David Otunga given temporary custody of 8-year-old son


TMZ.COM is reporting that David Otunga has been given temporary custody of his 8-year-old son after his former fiancee Jennifer Hudson voluntarily dropped the temporary restraining order against the WWE announcer. The restraining order prevented Otunga from having contact with her or their son, David Jr.

Until a permanent custody agreement is drawn up, Otunga will remain the primary custodial parent as Hudson is spending a considerable amount of time jetting between London and the United States while working for The Voice television show. Otunga has been the primary caregiver of their son since he was born due to her travel schedule.

Last week, police officers escorted Otunga out of Hudson’s house after she placed a restraining order on him. He was living there taking care of their son while still paying her the rent money. TMZ adds that Otunga will not be moving back to the Chicago house.