Punk, Bryan, lead post-RAW antics in Manchester


After RAW went off the air last night, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, the Usos, Goldust, and Cody Rhodes stayed in the ring to interact with the fans.

Punk and Bryan started a contest where they each raised the hands of the other remaining people in the ring to see who gets the loudest pop. At one point Punk even got down to ringside and raised the hands of both JBL and Jerry Lawler who stayed around to watch the post-show antics.

After high-riving everyone at ringside, Punk grabbed the mic and thanked the fans.

“Just an amazing humbling experience to wrestle in front of the fans in Manchester. We can’t do it without you and look how many of you stayed to see us goof off in the ring,” Punk said before leaving to a great ovation.

You can watch the whole thing below.