IMPACT TV report for 05/10/2013

Impact begins with Sting and Kurt Angle making their way to the ring. Sting grabs the mic first and puts over Angle; Angle calls out AJ Styles. AJ comes out and gets a little bit of “good cop bad cop” from Angle and Sting.

Angle is sick of AJ refusing to take a side, and Sting is trying to get Kurt to calm down and coax AJ into helping. AJ eventually just walks away and Kurt confronts him on the entrance ramp. Angle and AJ start fighting while Sting watches from the ring. Aces and Eights sneak up behind Sting and take him out with a 3D, courtesy of Devon and Bully Ray.


Match #1: Tara with Jesse and Gail Kim versus Mickie James and Knockouts champ Velvet Sky.

Mickie and Gail start the match off. Mickie hits Tara with a Punch, a clothesline, and then dropkicks Tara. Jesse trips up Mickie and Gail stomps on her. Gail tags Tara and they double team Mickie. Gail ties Mickie upside down in the corner and then hits her with a baseball slide dropkick to the face.

Gail hits Mickie with a couple forearm shots and a clothesline in the corner. Mickie fights back with a couple forearm shots and a kick to the head. Both wrestlers tag out at the same time. Velvet hits Tara with a pair of clotheslines and a kick.

Velvet follows up with a neckbreaker and Gail runs in to make the save. Velvet whips Gail into Jesse, and then hits Tara with In Yo Face (double underhook sit out facebuster) for the win. After the match Gail attacks her partner Tara, apparently because she got pinned. Gail puts Tara in a rope hung figure four leg lock.

In the back, Bully Ray and the rest of Aces and Eights celebrate the first ever 3D on Sting. D Lo shows up, apparently uninvited. D Lo is in serious trouble for saying “I quit” in his match against Kurt Angle last week.


When we return, Kaz and Daniels (Bad Influence) are trying to bribe James Storm with beer. Storm will be the special referee in the #1contenders match later tonight between Bad Influence and Aries/Roode. Kaz even proposes reuniting Fortune with just the three of them; they could call it “threetune”.

Storm drinks the beer but I don’t think he was impressed. Aces and Eights go the ring en masse. Bully Ray asks D Lo what he is going to do to earn his way back into the club. D Lo says he wants to be the man to face Magnus in his scheduled match tonight. Bully says Doc is going to face Magnus instead, and D Lo can sit at the timekeepers table and hope Doc wins.


Match #2: Doc versus Magnus.

Doc starts the match off with a headlock. Doc lands several punches and a Stinger splash on Magnus. Doc puts Magnus in a chin lock and Magnus elbows his way out of it. The two men exchange several strikes and clotheslines. Magnus goes to the top and Doc cuts him off.

Doc tries for a superplex but Magnus pushes him off. Magnus hits Doc with a flying elbow from the top rope and gets a two count. D Lo pulls Magnus out of the ring and Magnus slams D Lo into the steps. Magnus re enters the ring and Doc hits him with a flapjack. D Lo looks disoriented and grabs Doc’s leg by mistake. Magnus rolls Doc up for the win, thanks in part to D Lo’s blown interference.


D Lo is getting chewed out in the Aces and Eights clubhouse. Bully tells the others to hold him down and takes his colors from him. Bully says D Lo is a bitch, and from now on is only a prospect, not a full-fledged member. Now D Lo’s job is to make sure the beer is cold and to wash the bikes.

In the back, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode approach James Storm and try to bribe him with beer and wine. Aries had already convinced Roode to tell Storm that Storm was the real star of Beer Money, and that the only reason he beat him for the world title is because he hit him with a beer bottle. Roode reluctantly does it, but I’m not sure Storm was buying it. Storm tells Roode it was no fluke when Aries beat Roode for the world title, stirring things up between them.


Match #3: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode versus Daniels and Kazarian for the #1 contender for the tag titles.

During the introductions, Austin Aries backs Christy Hemme into the corner and then climbs the ropes, posing with his groin in her face. Aries and Kazarian start things off. The two men trade arm locks and reversals until Aries gets a takedown and spins on Kazarian’s back. Aries poses in the corner.

Aries and Kaz go at it again and they each rake the others eyes. Both men stagger around the ring blind and walk over to the wrong corner. They eventually make their way to their respective corner and tag in Daniels and Roode. The two men exchange kicks and shoulder blocks. Roode hits Daniels with a clothesline and a pair of knees to the gut. Roode takes Daniels down with a leg sweep and follows up with a neckbreaker.

