IMPACT TV report 12/14/2012

Impact begins with Bobby Roode making his way to the ring.  Roode is pissed off that Aces and Eights attacked him after he paid them off this past Sunday.  Roode wants to know why they attacked him and he calls them out. Devon comes out with Doc and several other Aces and Eights members.  Devon tells Roode that Aces and Eights like doing business and making money, but they got a better offer.  Roode wants to know who but Devon will only tell him that they got a better offer.  Aces and Eights enter the ring and Roode retreats.  James Storm and Jeff Hardy run down to the ring to chase Aces and Eights away.


In the back, Velvet Sky is celebrating her return after a 6 month absence.  She tells us she has pigeons up her ass and they want to come out.  It sounds a little uncomfortable to me, but I’m sure Tazz is happy to hear it.  Commercial


Match #1: Madison Rayne versus Velvet Sky.  The aforementioned pigeons are let loose before the match.  Todd Keneley hands Tazz a towel to wipe himself off.  While Velvet shows off her ass, Madison pushes her hard into the corner.  Velvet responds by slamming Madison’s face into the corner repeatedly.  Velvet  hits Madison with a kick and a snapmare.  Madison retaliates with a clothesline.  Madison steps on Velvet’s hair, grabs her arms, and then pulls.  Madison wraps Velvets head up in a headscissors and then slams her face repeatedly into the mat.  Madison goes for a cover and Velvet kicks out at 2.  Velvet lands a kick and a pair of chops.  Velvet hits Madison with a punch, puts her in a headlock, clotheslines her several times, and then takes her down with a bulldog. Velvet hits Madison with a face plant for the win.


In the back, Kurt Angle, Wes Briscoe, and Garrett Bischoff do a bullshit segment that is nothing more than a commercial for 5 hour energy.  That was annoying.  Commercials should be kept for commercial breaks, so don’t buy 5 hour energy.   This was followed by an actual commercial break. Commercial


Match #2:  Robbie E and Big Robbie T versus Garrett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe.  Robbie T powerslams Briscoe and then tags Robbie E.  Robbie E lands a couple punches and a slap.  Briscoe lands a couple punches in return and Robbie takes him down with a drop toe hold.  Robbie E fake tags in big Rob, and big Rob puts Wes in a bearhug.  Wes fights his way out and Robbie slams him into the corner.  The Robbies double team Wes and Robbie T tags Robbie E in.  Robbie E body slams Wes and climbs to the top rope.  Robbie E jumps off the top rope but Briscoe gets his boots up in time and knocks Robbie down.  Wes tags Bischoff in and Bischoff hits Robbie with some strikes and a shoulder block.  Garrett hits Robbie E with a flapjack but is then knocked down by a cheap shot from Robbie T.  Robbie E tags Robbie T in.  Garrett lands a shot to Robbie T and tags in Briscoe.  Briscoe comes off the top rope and hits Robbie T with a  flying cross body for the win.  Kurt Angle celebrates with his young protégés but is then attacked by Aces and Eights.  Aces and Eights clip Angle’s leg from behind.  Angle will be facing Devon next week for the tv title, which is probably why this attack took place.  Commercial


When we return, Kurt Angle is being tended to in the back by the trainers.  Joseph Park, meanwhile, is getting ready to start wrestling school and he shows up at Ohio Valley Wrestling.  Head instructor Danny Davis shows Park the ropes and screams at him like a drill sergeant.


Tara and Jesse show up in Brooke Hogan’s office to try and score some brownie points.  Brooke doesn’t want to hear it and tells Jesse he needs to stick another sock in his shorts.  Commercial


Match #3:  Jeff Hardy and James Storm versus Doc and a large masked man from Aces and Eights.  Doc and Storm start things off and exchange punches.  Storm hits Doc with a clothesline and tags in Hardy.  Hardy comes in off the top down across Doc’s arm.  Doc tags in the masked man and Hardy hits him with a punch, a clothesline, and then hurricanranas him to the floor.  Hardy kicks the masked man back to the floor as he tries to re enter, then Hardy follows up with a double clothesline to Doc and the masked man on the floor. Commercial


