IMPACT TV report for 06/13/2013

Impact begins with Hulk Hogan coming to the ring to talk about this year’s Bound for Glory Series. Three participants have already been decided: Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Jay Bradley. The last two winners of the BFG series, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode, will automatically qualify for this year’s series; the remaining 7 will be chosen tonight in a series of matches.

Last year’s winner Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring after being introduced by Hogan. Bobby Roode comes out shortly after and reminds us that he was the 1st BFG series winner and plans on making his BFG series record 2 and 2 after this year. Hogan reminds us that next week is open fight night and announces that fans will be able to vote on who gets to make the first challenge.

Bully Ray comes out to the ring to ask why no one from Aces and Eights is in the BFG series.  Hogan tells Bully he’s set up a battle royal for later tonight and everyone from Aces and Eights is in it; the winner gets the one and only spot in the series Hogan has left for Aces and Eights.

Bully says everyone in BFG series is a target now, and orders Brisco and Bischoff in to attack. Roode and Hardy team up to chase Bischoff and Brisco out of the ring, but then Roode hits Hardy with a cheap shot and runs to the back.

Bad Influence (Kaz and Daniels) are in the back playing with a piano. I think it’s a piano, it may be an organ. Daniels is playing with it now, but I think Kaz would probably like a turn playing with Daniels organ.

They have a match later tonight with the tag champs Storm and Gunner. The tag titles will not be on the line, but both members of the winning team will qualify for the BFG series. Kaz notes that Storm has had more partners than Taylor Swift; Daniels nods and says he should probably be tested. Kaz and Daniels express confidence that one of them will win the BFG series and become champion.


Match #1:  Bad Influence versus James Storm and Gunner.

Storm and Daniels lock up first; Storm lands a punch, puts Daniels in a headlock, whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Storm takes Daniels down with a hip toss and follows up with a suplex. Storm hits Daniels with a knee drop and tags in Gunner.  Gunner and Storm hit Daniels with a double shoulder block.

Daniels tags in Kaz; Kaz lands a punch to Gunner. Gunner plants Kaz with a fall away slam.  Daniels trips Gunner from the outside and Kaz hits Gunner with a springboard leg drop. Kaz tags in Daniels and Daniels lands several punches before tagging Kaz back in. Kaz and Daniels double team Gunner; Gunner takes them both down with a double clothesline.

Gunner hits Kaz with an atomic drop and a neckbreaker. Gunner tags in Storm and Storm hits Kaz with a neckbreaker. Gunner tags in Storm and Storm hits Kaz with an Alabama Slamma. All 4 men fight in the middle of the ring briefly. Daniels throws Kaz to the floor.

Storm hits Daniels with a doubkle knee backstabber and then hits Kaz with a double knee face breaker. Kaz grabs the ref as a distraction while Daniels gets one of the tag belts and hits Storm with it. Kaz rolls up the stunned Storm for the win!


Crimson makes his way to the ring after a 12 month absence. Crimson tells us he’s been obsessed with the numbers 470 and 12. 470 is the number of matches that Crimson went undefeated, and 12 is the number of months he’s been out of action since his first loss.  Tonight Crimson gets a chance to qualify for the BFG series tournament with a win over Joe Park.

Match #2:  Crimson versus Joe Park.

Crimson lands a kick and a punch, Park responds with a slap to the side of the head. Crimson takes Park down with a clothesline and pounds him repeatedly. Crimson throws Park into the corner and hits him with knee lifts to the face.

Crimson hits Park with a neckbreaker and Joe responds with several punches. Crimson plants Park with a spine buster.  Crimson goes for a Stinger Splash in the corner and misses; Park rolls Crimson up for the win!


Velvet Sky walks to the ring with an envelope that she claims is a gift for the new KO champ, Mickie James. Mickie comes out looking pleased and professing love disingenuously. Velvet opens the envelope and informs Mickie that she has gotten clearance from her doctor and wants her rematch.

Mickie wonders if this notice was forged on the internet. Mickie also notes that the notice says Velvet was cleared yesterday, but her knee is clearly hurting her today. Velvet’s knee does not appear to be hurting her at all, until Mickie attacks. Mickie viciously attacks Velvet’s knee for a few minutes before leaving the ring smiling.


Match #3:  Matt Morgan versus Kenny King versus Magnus, versus Rob Terry.

King and Morgan are the first two men in the ring; King immediately tags in Terry and runs out of the ring. Terry and Morgan exchange some intimidating poses and shoulder blocks. Morgan hits Terry with a clothesline to the back of the head and follows up with knee strikes and a head-butt.

Morgan hits Terry with a big boot to the face. King tags himself in and stomps Terry repeatedly. Terry starts to get back to his feet; King pokes him in the eye and tags Morgan back in. King tags himself in and hits Terry with a double axe handle and a chin breaker.  Terry launches King into the air; Magnus tags himself in.

Magnus clotheslines King; King responds with a kick. Magnus clotheslines King again. King goes to the top rope and attempts a cross body, but Magnus catches him and slams him to the mat.  Magnus goes to the top rope and hits King with a flying elbow; Morgan runs in to make the save.

Terry attacks Magnus. King hits Terry with a spin kick. Terry hits King with a choke slam.  Morgan hits Terry with the Carbon Footprint. Magnus spikes King into the mat with a driver for the win!


When we return, Eric Young is plugging his fishing show “off the hook” and preparing to face Austin Aries later tonight.

