Vickie Guerrero wraps up her WWE duties


Vickie Guerrero’s time in WWE is up and the former RAW and Smackdown General Manager will no longer be appearing on WWE television after working her last date last night on RAW.

Stephanie McMahon was going to fire Guerrero but then gave her a lifeline – win the match against her and she stays. If she loses, she’s gone. McMahon had another plan though and sent Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, and Layla to take on Guerrero in a mud pit. The three attacked Vickie but Guerrero threw them in the mud one by one before McMahon stepped in from behind and threw Guerrero in the mud.

McMahon fired Guerrero on the spot and then began singing goodbye to her while dancing as well. As she turned around, Vickie was there looking angry at McMahon and then threw the billion dollar princess in the mud as revenge.

Guerrero then went up the ramp to Eddie Guerrero’s old theme song and moved her shoulders like Eddie used to do, waving goodbye and blowing kisses to everyone as the announcers thanked Vickie for her service. It’s good to note that the fans reacted good to her and Guerrero went out somewhat as a face.

Vickie had been working for WWE since 2005, making her debut in a storyline with Eddie and Rey Mysterio. She managed different Superstars during her almost 10-year WWE career and held positions of both RAW and Smackdown GM. She was supposed to leave the week after WrestleMania XXX but stuck around to wrap up her storylines and fulfill all her WWE duties.

“The ride has come to a halt….I’m so grateful for the wonderful blessings in the last 9 years! live, love, and laugh,” Vickie wrote on her Twitter. Guerrero left WWE to resume her studies.