Monday Night Raw TV report for 06/23/2014

With six nights left until Money In The Bank, some of the card has played out and some remains a mystery. While the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match is set, it was revealed last week there will be a second Ladder Match for the Money In The Bank Briefcase; and the only competitor named so far is Seth Rollins. Tonight, there is an announcement expected for this match, so will we see all wrestlers made-known through a promo, or are there going to be more qualifying matches this week?

Also, repercussions are expected for Vickie Guerrero courtesy of The Authority. What will Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have in store for her?

The Usos are scheduled to defend their Tag-Team Championships at M.I.T.B. against The Wyatt Family. Who will get the advantage on Raw, Luke and Erick or Jimmy and Jey?

Lastly, as always, my picks for the Pay-Per-View at the end of the report!

Read on to find out all that goes down in America’s Capital!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for June 23rd, 2014 – “Additions and Subtraction”

Introduction Segment: Welcoming & Arena Promo

Michael Cole welcomes us to Raw, then Justin Roberts asks us to welcome one of the Principle Owners the WWE, Stephanie McMahon. She walks out, gleaming, while the commentator’s talk about Money In The Bank.

Stephanie says she does not do well with “negligence,” and orders Vickie Guerrero to come out. Vickie makes her way to the ring, seemingly scared. She plays suck-up at first, then blames Roman Reigns for messing with McMahon’s coffee. Stephanie turns it around on her, blaming Guerrero for letting Reigns be in the Battle Royal last week, and she is not pleased that he is also in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match for the WWE World Championship.

McMahon gets right down to business, but before she can utter the famous words, Guerrero takes another shot at saving herself. She offers to beg, which Stephanie is all too happy to implore. Steph then gives her two options: get fired, or face someone in a match to keep her job. Vickie protests at first, claiming she is not a wrestler, then wonders who her competitor will be. Stephanie reveals that it will be herself, but Guerrero still seems a little tepid. All of a sudden, she pipes up in Stephanie’s face. Guerrero says the Guerrero family name is more respected in this business than the McMahons, and that her late-husband Eddie taught her many things, including how to “lie, cheat, and steal!” Huge “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie” chants break out now. Vickie walks off, and it seems like this match will go down tonight! Later tonight, WWE C.O.O. Triple H will reveal who else will be in the other Money In The Bank Ladder Match; while Bad News Barrett defends his Intercontinental Championship against “The Show Off,” Dolph Ziggler; and a rematch from Smackdown pits the heels of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match against the faces in a 4-on-3 bout. (Why?)


Match #1: Single – Tag-Team Champion Jimmy Uso (with Tag-Team Champion partner Jey Uso) VS. Luke Harper (with Wyatt Family partner Erik Rowan) (Non-Title)

Harper hits Uso with a dropkick, then shoves him back into the ropes. He catches a kick from Jimmy, but the Uso twin turns it into an enziguri. He nails a superkick and covers, but Harper kicks out at two! Jimmy goes for a dive, but Erik distracts him; while Jey pounds on Rowan, Jimmy turns around into a clothesline from Luke to get the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Luke Harper (with Wyatt Family partner Erik Rowan)

Post-match, Jey immediately challenges Rowan to a fight, then rockets over the ropes with a super-plancha!


Match #2: Single – Tag-Team Champion Jey Uso (with Tag-Team Champion partner Jimmy Uso) VS. Erik Rowan (with Wyatt Family partner Luke Harper) (Non-Title)

Rowan all over Uso early, just like the previous bout. He drops Jey on the ropes, then hammers him in the ropes with punches. Rowan runs but misses, nailing his own shoulder against the post. In a reversal from the first match, Jimmy takes out Luke on the floor while Jey finishes Erik in the ring with a Superfly Splash!

Winner via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champion Jey Uso (with Tag-Team Champion partner Jimmy Uso)

Post-match, The Wyatt Family decimate their opponents, and posing with the Tag-Team Titles in speculation of what they might gain on Sunday. Their leader, Bray Wyatt, now appears on the Titantron. “I am very, very proud of you boys.” Wyatt proclaims he will walk all over the competition and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Money In The Bank; he also predicts the same for Harper and Rowan to become Tag-Team Champions. “We will roam the Earth like giants, casting out the light with our message.”


