Rampage TV report for 10/07/2022

Arena: Entertainment & Sports Arena

City: Washington DC

Last Week’s Rating: 472,000 overall; 0.16 in 18-49 demo

It’s Saturday morning, and you know what that means…  it’s time for our Rampage Review!

JR welcomed us, along with Excalibur, Jericho & William Regal.  So you knew what was starting us off.

BCC (Moxley, Claudio, Yuta) vs Rush & Private Party

Backstory: Private Party were about to attack Hangman on Weds when Moxley suggested they do otherwise; PP are obligated to appear due to the threat of a lawsuit for tampering

(The unofficial backstory of course is that Andrade’s match was cancelled when he was sent home due to a fight with Sammy.  Most sources now agree that Guevara did next to nothing.)

Meaning once again unto the breach for Moxley, who needs a pay rise and a good long rest when they finally have enough talent to allow him one.  (Alternatively, you could give him a five-year contract extension).

Regal would let Excalibur ‘melt in my mouth’.  Creepiest one yet.  The heels didn’t even get an entrance.  Rush should be bigger than that.

The Swiss and Marc Quen began, a complete contrast – strength vs speed – Claudio overpowering but Quen landing a moonsault out of the corner, a dropkick out of a flapjack followed.  The youngster then made the mistake of throwing an uppercut, Claudio quickly shook it off.

Yuta in along with Isiah as things sped up, the pair exchanging athletic armdrags, Yuta then locking in something like an Octopus, Isiah grabbing for the ropes when Wheeler threatened a dropkick.  Bringing a pissed-off Rush in to spit at Jon Moxley on the apron.  Not smart.

Crowd rising as the champ entered, the two faced off in the middle, an exchange of strikes leading to an exchange of big boots, neither really budging.  A dropstep German suplex brought the break with Moxley on top.

Things had changed as we returned, the Mexican with the advantage, pausing to shove Isiah as some ass in the crowd threw a beverage.  Quen struck Rush with a pump kick by mistake, then ate that twisting release suplex of Moxley’s, landing badly on his hamstring as Morrissey and Moriarty were shown in the crowd.  Presumably observing on behalf of MJF.

Running through Isiah with uppercuts, corner to corner, Claudio was in, about to take Kassidy for a spin when Quen grabbed his partner from the outside.  So the Swiss hauled them both in, Quen up on the shoulders, catching Isiah’s boot as he threw a kick.  Bringing a Swing with Quen still on his shoulders.

Rush in with a headbutt, Mox a cutter, PP in, diving cross body from the top by Yuta, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to Isiah from Claudio, diving splash off the top from Wheeler, Rush broke it up with vicious kicks to two-thirds of the BCC, Mox retaliated with lariats, sending Rush outside, following with a tope.

Leaving Yuta and Isiah fighting in the middle, Quen on the apron, no-one else in sight.  A rake of the eyes allowed the tag, the heels setting up Silly String until Claudio interrupted, dispatching Isiah with an uppercut.  What Regal authoritatively assured us was a ‘bicep slice’ brought the tap from Quen to Yuta.

It was nice to see the Combat Club tag-up for once.  We don’t see them together often enough.  Would love to see Danielson, Claudio & Yuta go for the trios titles.


Varsity Blondes vs Tony Nese & Josh Woods

Backstory: None

Schiavone joined on comms, unable to resist the allure of such a contest.  He immediately got on Jericho for cheating.

The Blondes started well but double-teaming left Garrison to be blasted with a Woods’ knee.  A double-team ‘finishing technique’ – Olympic slam/neckbreaker combo – brought the win as Arn Anderson was shown watching backstage.

Sterling took the mic – ‘first of all, that was pretty easy’ – revealing that he’d trademarked ‘Varsity’ for use in wrestling.  His team are now the Varsity Athletes and if the Blonds use the term he’ll sue.  Back-to-back matches with the threat of a lawsuit…

His groin ‘still on fire’ after national scissoring day – or like Regal anytime he’s round Excalibur – he was interrupted by the tag champs.  Caster made a reference to the fight between Draymond Green & Jordan Poole, before sending the heels bailing, finishing with another Scissor among themselves.

WINNER: Tony Nese & Josh Woods

Eddie Kingston video promo.  Kingston ranted about being ‘wrapped up’ after offering an insincere apology for his actions vs Sammy.

Anna Jay & Tay Melo (Tay-Jay-A-S) vs Madison Rayne & Skye Blue

Backstory: The heels insulted Blue’s lack of charisma; Blue did the same re: their wrestling (So why should we want to watch this?)

‘‘Tay-Jay-A-S’’ what a great name, that’s some of my genius’.  Even Jericho thinks that name sucks.

Anna quickly tagged out after a roll-up from Rayne.  A tag to Blue brought a double team drop-toe-hold/dropkick to Melo for two.  Blind tag from Anna, thereafter blindsiding Blue, Tay attacking from the outside, landing a pumpkick with Skye on the apron.

Break time.

Northern Lights for two as we returned – Rayne and Jay in the ring – Skye Blue in, landing a twisting kick to the face for another close count.  Bringing in Melo, she and Blue inexplicably going at it in the middle while the ref watched, helplessly (this has happened a lot lately, I keep wondering if I’ve missed a tag).

A heel kick to Blue saw Anna set up the Queenslayer.  However, Blue fought it off, leading to a series of standing switches, bringing Tay in once again to blast Blue with a kick before knocking Rayne off the apron, leaving Blue to slump into the Queenslayer for the tap.  All right in front of the ref.

