Lawler says him not hosting the Hall of Fame is a “BS rumor”


Wrestling journalist Bill Apter and owner of made a video to announce that Jerry “The King” Lawler will indeed host the Hall of Fame ceremony despite the report from which said that Eva Marie will be hosting this year.

Apter, who is big friends with Lawler, texted him to ask him why he’s not hosting the gig this time around and Lawler apparently was unaware of the rumors, asking him where did he hear it. “BS rumor,” Lawler texted back, telling Apter to tell everyone to just enjoy the Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

The news of Eva Marie hosting the Hall of Fame did not go down very well with fans across social media and her name was trending on Twitter for quite a long time for all the wrong reasons. still has the story up and has not reacted to Apter’s video yet which disputes their story.