#Hatch is the return of Goldberg…to WWE 2K17


The #Hatch social media campaign which started mid last week and unveiled last night ended up being a WWE 2K17 commercial with a surprise: Goldberg.

The commercial involves a bunch of Sheriff deputies first driving and then walking through the woods at night with their flashlights on. They find the hatch and wire it up with explosives and after they donate, the door flies away and a shadow of Goldberg is revealed among the smoke, similar to his usual entrance.

His theme song then kicks in and out walks the former WCW and World Heavyweight champion, escorted by the same Sheriff deputies who found him.

“Pre-order and play as Goldberg,” the commercial then shows before it cuts to Goldberg sitting in the car with sirens on.

What is interesting is that when 2K did this before – first with the Ultimate Warrior and then Sting – both of them actually ended up in the WWE. Goldberg and WWE are not on the best of terms and is mostly Goldberg who did not want to be associated with the company anymore. He did however say multiple times that he would like to perform one more time so his son can see him wrestle live.

If this first baby step leads to somewhere remains to be seen but at least it’s a step.

You can see the commercial below.