Monday Night Raw TV report for 08/07/2017

Welcome to the Raw report! I am @TheMagnumDA and we are LIVE from Toronto. I’ve got fans in Toronto! 🙂 Special hello to the Gill family. Big fans of The Maharaja!

The Miztourage is out for MizTV! Miz recaps last week’s exchange with Jason Jordan, which leads to Raw GM Kurt Angle coming out! Angle tells Miz that Jordan will not be coming out as a guest this week, as he has a match with Curtis Axel later.

In his place, out comes…the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman! Miz taunts Heyman and does an impression of him. After Miz rambles on for 30 minutes, Paul asks Miz if he and Maryse do any role play. The Toronto crowd got a chuckle out of this. Heyman then says that Miz is Reigns, Dallas is Joe, and Axel is Strowman, and in this game of role play, Lesnar would give everyone a taste of things to come at SummerSlam.

Brock completely obliterates The Miztourage, first by taking all three men off their feet. Then, one by one, he takes turns dropping suplexes and F-5’s on Dallas, Axel, and Miz. They retreat as Brock stands tall!

Match #1 – Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus

Rollins darts in and hits the dropkick on Sheamus in the corner. Rollins gets caught trying a flying press, but he fights out with elbows and kicks. Rollins gets the press from the apron, dropping more fists on Sheamus. As they climb back in, Rollins hits another press for two. Rollins with fists and kicks in the corner. Seth gets crotched in the corner, as Sheamus elbows Rollins off the ring to the outside. Sheamus stalks after him, and slams him on the apron as we go to break.

After the break, Rollins fights up from a chinlock and hits a jawbreaker. Rollins with a chop, but Sheamus responds with a back elbow. Forearms from the apron for Sheamus, followed by a rolling senton. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick, and Rollins hits a superkick, a high knee, and an enzigiuri! He’s so damn good. Rollins charges in and eats a boot, but he fights on to hit a top rope Frankensteiner for the one, two, no! Rollins with kicks to the head, followed by a Sling Blade! Seth goes upstairs, but Cesaro causes the distraction. Sheamus with the roll-up! One, two, three! I consider this a huge upset.

Winner: Sheamus (**3/4)

After the match, Rollins dives at both men! The tag champs eventually turn this into a 2-on-1 attack. The crowd chants “We Want Ambrose!” as the beatdown continues. Double White Noise! Rollins is laid out by Sheamus and Cesaro.

We go backstage where Curtis Axel is getting looked at by a Doctor. Axel can’t fight Jordan tonight. In his place…? Some Canadian named John-Pierre Goulet. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Match #2: Jason Jordan vs. John-Pierre Goulet

Sure enough, the Toronto crowd falls in love with Goulet. Jordan catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly, followed by the hoist neckbreaker for the pin. I knew this would backfire!

Winner: Jason Jordan (*)

Michael Cole announces that Bayley will not be able to face Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, due to a separated shoulder in last week’s contest vs. Nia Jax. I knew something bad happened! You read it here first.

Bayley comes out to the ring to talk to Charly. They showed highlights of the match last week, specifically the moment of the injury. Bayley wouldn’t watch. She then explains that she couldn’t just finish the match…she had to prove to everyone that she could go toe-to-toe with Nia Jax.

In a fascinating turn of events, the fans start to boo her. The boo’s grow louder as the promo continues. Corey tries to make the standard “Everything’s weird in Toronto” excuse. In all honesty, the fans are right to boo. This is going long…as in “Cleopatra” long. Charly asks Bayley who she thinks will become #1 Contender, and Bayley says “Sasha Banks”. This brings out Sasha, and the two hug it out. I liked the end of it, but that’s about all. Why hang her out to dry like this?

