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Impact TV report for 09/13/2012

This will be a much shorter recap than usual as I am not feeling well. I’ll get back to doing a full report with play by play next week.

Impact begins with heavyweight champion Austin Aries walking to the ring. Austin is pleased that he got a piece of one member of Aces and Eights last week, but his real reason for coming to the ring is to call out Bound for Glory series winner Jeff Hardy.

Austin congratulates Hardy for his victory, but they are both interrupted by Bully Ray. Bully claims that Hardy was lucky to beat Bully Ray last Sunday, and he claims Aries is lucky he gets to face Hardy instead Bully Ray at Bound For Glory. Aries says if Bully is so sure he can beat Hardy, why doesn’t he fight him again. Hardy is all for that and wants to fight tonight, but Bully Ray walks away.


Match #1:  X Division title: Zema Ion versus Sonjay Dutt.

Zema Ion wins a competitive match and then beats Sonjay down after the match is over. Zema puts Sonjay’s already injured arm and shoulder in a modified armbar and punishes him some more.

In the back, tag champs Daniels and Kaz are mocking Hogan in his office when they are suddenly interrupted by Hogan. Hogan tells them they will be competing in singles matches tonight. Daniels will have to wrestle either Chavo Guerrero or Hernandez, and Kaz will have to wrestle either Angle or AJ Styles.

Chavo/Hernandez and Angle/AJ were the last 2 teams to face Kaz and Daniels for the titles. If either Angle or AJ beats Kaz, they earn another title shot for their team, and if Chavo or Hernandez can beat Daniels, they will also get a championship rematch.


Match #2:  Kaz versus AJ Styles.

Kaz uses the ropes to try and steal a win, but AJ kicks out anyway. AJ hits the Pele kick and then the Styles Clash for the win. AJ and Angle will get a tag title rematch.

In the back, Hogan is telling his daughter Brooke that she should have at least 2 people around her at all times to protect her from Aces and Eights.

Joseph Park (the lawyer brother of Abyss that is obviously really Abyss) claims that his investigation into Aces and Eights is proceeding very well, and that he is waiting on a piece of evidence that will break the case wide open next week.  Hogan wants Abyss…I mean Joseph, to come see him first when he gets this evidence.

In the meantime, Hogan wants JP to watch his daughter Brooke.  Hogan did say he wants TWO people around Brooke at all times, and while Joseph Park looks like only 1 person, he does play two different people on TV. So I guess that’s close enough.


When we return, Bully Ray confronts Jeff Hardy and tells him that he should make their match tonight mean something: Ray wants Hardy to put his Bound for Glory title shot on the line.  Bully Ray claims Hardy won’t take him up on his offer, because Hardy is a coward.  After pausing to look mysterious, Jeff agrees.

Back in the ring, Hulk Hogan announces that Bully Ray versus Jeff Hardy is official for tonight, and that Hardy’s BFG title shot is on the line.  Hogan also wants to talk about Aces and Eights, and his decision to put the Impact Zone on Lockdown last week.  Hogan says he’s going to lock the Impact Zone down every week from now on, and then he is interrupted by Aces and Eights.

They’re on the big screen in their scary masks, and they tell Hogan to ask himself if he locked them out, or locked them in.  They warn Hogan that every time he passes someone in the hallway, he’ll never know whether or not they’re with Aces and Eights until it’s too late.


Match #3:  Daniel versus Chavo Guerrero.

Partway through the match, Daniels tries to hit Chavo with the title belt while the ref has his back turned but misses.  Chavo responds by hitting the 3 Amigos and follows up with the frog splash for the win. Chavo and Hernandez earn a tag title rematch, as did Angle and AJ earlier tonight.

After the match a short video featuring Evan Markopoulos, next week’s Gut Check contestant is shown. Evan is only 18 years, but has been wrestling since he was 13 and is a graduate of Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school.


When we return, James Storm announces that next Thursday at Open Fight Night, he will be calling out his former partner, Bobby Roode. Roode cost Storm his Bound for Glory match last Sunday versus Bully Ray and he wants payback.

Tara makes her way to the ring to call out her best friend and former wrestling student, Miss Tessmacher. Tessmacher comes out and Tara tells her she’s proud of her and wants to congratulate her on her victory this past Sunday.

Tara says part of her was very upset about losing, but part of her was also very proud. She says that Tessmacher is her best friend and she loves her. She also says that Tessmacher’s victory means Tara did a good job teaching her. After another hug and a profession of love, Tara exits the ring while Tessmacher celebrates. Suddenly, Tara sneaks back in and clotheslines her best friend and knocks her out with the Widows Peak.


Match #4:  Bully Ray versus Jeff Hardy.

A decent match that Hardy wins with the Swanton Bomb. Hardy versus Aries is still on for the Bound for Glory main event.

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