It is announced that former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will be at Money In The Bank, albeit on the pre-show, starting at 7:30 ET, 4:30 PT on the WWE Network.

Segment #2: Video Promo

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana and “The Super Athlete” Alexander Rusev are standing in front of Capital Hill. She puts down that place and The White House as “making decisions that makes your (America) country inferior.” Lana is proud of the Kremlin (Russian Government). “No one can help stop the revolution of Rusev.” Alexander pipes in, “America, Rusev crush!”

Divas Champion Paige is out and will be on commentary for the next contest. (Really?)

Match #3: Single – Alicia Fox VS. Naomi (with Funkadactyls partner Cameron)

(Note: Cameron is also on commentary) Naomi in control early, giving Alicia a hip-toss. Naomi cartwheels out of a standing wristlock, then the fight is taken to the outside. Naomi slams Fox’s head against the apron, but Alicia pulls her back outside and rams her to the floor. Naomi slaps back, but almost loses by a Northern Lights Suplex from Alicia. She picks up Naomi in a sidewalk position, then tosses her out of the ring. Back in the ring, Naomi turns around a move, and takes this one after her finisher!

Winner via Pinfall: Naomi (with Funkadactyls partner Cameron)

Post-match, Divas Champion Paige leaves commentary and poses on the apron with her title, signalling a future match with Naomi.

Segment #4: Locker Room Promo

Sheamus is getting ready for the main-event, as well as chatting with Roman Reigns. He puts him over for Reigns’ dominance, but wonders if he can really best trusted. Reigns replies, declaring that Sheamus would already be unconscious. “I believe in Roman Reigns.”


Match #4: Single – Titus O’Neil VS. “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas

Dallas hits a quick dropkick, but gets caught in a big backbreaker and huge toss. He punches away in the corner until Bo ducks and swings him around with the Bo-Dog for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas

Post-match, Bo tries to talk to Tits at firs,t but the microphone is swapped out of his hands. Bo takes the blame, calling himself “Mr. Butterfingers.” Dallas tells O’Neil to “get back on that horse,” then thanks Washington for “Bo-lieving.”

Up next, C.O.O. Triple H will tell us who the other six participants are in the other M.I.T.B. Ladder Match.


Segment #5: Arena Promo

C.O.O. Triple H is out, and first takes a shot at the fans and Washington. He proclaims that it is a place where leaders of America get elected and make the country even worse, but yet, “I am still the bad guy!” (That was a good!)

He puts over what the M.IT.B. Ladder Match and its opportunity, then names the people: Kofi Kingston, “The Real American” Jack Swagger, “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, and … Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett; plus the already-determined Seth Rollins, who is “The Game’s” favorite.

Rollins now walks out, while video recaps his betrayal of The Shield. Rollins tells the fans that he is over what happened, and is very happy about it. “You can call me a sell-out all you want, but after this Sunday, you’ll be calling me ‘Mr. Money In The Ban—‘”

Rob Van Dam’s music hits and interjects. He speculates that Triple H and Seth don’t really appreciate who he is, then takes shots at both. He challenges Triple H to give him a match with Seth right now, and the C.O.O. complies.


Match #5: Single – Seth Rollins VS. Rob Van Dam

Rollins punches away quick, but Van Dam comes back with a whip in the corner and a monkey flip out of the opposite one. He clotheslines Seth to the floor, then follows up with a slingshot-plancha! He then moonsaults off the apron and poses for the fans.


