Monday Night Raw TV Report for 05/30/2016

Monday Night Raw TV Report for May 30th, 2016

Introduction Segment: In Memoriam

Lillian Garcia asks the fans to stand and be silent for a 10-bell salute in honour of those who have lost their lives in war, to commemorate Memorial Day in the United States; WWE personnel are on stage as well. A video plays of late-great President Ronald Regan’s 1982 Memorial Day Speech, mixed in with current WWE Stars reciting it, and still-photos of those who serve(d) in the military and their families.

Segment #2: Video Promo, Welcoming, and Arena Promo

The regular Raw video plays, the pyro goes off in the arena, and we are greeted by Michael Cole! Shane McMahon’s music plays, and he dances out to the ring. Stephanie follows, and the two bicker on who is better at beginning Raw.

Shane announces that Smackdown! will now be live, starting Tuesday, July 19th. Steph promotes John Cena’s return tonight, which elicits a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. Tag-Team Champions The New Day interject themselves and boogie to the squared circle. They are thrilled that Smackdown! will be live, but then became flooded with “paranoia,” since a Brand-Extension is also going to happen. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. suck-up to the runners of Raw, citing their approval of “The New Era,” and inquire “where is The New Day going?”

Stephanie does not answer straight-up, and the trio accuse her of “dodging the question.” They then ask the McMahons “who is going to run Smackdown! live?” Neither know right now, and the Tag Champs egg on a “sibling rivalry.” Big E. wants Steph and Shane to participate a dance challenge; Stephanie is not wanting, but Shane is good to go! He busts his moves, but Steph doesn’t get a chance, as The Vaudevillians interrupt.

Simon Gotch and Aiden English do not seem impressed, and are scheduled to take on two-out-of-the-three Tag Champs, next!


Match #1: Tag-Team – Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E.) (with Tag-Team Champion/New Day partner Xavier Woods) VS. The Vaudevillians (Simon Gotch and Aiden English) (Non-Title)

Kofi has Aiden in a wristlock, and the two reverse a couple other moves. Kofi kicks English and monkey-flips him out of the corner; he then tags in Big E. and both give Aiden their Unicorn Stamped in the corner (repeated mudhole stomps.)

English quickly takes over on Kingston, back-kicking him in the corner, and then switching with Gotch. He front-facelocks Kofi on the mat; both Vaudevillians double-team and work over Kingston for a while.


Simon is still controlling Kofi with a standing headlock, but Kingston soon turns him around! He makes the hot-tag to Big, who gives Aiden a couple of belly-to-belly suplexes! He splashes English on the canvas, then gears up with the crowd chanting. Suddenly, The Club – Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson – attack Xavier on the outside, then Kofi and Big. This caused a dq on the part of The Vaudevillians.

Winners via Disqualification: Tag-Team Champions The New Day


Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Rene Young asks The Club why they just assaulted The New Day; Anderson and Gallows declare it was to prove that they can do it on their own, without A.J. Styles.

Segment #4: Video and Locker Room Promo

A replay of Sheamus going after Apollo Crews from last week’s Raw is shown, and now live, Apollo is in his locker room doing push-ups. The Big Show – who we haven’t seen for awhile – walks in. Crews presumes Show is there to deliver his frustration with “The New Era,” but Show doesn’t care about that. Instead, the 7-Footer gives Apollo some advice on how to deal with Sheamus and encourages him to “step up.”

The Golden Truth make their entrance.


Match #2: Tag-Team – The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) VS. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)

(Note: R-Truth and Goldust are on commentary.) Jimmy starts off quick with chops and kicks on both Breeze and Fandango, and then Jey is tagged in but Fandango takes over. Jey spins around and hits an enziguri, then gets the 1 – 2 – 3 with a Crucifix Pin after Jimmy and Tyler fought on the outside!

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

Post-match, Breezango and Golden Truth brawl, with Goldust and R-Truth getting the better after Truth whipped Tyler into a powerslam by Goldust.

The announcer’s recall Extreme Rules featuring WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns, A.J. Styles, and Seth Rollins with still-pictures.