Roode tags in Aries and Aries lands a flying elbow to Daniels and goes for a cover. Storm is very slow to start the count and Aries only gets a two. Aries hits Daniels with a punch, a palm strike, and an elbow. Aries throws Daniels to the floor and then climbs to the top. Aries hits Daniels with a double axe handle and then rolls him in. Daniels throws Roode to the floor and Kaz hits him with a double axe handle. Kaz rolls Roode back in and then Kaz and Daniels double team him. Roode tags in Aries and Aries hits Kaz with a dropkick.

Aries hits Daniels with a punch and a roaring elbow and then backdrops him to the floor. Aries hits Daniels with a suicide dive and then rolls him into the ring. Aries climbs to the top and hits a frog splash, but Kaz runs in to make the save. Kaz and Daniels double team Aries until Roode comes in to help. Aries hits Kaz with a shoulder block and Daniels hits Roode with an STO.

Aries and Daniels trade strikes. Daniels goes for Angels Wings but Aries blocks it; Aries goes for the Brain Buster but Daniels blocks it. Daniels rolls Aries up but he grabs the tights and Storm refuses to count. Aries offers Storm a beer and Storm drinks it. Storm hits Daniels with a superkick as Aries cheers. Aries covers Daniels but Storm only counts to 2.

Storm then hits Aries with a superkick and walks away. I smell a triple threat match for the tag titles. After the match, Magnus gets beaten down by Aces and Eights in the back. He fights back for a while, landing a nut shot and taking a couple people out with a stick, but eventually he gets overwhelmed and crushed under some metal equipment.


When we return, X division champ Kenny King makes his way to the ring. King praises the returning Chris Sabin (Hail Sabin!) and expresses his admiration for the way Sabin has fought back from his injuries. Sabin says after losing the last two years to injuries, he’s going to wrestle each match like it could be his last, and promises to win the X Division title.

King offers to let Sabin hold the X Division title one more time out of respect. King then shows his true colors and calls him “Frail Sabin” and says this is the closest he’s ever going to get to being X division champ while King is still alive. King also promise to rain golden showers on his parade and demands his belt back. Sabin tosses King the belt and then knocks him out of the ring.


Match #4: Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray, and Devon versus Sting, Kurt Angle, and possibly someone else if Hogan is able to convince him to show up.

Angle and Devon start the match off and exchange strikes. Devon rakes Angles eyes to get the advantage. Angle hits Devon with a back elbow and a belly to belly suplex. Devon tags in Bully Ray and Ray lands an elbow. Angle takes Bully Ray down with a couple arm drags and then tags in Sting.

Ray tags in Anderson and Anderson hits Sting with a kick and a punch. Sting hits Anderson with an atomic drop and a dropkick. Anderson gets caught up in the ropes and Sting pulls the ropes up into his crotch. Sting tags in Kurt and Kurt lands several strikes to Anderson. Anderson tags in Devon and Devon whips Angle into the corner.

Aces and Eights isolate Angle in their corner and triple team him for a few minutes. As Bully and Devon continue beating on Angle, the screen switches to the back area where everyone from Aces and Eights has been knocked out. No explanation given, but it looks like whoever Hogan was trying to get has shown up.


When we return, Bully Ray hits Angle with a dropkick! It looks like Bully Ray finally found a use for his massive calves. Bully tags in Anderson and Anderson lands a couple punches. Anderson tags in Devon and Devon hits Angle with a neckbreaker. Devon keeps working on Angle’s neck until Kurt is able to punch his way out. Devon hits Angle with a bodyslam and follows it up with a leg drop.

After the leg drop, Devon poses and flexes like Hogan. Devon tags in Bully Ray and Ray hits Angle with a double axe handle and a neckbreaker. Ray lands a chop but then Angle pulls an Angle slam out of nowhere! Angle crawls over to Sting and makes the tag; Ray tags in Devon. Sting hits Devon with a splash and a Scorpion Death Drop. Anderson runs in to help but Sting throws him out of the ring.

Sting hits Devon with a Stinger splash and a one armed bulldog. Bully Ray runs in to make the save and Bully Ray and Sting face off. Sting will be facing Ray for the TNA title at Slammiversary. Sting and Ray exchange punches with Sting getting the upper hand. Sting locks in the Scorpion Death Lock but Anderson breaks it up. Anderson hits Sting with a Mic Check and then rolls out of the ring to slam Kurt Angle into the steel steps.

Devon and Bully Ray set up a table in the ring but get interrupted by the return of the monster Abyss!! Abyss takes down Devon and Bully Ray at the same time with a double clothesline. Abyss hits Devon and Bully Ray with big running splashes in the corner and then hits them both with boots to faces (could be a chant.)

Anderson slides back into the ring and gets choke-slammed by Abyss through the table. Abyss hits Devon with a black hole slam and covers him for the win! Abyss stands triumphantly in the ring as Impact goes off the air.

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