Rollins is now in control after the break, giving R.V.D. a triple-suplex, ala the late Eddie Guerrero. Rollins hits a spin-around clothesline, then stomps away in the corner. Seth clamps on a grounding rear choke with scissors to wear down Rob. He misses a clothesline, allowing Van Dam to almost take this with a leg-scissors rollup! Van Dam nails a spin-kick to Rollins’ head, then the Rolling Thunder Senton on the ring mat. He hops to the top rope, but Rollins shoves him to the apron. Rob comes back with a springboard Tornado DDT, and goes for the Five Star Frogsplash. Rollins rolls out of the way, and quickly punches Rob down. He gives Van Dam a turnbuckle-powerbomb, then drives him into the canvas with the Curb Stomp! Rollins covers, but Dean Ambrose slides in and begins to brawl!

Winner via Disqualification: Seth Rollins

Post-match, Ambrose and Rollins right around the arena until referees manage to break it up. Dean takes the mike and demands to be put in the M.I.T.B. or “I’m gonna screw up that entire Pay-Per-View!”

Up next, the I.C. Title will be on the line!


Segment #6: Office Promo

Rollins is ticked about Ambrose and wants Triple H to place him in the M.I.T.B. bout. “I need to have eyes on Dean Ambrose at all times!” HHH concedes, giving both Ambrose and Rollins what they want.

Match #6: Single for the Intercontinental Championship – Bad News Barrett (Champion) VS. “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler (Challenge)

Prior to the contest, Barrett declares that he will defeat Ziggler and then win M.IT.B. on Sunday. He says that Ziggler got a “miracle” win last week, but after this week, he will be “forced to change his name, just like your constantly-losing and racist NFL Team!”


After formal introductions, Bad News dominates early with kicks in the corner. Ziggler punches back on the apron and gives him a dropkick, plus a couple of quick roll-ups. Bad News comes back with a clothesline over the ropes, then rams his had on the apron. 1 – 2 – Ziggler kicks out! Dolph flips out of a backdrop, then punches back off the ropes! He gives Barrett ten quick punches in the corner and a neckbreaker. He tries the Fameasswer, but Bad News catches him in the Winds Of Change spinning-slam. 1 – 2 – Dolph gets the shoulder up!

“The Show-Off” slides out of Wasteland and brings down Barrett with the Zig-Zag! Dolph can’t capitalize as the I.C. Champ rolls out of the ring.


Dolph still in control, giving Bad News repeated elbow drops. Ziggler lines Wade on the middle rope, but Bad News chucks him to the floor again. He follows up with an elbow drop off the apron, then gets another cover for two! Ziggler tires a headscissors out of the corner, but gets slugged. 1 – 2 – Dolph still gets the shoulder up! Barret ascends the top rope, but Ziggler meets him up there and brings him down with a split-legged/sit-down facebuster! 1 – 2 – Wade kicks out!

Barrett tosses Dolph up in a flapjack drop off the ropes, then drops him with Wasteland! 1 – 2 – Ziggler again kicks out! Barrett goes nuts, then measures Dolph for the Bullhammer Elbow. He swings away, but Dolph ducks and plants him with the Fameasser! 1 – 2 – Barrett kicks out again! (Loud “this is awesome” chants!)

Ziggler counters a carry with a Crucifix Pin, but only gets two! He leaps at Wade in the corner, but the Champ counters and nails the Bullhammer Elbow! 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Rene Young asks Vickie’s opinion on her match with Stephanie later tonight. She declares that she has no regrets for doing what she has to do tonight, especially after being “the doormat” for The Authority. Randy Orton shows up, putting her down verbally.


Match #7: Single – Vickie Guerrero VS. Stephanie McMahon

Vickie enters the arena to Eddie`s music (to a big pop!), then waits for Stephanie who appears on stage. Stephanie is still dressed in her business attire, announcing that it is not a traditional wrestling match that will take place. She points to the side of the stage, where a pool full of mud is. McMahon says that it is that pond Vickie’s career will be decided, as whoever is pushed in, loses. “Girls, get her!” Stephanie orders as Alicia Fox, Layla, and Rosa Mendes walk out.

They all grab Guerrero and try to toss her in the brown liquid, but Vickie fights back and chucks each of them in! She begins a “yes” chant, feeling the momentum, but McMahon knees her from behind and shoves her face-first.

