Dana White says Vince McMahon “threw the vault” at Lesnar to keep him


UFC President Dana White said that Vince McMahon “threw the vault” at Brock Lesnar to secure his signature and make him stay in WWE.

Speaking to Breitbart Sports, White said mixed martial arts is a young man’s sport and no one should be “hemming and hawing” about whether they want to come back or not. Lesnar admitted that when he went to UFC 184 a few weeks ago he expected to experience something to change his mind but that something was missing.

White said that Lesnar did something in the UFC that no one else thought he was capable of, including himself, and was also part of the the highest grossing fights ever in the company’s history.

“I’m happy for Brock Lesnar. I’m happy for his family. And I’m happy for Vince. I think it’s a win-win for all of them,” White added.