Match #3: SummerSlam Qualifier – Triple Threat match
Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox vs. Emma

WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is on commentary. Emma gets an early advantage on Sasha, but she misses a charge. Alicia hits a stunning kick on Sasha, getting a nearfall. Alicia misses a kick in the corner, and Sasha tries a roll-up for two. They trade kicks, but Emma trips up Sasha outside the ring. Emma hits an Ocean Cycle Suplex on the apron! Sasha is hurt! Back inside, Emma gets a near fall. She starts to pull on Alicia Fox’s hair. Fox turns it around with forearms and knees to the ribs. Fox hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Emma for one, two, no! Emma takes a Shining Wizard to the face by Banks! Running knees to both Fox and Emma, and a Double Knee to Fox! Emma throws Banks out of the ring, and climbs on Fox for the one, two, no! Emma turns it up with a running charge to the corner! Banks throws Emma out of the ring, and after a sweet exchange, Fox gets hit with the Bank Statement! Emma tries to break it up, but SHE gets put in the Bank Statement! Emma taps!

Winner: Sasha Banks (**1/4)

Backstage, Braun Strowman tells Renee Young that he will be the last man standing tonight. He also says that Roman Reigns is nothing more than a puppy. Well, alright then.

Big Show and Enzo come out! They talk about last week’s KO on Cass, when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson interrupt! They do their 1980’s high school bully routine, and Enzo says they look like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. This entire promo was a time warp.

Match #4 – Big Show & Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Show goozles Karl, and then knocks Gallows out of the ring! After a break, the match is joined in progress. Enzo attacks both opponents in their corner, but Gallows hits a gnarly lariat for two. Anderson tags in, and hits a crisp knee for two. Enzo fights up from an armbar, but he can’t make the tag to Show. Anderson misses a charge in the corner, allowing Enzo to try for the tag! Gallows intercepts Enzo in the air, preventing the tag. Enzo tries to fight up, but Gallows brings him straight down with a boot. Big Cass saunters out to the ring, as Show sees him from the apron. This allows Luke to hit a HUGE boot on Show. Enzo valiantly tries to fight off both men, but he rolls up the wrong guy (Gallows) and eats the running kick from Anderson. One, two, three!

Winners: Gallows & Anderson (*)

Cass boots Show right in the face outside the ring! Enzo hits a dive, but Cass gets up and hits Enzo right in the ribs with a series of fists. Cass continues the beatdown, tossing Enzo from pillar to post. Enzo starts to back away from Cass, but Cass chases him down with a T-1000 walk. Just as Cass turns the corner, Show absolutely DRILLS Cass with another KO Punch. Cass is out! Show and Enzo celebrate at the top of the stage, as Cass continues to struggle getting up. Finn Balor is up next!

Finn Balor is joining us for a promo! Toronto is BALOR CLUB! Balor says that Wyatt is the kind of guy that gives him the creeps. Wyatt is the kind of man to strike fear in others. However, Balor is the guy that kicks fear in the face. Whatever Bray wants to start, Balor will be there to finish it. Lights go out! Wyatt appears in the center of the ring and lunges towards Finn. Finn catches him with another Pele Kick, followed by the Sling Blade! The lights go out once more, and Wyatt is on the video board! Wyatt says that he understands why people like Balor so much…they fly when he flies. Wyatt vows to rip him down from the heavens, and bring these people down with him at SummerSlam.

Match #5 – Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Cesaro stumbles over himself during his entrance. He’s a bumbling fool, sometimes. They lock up and shove each other in the corner. Dean takes the advantage with a go-behind, but his transition is blocked. Cesaro grabs the headlock. Cesaro is thrown into the ropes, but he shoulder tackles Ambrose down. Back up, Ambrose returns the favor with a shoulder tackle of his own. Collar-and-Elbow tie-up, and Cesaro takes control. Ambrose falls to his back and survives numerous two-counts before he sends Cesaro flying. They lock up AGAIN in the corner as Booker argues with Corey and Michael. Ambrose is thrown into the ropes, but he catches a running clothesline on Cesaro. Dean goes upstairs for the 10-punch, but Cesaro drops him face-first into the post. Kick to the chest, followed by a HUGE lariat for two. Cobra Clutch from a seated position, but Ambrose elbows him in the gut and whips him into the ropes. Ambrose catches Cesaro with a neckbreaker, followed by a Suicide Dive outside! Sheamus distracts Dean, and Cesaro clips him with a running European Uppercut as we go to break.