Winner via : Stephanie McMahon

Post-match, out of Stephanie’s mouth comes those famous words, “Vickie, you’re FIRED!” Steph begins to gloat and dance around to “Na-na-na-na, Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye,” when Guerrero gets up and proceeds to heave her into the pool! Vickie walks up the stage and salutes her late-husband, doing his little shimmy dance and mouthing “I love you.”


Segment #8: Locker Room Promo

Byron Saxton is with Goldust, and wants comment on his new tag-team partner, Stardust. In walks Stardust, singing “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Goldust just ways “Wow! Now I’m the normal one!”

Match #8: Single – “The Real American” Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter) VS. Kofi Kingston

Kofi leaps-frogs Jack a couple times and hits a jumping elbow. Swagger comes back with kicks in the corner and wears Kingston down with a surfboard stretch, but Kofi returns with his jumping moves. He hops onto Swagger’s shoulders with a victory roll for a close-call, but Jack gets him in the Patriot Ankle Lock for the tap-out!

Winner via Submission: “The Real American” Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

Michael Cole announces that Paige will indeed defend her Divas Championship against Naomi at Money In The Bank.

Segment #9: Backstage Promo

Rene Young interviews Alberto Del Rio about M.I.T..B. and of course, states that he is going to win. Paul Heyman and Cesaro interrupt, where Heyman, as usual, reminds us that he is “the one behind the one in twenty-one” with his client, Brock Lesnar. And his other client, Cesaro, is going to win the M.I.T.B. match, according to Paul E. Cesaro takes a cheap verbal shot at Del Rio then they walk away.


Match #9: Single – Damien Sandow VS. Big E.

(Note: Sandow is dressed like the 16th President of the United States, the late Abraham Lincoln.) Big E. drives this home after the Big Ending in short-order.

Winner via Pinfall: Big E.

Post-match, Big E. proclaims his American pride, giving a subtle challenge to Rusev. “The Ravishing Russian” Lana walks out and starts to talk, then “The Super Athlete” assaults Big E. from behind and clamps on The Accolade Camel Clutch Submission.

Up next, the main-event!


Segment #10: Backstage Promo

John Cena is with Rene Young, and also asserts that he will be the one to be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Everyone makes there entrance prior to the break.


Match #10: Four-On-Three – John Cena, United States Champion Sheamus, and Roman Reigns VS. Bray Wyatt, “The King Of Swing” Cesaro (with Paul Heyman), Alberto Del Rio, and “The Viper” Randy Orton

Orton and Cena begin, squaring off then Randy drops John. He is then taken down with a running shoulder block, then John tags in Sheamus. He slugs away in the corner and gives Randy a clothesline, then switches back with Cena. He whips Orton against the ropes, but is kicked back; then Orton tags in Del Rio. Cena comes back with a running bulldog, then faces off with Cesaro. They engage in a test-of-strength lock-up, then Cesaro twirls Cena around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cena kicks out at two, but now has to tangle with another nemesis, Bray Wyatt! The Wyatt Family leader completely controls John in the corner, then dances around with him and one-arm slams him to the mat. Bray hits a sudden running front-dropkick!


Del Rio now in control, with Cena still being worn down with a grounding rear chinlock. Del Rio DDT’s John for a near-fall, then slaps hands with Cesaro. He sweeps up Cena, and attempts the Big Swing, but Cena uses his power. Cesaro turns it into a Boston Crab, which pressures Cena to the mat. He uses his power again and shoves Cesaro off. Cena gets the hot-tag to Roman Reigns, who takes out all members of the opposite team! He clotheslines Del Rio and nails the running-leaping front-dropkick on the outside!

Reigns gears up for the Superman Punch, but nails Orton off the apron first. Del Rio takes advantage, driving him down with the backstabber. Bray back in and viciously stomps on the back of Roman. Cesaro in again and turns Reigns around with a gutwrench suplex. “The Viper” tags himself in, to Cesaro’s dismay, and gives Roman another suplex. He punches a bent-over Reigns hard, then stomps on his chest/stomach. Alberto back in, but exchanges with Bray. Reigns runs out of the corner with a clothesline, then gets another hot-tag to Sheamus!

