IMPACT TV report for 05/03/2013

Impact begins with Hulk Hogan coming to the ring and calling out Sting. Hogan apologizes to Sting for pushing him away when he should have been pulling his friends in closer. Sting and Hogan shake hands and make up.

Matt Morgan comes to the ring to confront Hogan and Sting. Morgan is angry because he thinks Hogan is going to make Sting the #1 contender to face Bully Ray at Slammiversary for the TNA title. Hogan announces that his plan was to have a #1 contenders match later tonight between Sting and Matt Morgan.

Thankfully he didn’t order them to sit down and talk about it until Hogan feels like he wants to pick a winner.  I always hated it when they did that. The main event tonight will be Sting versus Morgan in a #1 contenders match.

Chris Sabin is shown recovering from his injuries and will be in action later tonight


Match #1: Sonjay Dutt versus Zema Ion versus Chris Sabin to determine the #1 contender to the X division title.

Zema starts the match by pie facing Sonjay and Sabin; they respond by throwing him out of the ring.  Sabin hits Sonjay with a kick, Sonjay responds with a hurricanrana. Sabin hits Sonjay with an enzuigiri. Zema flips into the ring and takes Sabin and Sonjay over at the same time with a sunset flip.

Zema hits Sabin with a kick and Sabin falls into the ropes. Zema hits Sabin in the back with a running double knee strike. Sabin hits Zema with a pair of chops and Zema takes Sabin down with a hair pull. Zema ties Sabin and Sonjay up in a weird three way roll up that nearly pins both men.

Sonjay lands a couple punches to Sabin, a tilt a whirl DDT to Zema, and a standing shooting star press to Sabin.  Zema hits Sonjay with a DDT. Sabin hits Zema with a clothesline and then a powerbomb.  Sabin hits both Sonjay and Zema with a death valley driver. Sabin backdrops Zema into Sonjay and then hits Zema with a version of a fishermans buster suplex for the win.

After the match, Robbie E and Jesse are talking about facing Rob Terry in a handicap match.  Jesse suggests they get Joey Ryan to team up with them and make it a 3 way. Jesse thinks it would be the perfect combination of sleazy and easy. Robbie doesn’t think that rhymes.


When we return, Bully Ray is addressing the rest of Aces and Eights. Bully thinks Sting and Hogan were mocking them earlier tonight and he’s mad. Bully is also concerned about Kurt Angle and wants to know who is going to take care of him tonight. Vice President D Lo Brown insists he can take care of Angle.  I didn’t even know he could still wrestle.

Match #2:  Robbie E and Jesse and Joey Ryan versus Rob Terry.

Not much of a match. Rob Terry trades some punches with the three stooges and hits them with some power moves.  They tag in and out quickly and take the advantage for a short time, but eventually Terry dominates all three of them at the same time and wins the match with a Beast Bomb to Joey Ryan.


When we return, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries enter the ring to address Bad Influences offer last week to reform Fortune. Bobby admits he was thinking about it, but he’s sticking with Austin Aries. They’re both former World Champions, something they claim Kaz and Daniels will never be, and they have a common goal: the tag titles.

Kaz and Daniels come out to confront Roode and Aries. Daniels claims they are going to beat Roode and Aries next week and become the #1 contenders for the tag titles. Daniels also claims no one is feeling any blood flow in their genital area for Roode or Aries. He’s probably wrong but I won’t get into that.

Current tag champs Chavo and Hernandez come out to talk a little trash (but not as well as the other 4 did) and announce that James Storm will be the guest referee for the tag match next week.

Sting approaches Kurt Angle in the back and wants a word with him. He tells the cameraman he wants a word with Angle and then closes the door.  It’s like Sting could SEE there was a camera following him around; wrestlers never act like they notice the ever present cameras.  Sting must be special.


Match #3: D Lo versus Kurt Angle.

D Lo says he isn’t just going to beat Angle, he’s going to do something no one has ever done before; he’s going to make Angle say “I Quit.” The two men exchange strikes and Angle hits D Lo with a clothesline. Angle puts D Lo in a modified STF but Angle gets distracted by the presence of several Aces and Eights members at ringside.

D Lo hits Angle in the back and Angle responds with a suplex. D Lo goes to the floor and Angle goes after him. D Lo slams Angle into the steel post and attacks his arm with a hammer. D Lo focuses on the arm and repeatedly slams it into the post and the mat. D Lo rolls Angle in and steps on his arm.