After the break, Cesaro holds Ambrose in the Octopus Stretch. Dean fights out, but gets caught in the ropes. They climb to the rop and trade fists and headbutts. Cesaro picks Ambrose up for a REVERSE SUPERPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE?! Cesaro takes his eyes off the ring for a second, allowing Dean to catch the classic Superplex! Ambrose gets up, and hits Cesaro with some fists to the face. Cesaro returns serve with a crushing backbreaker for two. Series of forearm shivers to Dean’s kidneys as these fans are about to fall asleep. They start to brawl in the middle of the ring, but Cesaro catches Dean with a gutwrench into the Minnesota Backbreaker! Dean gets out and gets some jabs and clotheslines on Cesaro, building momentum! Dean misses a charge, allowing Cesaro to catch another running uppercut for the one, two, no! Rolling gutwrench suplexes bt Cesaro for the one, two, no! Neutralizer is reversed, and so is Dirty Deeds! Sharpshooter attempt by Cesaro, but Dean fights out. Cesaro misses a charge and goes outside! Dean tries another dive, but Cesaro counters with an uppercut! One, two, NO!

Running Spear into the corner by Cesaro. Top rope Superplex by Cesaro is countered into a front suplex by Ambrose. Back in the ring, Ambrose tries a Majistral cradle for one, two, no! Cesaro and Ambrose trade forearms, but Cesaro catches Dean with rapid fire fists to the gut. Dean falls back into the corner, and returns with a Lunatic Lariat! Cesaro is back up, and catches Dean in the Sharpshooter! Dean can’t escape! He is able to finally get to the ropes after a second attempt. Cesaro starts to slap Dean in the face, but Dean counters a charge and throws Cesaro outside. Booker calls Dean the “King of Pain”. Dean hits a flying press on to Cesaro outside! Back inside, Sheamus distracts Dean, but this leads to a similar exchange from last week (Rollins/Sheamus) where Dean rolls up Cesaro for the one, two, three!

Winner: Dean Ambrose (**3/4)

After the match, Sheamus tries to beat down Dean in the middle of the ring. It turns into a 2-on-1 attack on Ambrose. Seth Rollins comes out to make the save! Even though Dean didn’t make the save earlier, Seth did. Interesting. In the ring, Dean asks, “Did you have my back just now?” Seth nods, and Ambrose sticks the Shield fist out! Crowd pops HUGE for this. Seth shakes his head and walks away, and this gets MASSIVE boo’s from the crowd.

Titus Brand is celebrating Akira Tozawa’s #1 Contendership backstage, when Neville interrupts. Neville plays it off very smart, planting the seed of doubt by warning Akira about tonight’s match with Ariya Daivari. Neville tells Akira, “You’re facing a man with nothing to lose.” He’s got a point. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Match #6 – Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

They lock up and Tozawa gets a wristlock from behind. Daivari catches a back elbow, followed by a for two. Daivari starts to work on the previously injured shoulder, and follows this up with a backbreaker for two. Akira gets up and hits the chops, but Daivari takes advantage once more. Seated Full Nelson by Daivari, and when Akira fights up, Ariya brings him back down for two. As Daivari works the armbar, a side story develops. Booker warns Titus to get down to ringside, in case something happens to Akira in the ring. Titus blows it off, and gloats as Tozawa hits a Suicide Dive to Daivari outside. Cole talks training methods with Titus as Tozawa hits a nice back suplex. Senton Bomb for the one, two, three!

Winner: Akira Tozawa (*1/2)

After the match, Renee Young is backstage with Roman Reigns. Roman says that he doesn’t care what happens to Brock Lesnar, and that he will become the new Universal Champion. Last week, he beat Samoa Joe…and this week, he’ll beat Braun Strowman.

Match #7 – SummerSlam qualifier – Triple Threat Match
Nia Jax vs. Mickie James vs. Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke tries to attack Nia, but she gets dropped. Mickie tries to lock up with Jax, but she gets tossed across the ring! Nia throws Mickie INTO Dana Brooke! Both women are thrown into the corner, but Nia misses a charge in the corner and flies outside! Dana and Mickie start trading some BLISTERING forearms, and Dana takes advantage. Mickie turns it around with a neckbreaker for two! Mickie gets bulldozed over, but Dana catches Nia with a jawbreaker and a corner splash. Nia gets right back up and MOWS her down. Mickie hits the Bombs Away on Nia Jax, but she is unable to cover Dana for three! Nia squashes Mickie, leaving just Dana Brooke. Dana botches a jump off the ropes, so Nia just throws her down to the ground HARD. BIG LEG DROP onto Brooke by Jax for the one, two, three!