The Irishman is all over Cesaro with axe-handles and the “Ten Beats Of The Bowron.” Sheamus is fired up for he Brogue Kick, but Orton drives him with the back/neckbreaker combo. Cena comes in and gives Orton and Del Rio Attitude Adjustments; Cesaro hits Cena with an uppercut, and Sheamus gets the victory with a Brogue Kick on Cesaro!

Winners via Pinfall: John Cena, United States Champion Sheamus, and Roman Reigns

Post-match, pyro blows on the stage and out marches “The Big Red Machine!” Kane demolishes almost everyone in/around the ring and is standing alone. Out walks C.O.O. Triple H, with Orton standing beside him, and he announces that Kane is the 8th participant in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match!

Reigns suddenly Spears Kane out of the corner and stares down HHH and Randy to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was a pretty good Raw for a “go-home” show. It continued to set up money in the bank – with a couple of surprises which now have me wondering who really is going to win both M.I.T.B. Ladder Matches! Onto the analysis:

Excellence: The opening promo, particularly the “fire” in Vickie. If this was her last WWE appearance for a long while, as previously thought, then it was a good-way for her to go out. McMahon was great too, as her usual “princess” attitude really shone through. Nice sincere touch for Vickie/WWE to honor the late-great Eddie Guerrero as well by having her use his music, and Vickie acknowledging him after her match.

While the matches were quick, loving the feud between The Usos and Wyatt Family. This is great, old-school tag-team wrestling/feuds; just about the Championships and dominance! Nothing silly, just pure physically and wrestling! I hope it continues through the summer.

Even though her voice overpowered the match (more on that in Bogus), I really enjoyed Cameron’s commentary; she is pretty decent on the microphone. I like the match between Fox/Naomi, and am looking forward to the new feud of Paige and The Funkadactyls. Finally, something different; and judging from tonight’s bout, a quality opponent (Naomi) for the Divas Champ.

As always, still loving “The Inspirational” Bo Dallas and his oratory. Fantastic matches between Van Dam/Rollins, and Ziggler/Barrett! Well put-together, suspenseful stories in the ring!

The additions of Kane and Ambrose to the M.I.T.B. matches now make them a little-less predictable, which is awesome! As well, loving the feud between Ambrose/Rollins and Reigns/Triple H!

Bogus: I liked Rusev/Lana’s video promo and beat-down of Big E, but I thought that Big E./Sandow was a waste, and really Big E. could’ve just cut a quick promo instead. Could’ve also done without Swagger/Kingston; neither are going to win M.I.T.B, so it should’ve been saved for Main Event or maybe Smackdown.

Again, I enjoyed the commentary of Cameron, but felt the cameras focused way too much on the booth instead of the actual match. After the hype of Stardust by Cole and the mention of Rybaxel, it seemed they were going to have a match on Raw; I was letdown when it was a quick locker room interview (although still a great one!), and no follow-up. I never understand why having Raw and/or Smackdown matches on both shows, such as the 4-on-3 tonight. They could’ve done something a bit different.

I’m sitting on both sides of Daniel Bryan being on the pre-show; on one hand, I see that they’re using him in this position to get viewers to watch the preview. On the other, I think that he is such a big star, he should be saved for the pay-per-view, which could also generate some more buys.

M.I.T.B. Picks: Paige to retain, thanks to interference from Cameron. Harper/Rowan become new Tag-Team Champs, but feud continues with The Usos! M.I.T.B. Contract – Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose; obvious picks, but that’s who I see right now. M.I.T.B. WWE World Heavyweight Championship – four scenarios – Kane wins, Bryan returns and engages in summer rivalry; Reigns wins, feuds with Rollins or Ambrose; Orton wins, feuds with Ambrose; Cena wins for hometown. I honestly can’t pick one in either Ladder Match, but those are all the most-sensible to me and provide some intriguing feuds.

Until next week, when the WWE world will be changed again, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Wrestling Fans!

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