tag-Team match or Single. This 2-1 with them was really exciting and intense!

Speaking of intense – the ending! That was a really cool brawl not seen in a while. And again, it set up a “cliff-hanger” of sorts, as Michael Cole speculated, wondering how The Authority will react. The fans definitely made the finish, completely adding the extra “umph” to put this melee over. I already predict the inevitable 12-Man Tag for Survivor Series, and the rivalry between all involved will be awesome!

Bogus: I don’t like the constant storylines of “bickering” General Managers. There should be one for Raw and one for Smackdown, and not interfere with each other’s show. It gets too muddled and is way overdone. R-Truth/Ryback I will wait if this feud continues or not to pass judgment. For Raw, I thought it could’ve been cut. Same with Los Matadores/3.M.B. – get all these guys off the T.V.! Absolutely waste of time and boring. At least Slater could have a great singles run somehow, the man does have talent. (see summer of 2012 for a great example). He just needs to get out of the “band.”

Paul Heyman – while another great promo for sure, I think it would’ve been more beneficial to keep him off T.V. for a while longer and find a new client. This is also where Axel losing the I.C. Title could’ve played well, as they could claim that since Paul E. wasn’t in his corner, then Axel lost his mojo.

The main-event match itself. While greatly wrestled as always, considering who’s involved, it was a bit short and could’ve been longer to build up to the big finale.

Overall, another great show and loving the builds with the major rivalries. Awesome endings the last two weeks, and really looking forward to the “go-home” show next week for Survivor Series. Until then, as always, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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