Segment #5: Arena Promo

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns is out; he is tired of Seth Rollins “running and hiding,” and challenges him to meet in the ring. Rollins answers, but does not say anything. He teases charging Roman a few times, then proclaims that it will be on his terms. The two are to faceoff at Money In The Bank on June 19th for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Later tonight, John Cena returns, and a Six-Man Tag-Team match featuring the Money In The Bank participants!


Match #3: Single – United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) VS. Zack Ryder (Non-Title)

Rusev dominates this bout, notwithstanding a small effort from Ryder. Rusev forces Zack to tap to The Accolade.

Winner via Submission: United States Champion Rusev (with Lana)

Post-match, Rusev talks himself up of being an “American Hero,” but Titus O’Neil walks out and takes exception. He punches Rusev, but “The Bulgarian Brute” gets away.


Segment #4: Video Promo

The Shining Stars – Primo and Epico – put themselves over again.

Segment #5: Video Promo

A montage of Women’s Champion Charlotte dumping her father, Ric Flair, last week on Raw is shown with wrestlers’ comments intertwined.

Charlotte is then shown walking backstage where Stephanie McMahon meets her; McMahon is “embarrassed” that Charlotte is representing the women of WWE because of her scathing of Ric.


Match #4: Tag-Team – Enzo Amore and Big Cass VS. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba-Ray and D-Von)

Prior to the contest, Big Cass and Enzo tell us what they’re going to do to The Dudleyz in their usual style!

Colin and Bubba begin, locking up into the corner and in the middle of the ring. D-Von tags himself in as Cassidy was hammering away on Ray in The Dudleyz’ corner. Cass comes back and switches with Amore, launching him into a brother.


D-Von is wrenching Enzo’s head with a necklock, then gives him a shoulder-block for a two-count. Bubba is in and elbow-drops Amore a couple of times, then also wrenches his head. Enzo moves from a Bubba-splash, but D-Von halts the hot-tag. He suplexes Amore, and The Boyz govern again.

Enzo hits a high-dropkick on Bubba, and makes the tag to Cassidy. Big cleans house on D-Von, but is dropped with a backdrop/neckbreaker combo. 1 – 2 – Cass gets his shoulder up! Bubba climbs the turnbuckle, but Amore distracts and Big hurls him to the mat! He tags in Amore, and throws him onto D-Von in a splash-formation called The Rocket Launcher to finish!

Winners via Pinfall: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Segment #6: Locker Room Promo

Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose strategize about their opponents – Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho, and Kevin Owens – for tonight’s Six-Man Tag!

Up next, John Cena is back!


Segment #7: Arena Promo

John Cena comes back and is greeted pretty-warmly with “welcome back” chants! “Let every nation know, whether they wishes well or ill, that we will pay any price, we will bear any burden, we will meet any hardship, we will support any friend, we will oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. There are many brave heroes who have fallen, proving those words to be absolutely true. Memorial Day is a celebration of that sacrifice. I am very grateful to finally be back home. But on this day, it is with the utmost respect, that I honour the friends, the families, and most importantly the heroes that have paid the ultimate price to keep our liberty in tact.

You see, you see because ‘liberty’ is ‘freedom.’ And ‘freedom’ is our ‘pulse;’ it is our ‘lifeblood.’ It is what drives us; it is what makes us feel. ‘Freedom’ means you can feel however you want. You can dress how you want; you can look how you want; you can listen to your music; stand at the top of your chair and scream at the top of your lungs! It is ‘freedom’ that lets me plant these two feet and say it loud and proud: ‘I am back on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!’

But now, now that poses a whole new question, doesn’t it? The question is, ‘do I still belong here?’ Many thanks, but in my absence, a ‘New Era’ has arrived, which means new names; which means new faces. And every one of those new names and faces is thinking the same damn thing: that my best are behind me and it’s only a matter of time before they move up and I move out. So let’s get real with them. ‘New Era,’ ‘Old Era,’ ‘Golden Era,’ ‘Roaring ‘20s,’ ‘Ming Dynasty;’ the only ‘era’ that’s happening is the one in judgment from the new names and the new faces that think I will just roll over and go away. I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. And if ‘the future’ is indeed upon us, well ‘the face that runs the place’ says this: ‘the future damn sure MUST GO THROUGH ME!’”