Winner: Nia Jax (*)

Goldust is on the video board! He says that he will find his next star at SummerSlam. “I’ll be watching,” he says. So…you’re not fighting, then? After this, Cass tells Angle that he wants Big Show at SummerSlam. Somehow, this leads to Enzo getting locked up in a Shark Cage above the ring. Didn’t they just do this at the Royal Rumble?

Match #8 – Main Event – Last Man Standing
Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

They trade fists outside the ring to start. Braun throws Reigns into the barricade, and into the ring! Reigns hits a huge right hand, but he foolishly tries an early Samoan Drop. This allows Braun to pummel him into the mat. Reigns is already on his back in the first two minutes. Strowman with a massive back forearm to Reigns’ face. Roman gets up at “Four”, but Strowman continues to punishment by picking up Reigns and throwing him ribs-first into the corner. Strowman drops HUGE knees to the ribs of Reigns, followed by a shoulder tackle that sends Reigns to the outside. As this is happening, Booker says, “The longer this goes, the more this favors Reigns.” Roman sure doesn’t look like a winner right now, Book.

After a break, we see Strowman throwing a set of steps into the ring. Back inside, Roman tries to stagger Braun with a series of lariats in the corner. Roman with a series of Mafia Kicks to the side of Strowman’s head! Reigns picks up the steps and throws them at Strowman! Another stair shot, and Braun Strowman is down! Reigns throws the steps on Braun twice! Sickening! The ref makes it to “Five”, when Strowman gets up! Superman Punch is countered twice, and Strowman slams Reigns face-first to the mat! The ref gets to “eight!” before Reigns can get up. Strowman tries to hit the Powerslam, but a series of counters leads to a Superman Punch! They both get up after the count of “five”, but Strowman catches Reigns off-guard with a DROPKICK (!!) Reigns gets up at “eight”, and moves out of the way when Strowman charges him. Strowman falls to a heap outside, but both men are able to get up at another “eight” count! Strowman is hit with a Drive-By, and Roman follows up by grabbing a table from under the ring. He goes for another Drive-By, but Strowman is waiting for him with a big clothesline! Reigns gets up at “eight” once more! Strowman cries out, “WELCOME TO MY PLAYGROUND!”

Reigns returns to life with a series of forearms, allowing Strowman a moment of weakness. Roman picks him up and the table is OBLITERATED with a Samoan Drop. Would’ve been a great finish to a Tables Match. Instead, Braun is up at “eight” again! BRAUN THROWS AN OFFICE CHAIR AT ROMAN’S FACE! What did I just see?! You have to watch this. Roman, SOMEHOW, gets up at “nine” and this match continues! They brawl through the crowd and approach the announcer’s table. Roman hits a Drive-By onto Braun, bringing them back on the stage. Strowman throws Reigns into the LCD stage screen! Strowman cries out, “YOU BETTER STAY DOWN!” as he throws Reigns into the screen again! Reigns comes back to life AGAIN, and runs down the stage to SPEAR Strowman! As Roman comes to his feet, SAMOA JOE grabs Roman from over the barricade! Coquina Clutch on Reigns! Both men are down. Miraculously, at the count of “eight”, Braun Strowman kips right up! The ref counts “TEN!” and this match is over!

Winner: Braun Strowman (***3/4)

Final Thoughts: Aside from that finish, that was some incredible fun. I think I have to give the last match ***3/4 for that chairshot alone! Out of this world. If you have Hulu, seek this match out.

Magnum DAhttp://www.twitter.com/themagnumda
@TheMagnumDA writes the Raw & Smackdown Live TV reports, and he is also the PPV Pick'em reporter for Wrestling-Online. He currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He enjoys traveling, reading, and playing PSN (ROCKofJERICHO).

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