David Otunga gets his son for Thanksgiving after custody battle in court


WWE’s David Otunga scored a big victory in court against his ex Jennifer Hudson as the court ruled that their son should be with his father for Thanksgiving.

The two spent a part of the day in court on Tuesday according to TMZ.COM as both wanted to keep their son during Thanksgiving. A judge ruled that their son, 8-year-old David Jr., should be with his father for Thanksgiving from 3PM today to 7PM on Friday.

Otunga and Hudson will go to court again on Monday where he will be asking the judge to vacate the order protection issued against him by Hudson. He will also be asking for temporary custody of their son as the primary caregiver.

Otunga, who lives in Hudson’s Chicago home, will additionally request possession of the residence during the next two weeks – between November 26 and December 8 – as Hudson will be traveling for work. Otunga paid rent to live in the house before he was escorted out by police.