Not only was the action bad, but the blatant interference was utterly ridiculous.  And I don’t normally care about the ‘tag count’ and all that, but this was direct, deliberate interference, right in the middle of the ring, right in front of the ref.  It made the whole thing seem pointless.  Which it was.  Sucked.

WINNER: Anna Jay & Tay Melo

Swerve – decked out in a ‘heel’ t-shirt – said he’s just there to ‘hurt’ Billy Gunn.  ‘I’m the clock, and for you, it’s ticking.  You’re done.’  Very good promo.

Dark Order vs Death Triangle, Trios Titles

Backstory: DO going for the belts on the anniversary of Brodie Lee’s last match

Pre-match, Dark Order vowed to win for Brodie.  Pac and co. thought otherwise, because they’re the ‘best in the universe’.

Jericho said Justin Roberts wasn’t there because he sent him to pick up his dry cleaning.  JR laughed.  So we can complain when anyone waits around to catch somebody but giggling along with the heels is fine?

Death Triangle ‘the hottest trio’ in the company per Excalibur.  Stop telling us and show us!

Immediately breaking out into a mass brawl, Fenix was left alone with the DO, Reynolds and Silver taking to the air with topes to Pac and Penta as Rey landed a hurracanrana into a pin on Ten for an early two.  Rey was then double teamed and left for Ten to haul up into a delayed suplex, the crowd counting along as Jericho referenced Bandido.

Reynolds in, dropping a step-up elbow for another two, Fenix finally getting the tag, Penta in but blasted with a thrust kick as Silver joined, bagging yet another two count after a double dropkick to the mush.  He and Penta slugged it out in the middle as the break beckoned.

Stuck in the Order’s corner as we returned, Fenix slipped out, using Silver and Reynolds against each other, finally kicking Reynolds’ legs out, forcing him to powerbomb his partner.  I love Rey.

Finally grabbing a tag, his brother in, to the top, diving cross body to all three Order members, a bevy of kicks, a fireman’s carry throw with a nasty landing for Silver in the corner and a backstabber for two on Reynolds.  Pac tagged in, the Bros taking out the other two on the outside, leaving the Brit to dissect Reynolds with kicks and a German.

Triple team kicks from DT to Reynolds, finally waking a tired crowd as a ‘zero miedo’ chant flared up.  Running elbow with Alex propped in the corner.  The velocity Pac gets on that is scary.

Tag to Fenix, then to Penta, diving legdrop off the top, more quick tags as the champs controlled the action.  Beginning to work the arm, Penta targeted it with kicks, Reynolds in need of a tag, a heavy slap to the chest prefacing a tag out to Pac.

Who sent Reynolds to the outside, where he ate a suplex on the mats as the final break came.

A struggling Reynolds threw weak shots upon our return, then struck with a leaping stomp when Pac ducked for a back body drop.  Finally the tag to Ten, who ran through the champs with clotheslines, slams and finally a spinebuster to Rey as the crowd chanted ‘Ten Ten Ten!’.

Pac in with double sledges, Ten a sitting duck for triple ‘uno, dos, tres’ thrust kicks.  More chants of ‘Ten’ as the crowd urged him on to fight off Fenix via suplex – tag to Silver as Rey did the same to Pac.  This should be fun.

Heavy forearms exchanged, thrustkicks too, Silver ate that brutal rebound German but popped right back up, Pac locking in a backslide, Silver slipping out into his flurry of chest kicks with the Brit on his knees.  Deadlift brainbuster – 1,2, kickout!  Crowd very into that sequence.

Fenix in, dropped with a clubbing blow as the other DO knocked his partners off the apron, leaving us back where we’d started: Rey alone against all three.  Pendulum Bomb for another two slaps of the mat.  Finally one-on-one, Rey fought off Reynolds with a springboard hurracanrana, landing so hard on his knees.

Tag to his bro: slingblade, another – another – nope, Silver ducked but seconds later ate a backstabber out of the corner.  ‘Zero Miedo’ – Fear Factor time – but Silver flipped out, he and Reynolds striking with their excellent double-team combo, discus lariat from Ten, titles on the line, pin broken up at the last.

Jose the Assistant out as the crowd played ‘this is awesome!’, drawing the attention of both Ten and Silver, Rush sneaking the bell-hammer to Pac, who blasted Reynolds in the skull as Rey took out the others after a rope-walk.  An innocent Penta tagged Pac in for the inevitable victory.

I was about to say this was my favorite match since Jericho/Moxley.  I still will.  But that finish brought it down a lot.  Yes, there are stories to tell but this was so good that neither side would’ve been hurt by losing.

It had plenty of time, allowing it to build, which it did into an excellent match.  We’ve always heard how many great trios the company has.  And Death Triangle are fantastic, so they need to wrestle –  and win – every week.  Unfortunately, it sems like Pac isn’t long for the group.

Certainly don’t envy Battle of the Belts having to follow that.

WINNER: Death Triangle

Next Dynamite:

  • Jericho vs Danielson, ROH Title
  • Jungleboy vs Luchasaurus
  • Billy Gunn vs Swerve Strickland
  • Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Dynamite Tuesday 18th Oct:

  • Moxley vs Hangman, AEW Title

Overall impressions

An absolutely fantastic main event bailed out an otherwise poor show.  The opener was fine.  Anything with Marc Quen doesn’t do a lot for me.  But that middle was ‘a big bunch of nothing’, as Tony Soprano once said.  Even by Rampage standards.  Watch the main event; avoid the rest.

Check Out

  • Death Triangle vs Dark Order
Paul Hemming
Paul Hemminghttps://h00kedon.weebly.com/
Paul Hemming got into AEW during the pandemic, lives in Liverpool, England, and is a huge Liverpool fan, Playstation player and history lover.

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