D Lo hits Angle’s arm with a leg drop and then twists his arm. Angle fights his way out and lands several punches, but D Lo responds with a heel kick and puts Angle in a cross armbreaker. Angle works his way out of the hold and reverses it into an ankle lock. D Lo kicks Angle off and puts him in a modified cobra clutch.  Angle slips out of the hold and hits D Lo with 6 straight German Suplexes.

Angle goes for the ankle lock again but D Lo kicks him off. D Lo hits Angle with a Samoan Drop and then tries a powerbomb. Angle slips out of the powerbomb attempt and gets the ankle lock on again and grapevines the leg. D Lo taps, but that’s not good enough.

Angle keeps the pressure on and D Lo says “I quit.” D Lo could be in trouble: he insisted on the match, insisted he would win, insisted that it be I quit, he refused any help, and then he said “I quit.”

After the match, Angle has something else he wants to address. Angle calls out AJ Styles.


When we return, Angle is still waiting for AJ, and AJ finally comes out. Angle tells AJ he doesn’t like the look in AJ’s eyes. Angle says he wants the two of them to team up with Sting next week against Aces and Eights.  AJ doesn’t answer, and Angle tells him he’s got to pick a side, and if he picks the wrong side, they’re going to have a problem.


Match #4: Gail Kim and Tara versus Taryn Terrell and Mickie James.

All 4 knockouts start brawling as the match begins. Eventually Mickie and Taryn slam Gail’s and Tara’s heads together and the heels fall out to the floor. Taryn hits Tara and Gail with a double dropkick and rolls Gail into the ring.

Taryn clotheslines Gail and then takes her down with a snapmare. Taryn tags Mickie and Mickie applies an armbreaker to Gail, but Gail makes it to the ropes. Mickie and Gail exchange forearm shots and kicks. Gail clotheslines Mickie and tags in Tara. Tara and Gail double team Mickie and hit her with a lot of kicks.

Tara slams Mickie to the mat and stretches her out in a bridge until Taryn comes in and breaks it up. Tara tags in Gail and Gail lands a couple kicks. Mickie fights back with an elbow and a hurricanrana. Mickie and Gail knock each other down with stereo cross body attempts. Gail tags in Tara and Mickie tags in Taryn.

Taryn takes Tara down with a pair of clotheslines. Taryn goes to the top rope and hits Tara with a flying cross body.  Gail breaks up the pin attempt and Mickie comes in after Gail. Taryn rolls up Tara for the win during the confusion.

After the match, the knockouts start to brawl again. Mickie and Tara battle outside the ring and back to the locker room. Gail hits Taryn with Eat Defeet and then pounds her head into the mat repeatedly.  Gail then drags Taryn over to the ropes and applies a figure four leg lock in the steel ring post.  ODB eventually breaks it up.


Match #5:  Matt Morgan versus Sting for the #1 contender spot at Slammiversary.

Morgan shoves Sting to the corner and lands several punches and headbutts. Morgan whips Sting hard into the corner and then clotheslines him. Morgan hits Sting with another headbutt and chokes him in the corner. Sting fights out and lands several punches, and Morgan choke slams Sting to the mat.


Sting and Morgan are battling outside the ring, slamming each other into the steps and the security barriers.  Sting gets the advantage and rolls Morgan back in. Morgan hits Sting with a side slam and then sits on his back.  Morgan stomps on Sting and then hits him with a clothesline.

Sting lands a couple punches and Morgan responds with a bodyslam. Morgan misses an elbow drop and Sting hits Morgan with a series of punches and clotheslines. Sting hits Morgan with a Stinger Splash. Morgan turns Sting around in the corner and hits him with a headbutt and several back elbows. Sting hits Morgan with a clothesline and goes for another Stinger Splash, but Morgan hits him with the Carbon Footprint!

Morgan covers Sting but gets only 2! Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint again, but Sting ducks it and Morgan jams his leg on the turnbuckle. Sting puts Morgan in the Scorpion death lock, but Morgan gets to the ropes.

Sting gets the Scorpion back on and has it on for a long time, sitting all the way back onto Morgan’s ass.  Morgan appears to have passed out from pain. The ref checks on Morgan and confirms he is unconscious.  Sting is the #1 contender.

Bully Ray and the rest of Aces and Eights come to the ring. Bully Ray angrily waves his title belt around and shouts at Sting as Impact goes off the air.

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