“The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles walks out. Major “A.J. Styles” and “Let’s go Cena” calls from the crowd! He gives props to Cena for his hard-work ethic, both in-ring and in communities; he welcomes him back. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson also walk out; they are not pleased with A.J. aligning himself with John and proclaim to beat both of them up.

The Club enter and stare down both Cena and A.J.; John takes off his hat and shirt, but A.J. hits him instead! Gallows, Anderson, and Styles kick away at Cena, and A.J. punches many more times until he feels satisfied, which was even after the referees had to run out and separate The Club! A.J., Luke, and Karl give The Club/Kliq/Wolfpac sign to each other and walk away. The commentators detest the trio for what they just did!


Match #5: Single – Natalya VS. Dana Brooke (with Women’s Champion Charlotte)

They slug it out at first, and Natalya suplexes Brooke. She continues to punch away until referee John Coan stops her. Dana takes over, dragging her to the middle after Charlotte slapped her. Brooke handstand-splashes her, but Natalya discus-clotheslines back! She goes for The Sharpshooter, but Charlotte hops the apron; Dana capitalizes with her fireman’s-carry Michinoku-Driver!

Winner via Pinfall: Dana Brooke

Post-match, Brooke and Charlotte continue to Nattie until Becky Lynch runs out to save.

Segment #8: Backstage Promo

JoJo interviews Dolph Ziggler about him WRESTLING Baron Corbin. “The Show-Off” lists his accomplishments in amateur wrestling, from the time he was five-years-old. Dolph says that he will “show-off” those tonight.


Match #6: Single – Baron Corbin VS. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph gears up literately, as he puts amateur wrestling headgear on. He measures Baron a bit, then abruptly kicks Corbin in between the legs, a.k.a. a low blow! Ziggler is technically DQ’ed!

Winner via Disqualification: Baron Corbin

Segment #9: Locker Room Promo

Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Alberto Del Rio are talking about their Six-Man Tag, but cannot agree on a game plan!

Segment #10: Video Promo

Maryse introduces her husband, Intercontinental Champion The Miz. He gives a video message, as he is currently filming “The Marine 5: Battleground,” so he will be away for a few weeks. However, he promises to give weekly updates and keep the IC Title safe with him.


It is announced that Becky Lynch will wrestle Women’s Champion Charlotte, and The Club will explain their actions against John Cena this week on Smackdown!

Match #7: Six-Man Tag-Team – Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, and Sami Zayn VS. Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho

Del Rio and Cesaro begin with Cesaro uppercutting him a few times. This spills to the outside, but is quickly brought back in the ring where Alberto controls. He tags in Jericho, who uses Owens and Del Rio to help wear down Cesaro. “The Swiss Superman” is triple-teamed for a bit, and worked over between all three until he reverses a suplex from Alberto into one of his own. He makes the hot-tag to Sami, who is fresh and all over all three opponents!

Zayn soars off the turnbuckle with a crossbody for a near-fall, and this breaks down between the heels. Sami takes advantage with a diving swanton over the ropes onto Del Rio, Kevin, and Chris!


Owens is now governing on Zayn with a draping-suplex on the top rope. He kicks Sami hard in the back, and then brings in Alberto, who tortures Sami. Jericho does the same, pressing his knee against Zayn on the middle rope. Sami ducks a clothesline and spins “Y2J” around with the Blue Thunder Bomb! He stretches and connects with Ambrose!

Dean cleans house on all bad guys, and almost gets this after a running bulldog from the corner. He props Jericho up on the top turnbuckle, but Jericho hits him. Chris leaps off, but is caught into a Dirty Deeds DDT position, however he works his way out. Jericho Lionsaults, but Dean raises his knees, and follows with a dive-to-the-outside! He jawbreaks Jericho with the top rope, and then jumps off the top turnbuckle with a diving elbow! 1 – 2 – Owens breaks it up!

Chris drives Dean with the Codebreaker, but Kevin tags himself and he and Jericho argue! Cesaro Swings Jericho around, but Del Rio backstabs him! Ambrose ends up giving Dirty Deeds and covering for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Cesaro, Dean Ambrose, and Sami Zayn

Post-match, Cesaro, Dean, and Sami celebrate to close the show!

End of Raw.

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