Sting makes his way to the ring to talk about his future. Sting recently lost to Bully Ray, and as a result, he will never be allowed to compete for the TNA title again. Sting seems a little angry that wave after wave of Aces and Eights members came after him and no one from TNA came out to help.

Sting admits to admiring the way they stick together, like family. Sting says he’s going to get his family back together soon, and by ‘family’ he means ‘mafia.’ Sting is planning on reforming the Main Event Mafia, and he promises they’ll put Aces and Eights down.


Match #4:  Eric Young with his wife ODB versus Austin Aries.

The two men lock up and Austin secures a hammerlock. Eric escapes and takes Aries to the mat with a fireman’s carry takedown. The two men face off and then lock up again. Aries twists Young’s arm; Eric reverses it. Aries takes Young down, spins on his back, slaps the back of his head, and then poses stretched out on the top rope.

ODB runs into the ring and lets Eric take her down. Eric spins on his wife’s back, and then climbs on to the top rope and stretches out in Austin’s signature pose. Eric slams Aries into the corner, hits him with a clothesline, and then a dropkick. Aries slams Eric into the corner and then presses his head down onto the ropes.

Aries jumps out of the ring and snaps Eric’s head on the top rope as he goes to the floor.  Aries slingshots back into the ring onto Young. Aries and Young exchange some hard chops.  Eric hits Aries with a shoulder block and then knocks him to the floor.  Eric hits Aries with a slingshot crossbody out of the ring to the floor.

Eric hits Aries with a belly to belly suplex, kisses ODB, and then goes to the top rope.  Aries trips Young up and then hits him with a running dropkick.  Aries hits Young with a brain buster for the win.

Bully Ray is upset that Hogan is trying to make them fight amongst themselves. Bully has a plan to deal with it, and everyone has to agree. Everyone does agree, but Doc does so very reluctantly.


Match #5. Aces and Eights battle Royal to determine which member will represent Aces and Eights in the BFG series.

Ken Anderson starts waving people out of the ring, and they go. Eventually just Devon, Doc, and Anderson remain. Anderson tells Devon to “get the tables” and Devon climbs out of the ring to get a table, and Anderson tells him he tricked him into eliminating himself. Devon laughs, it’s all part of Bully Ray’s plan.

Doc messes up the plan by refusing to eliminate himself; he wants to fight. Doc lands a few punches, but Anderson responds with a knee lift and tosses Doc over the top rope. Everyone in the club seems angry with Doc.

Rampage Jackson approaches Kurt Angle in the back. Last week they had a tense standoff; this week they seem pleasant. Jackson wanted to know what Angle meant by saying “when you’re ready” last week.

Angle says he just meant that he’s new to TNA wrestling and it will take him a little time to get trained and competing at the highest level. In the same way, Angle couldn’t just walk into Bellator and kick Rampage’s ass the first night, it would take some time for him to get trained and learn how to compete in a different environment. Rampage seems satisfied with that explanation.


When we return, Doc is being berated for not sticking to the plan. Doc says he was trying to “Step up”. Bully Ray says he appreciates that, but there was a plan in place and he should have stuck to it.

Doc wants to make it up to the group by going after the man that rejected Aces and Eights generous membership offer; AJ Styles. Bully seems pleased with that. That was almost too easy; I thought Doc was going to get stuck washing the bikes with D Lo.

Match #5: AJ versus Kurt Angle

The two men lock up and exchange go behinds and reversals. AJ puts Angle in a headlock; Angle gets out and AJ hits him with a dropkick. AJ whips Angle to the corner and hits him with a Superman punch. AJ hits Kurt with a backbreaker.  Angle lands several punches and stomps AJ in the corner. AJ lands a chop and then suplexes Angle into the corner.


AJ takes Kurt down with a snapmare and then applies a chin lock. Kurt escapes with an elbow and then lands a couple punches. AJ knocks Kurt to the floor with a back elbow. AJ hits Kurt with a baseball slide dropkick. AJ hits Kurt with a forearm and then slams him into the apron.  AJ tries a slingshot crossbody but Angle dodges it.

Angle hits AJ with a belly to belly suplex on the floor. Angle rolls AJ in, hits him with a backbreaker, and then applies a chin lock. AJ lands a couple punches and then Angle responds with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Kurt squeezes AJ on the mat; AJ escapes by landing a couple elbows.

The two men exchange several punches. AJ gets the upper hand with a spinning back fist, a round kick, and a clothesline. AJ lands several more strikes before Angle wraps him up and hits him with three straight German suplexes. Angle goes for an Angle slam but AJ counters with a DDT.  AJ goes for a superman punch but misses.

Angle hits the Angle Slam but AJ kicks out. Angle gets AJ in the ankle lock. AJ reverses and puts Angle in the calf killer. Angle reverses back and gets AJ back in the ankle lock. AJ rolls out and hits Angle with a spin kick. AJ climbs to the top rope, but Angle runs up the ropes after him. Kurt throws AJ off but AJ lands on his feet and hits Angle with a corner DDT.

Aces and Eights come out to the ring and immediately create a distraction. Angle looks like he wants to go after Anderson, but AJ takes advantage of the situation and rolls Angle up for the win!

AJ leaves and Aces and Eights gang up on Angle. I thought AJ was supposed to be the Aces and Eights target tonight, but instead they inadvertently help him win the match, then let him get away while they beat up his opponent.

Rampage Jackson runs out to the ring with a chain to rescue his new BFF, Kurt Angle. Angle and Rampage stand back to back in the ring keeping Aces and Eights at bay as Impact goes off the air.

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