David Otunga goes shopping for 80,000 calories worth of Twinkies


TMZ has a funny story about WWE Superstar David Otunga raiding the last remaining Twinkies from a local supermarket as parent company Hostess announced that they are going out of business.

Otunga snatched a cart filled with “roughly 80,000 calories” worth of Twinkies, telling TMZ that he doesn’t want to let his son go without them!

Funny enough, his fiancé and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson is the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers and campaigns for healthy eating and lifestyle! Oops!

TMZ noted that Otunga went to the local Hostess outlet in Chicago where he lives but he was too late as the entire store was empty so he decided to go to a supermarket to get his fix. He even posted for a photo in front of a trolly filled with snacks which you can see below.