Hardy lands a kick to Devon but the masked man hits Hardy with a cheap shot.  Devon stomps on Hardy as Tazz points out that the masked man is the massive member of Aces and Eights.  That sounded dirty to me.  Storm hits Doc several times on the floor outside the ring.  The masked man saves Doc and Doc rolls Hardy back into the ring.  Doc lands several punches and then tags in the masked member.  Doc and the masked man exchange  a couple quick tags and pummel Hardy.  Hardy eventually gets free by hitting the masked man with a jawbreaker, but is unable to make the tag.  Hardy takes more shots from Aces and Eights and nearly makes the tag again but is stopped by Doc, who wraps up Hardy’s legs and drags him back to the corner.  After some more double teaming, the masked man throws Hardy to the floor and then Doc slams Hardy into the security barrier.  The masked man tags Doc and Doc hits Hardy with a splash in the middle of the ring.  Doc puts Hardy in a headlock but Hardy fights out.  Hardy lands an elbow and then whisper in the wind and both men are down.  Doc and the masked man try to keep Hardy isolated but he escapes with a mule kick and tags in Storm.  Storm runs in and hits the masked man with a flying crossbody and then tags Hardy back in so they can execute “poetry in motion.”  Storm and Hardy follow up with a double suplex to Doc.  Hardy hits the masked man with a clothesline and Devon runs in to interfere.  Storm cuts off Devon and Hardy hits the masked man with the twist of fate for the win.


After the match, Devon reveals that it was Austin Aries that paid them off this past Sunday.  Commercial

When we return, AJ Styles makes his way to the ring to address the crowd after his historic loss to Christopher Daniels at Final Resolution.  AJ says he doesn’t know what he’s doing next, but he does know he is sick of being a corporate guy and cleaning up TNA’s messes.  From now on he’s out for #1, AJ Styles.  Dixie approaches him after and asks who he is.  AJ walks away.  In another part of the backstage area, Christopher Daniels and Kaz celebrate Daniels recent victory over AJ.  Kaz promises Daniels he has a surprise for him.


Match #4:  Kenny King versus X Division champ RVD.  The title is not on the line, but King wants the win badly after losing to RVD in a title match this past Sunday.  King and RVD exchange head locks and hammerlocks to start the match off, reversing each other several times.  RVD hits King with a kick and then poses for the crowd.  Kings kicks RVD in the back and knocks him to the floor.  King hits RVD with a corkscrew dive to RVD on the floor.  King rolls RVD in and then hits him with a few strikes, and then follows up with a leaping back elbow in the corner.  King lands a punch but RVD fights back and lands a couple spin kicks.   RVD goes to the top rope and hits King with a flying leg drop.  RVD goes back up top but King cuts him off and hits him with a springboard blockbuster.  King swings at RVD but Van Dam ducks it and bodyslams King.  RVD hits King with a northern lights suplex and then a leg drop.  RVD goes to the top and hits King with a flying crossbody.  King rolls through the crossbody by Van Dam and covers RVD.  King gets his feet on the ropes for additional (and illegal) leverage and gets the win.


In the back, Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray are having an argument.  Hogan is mad that Bully has been sneaking around with Hulk’s daughter.  Ray claims Brooke has been following him around, and that Hogan should trust him after all he’s done for TNA lately. They both seem very angry.  Commercial


Match #5:  Jesse (with Tara) versus Bully Ray.  Ray starts off strong and hits Jesse with a clothesline, a punch, and a shoulder block.  Jesse tries to retaliate with some chops, but Bully Ray shrugs them off like they were nothing.   Bully hits Jesse with a big boot to the face, and then follows up with a couple very LOUD chops to the chest.  Tara comes in to beg Bully to stop hurting her boyfriend, and Bull Ray spanks her in the middle of the ring.  Jesse looks angry that his girlfriend just got spanked by another man and knocks Bully Ray over with a double axe handle to the back.  Jesse stomps on Ray, chops him, and then hits him with another double axe handle.  Jesse hits Bully Ray with a couple crossfaces and forearm shots.  Jesse shows off his impressive physique to the crowd.  Jesse hits Bully with a couple elbow strikes and a dropkick.  Bully hits Jesse with another chop, but Jesse knocks Bully back down with a clothesline  and then punches him repeatedly.  Jesse hits Ray with a big boot in the corner and a back elbow.  Tara reaches up and pulls Bully’s neck down over the rope, choking him.  Jesse hits Ray with a forearm and a dropkick.  Jesse flexes again and then tries to follow up with a leg drop but misses.  Ray hits Jesse with a Bubba Cutter (Bully Cutter?) for the win!  After the match, Bully Ray asks the camera what it’s going to take for Hogan to trust him. Commercial


When we return, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.  Austin admits that he was the man that paid Aces and Eights to attack Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode at the end of the Pay Per View Sunday.  Austin isn’t surprised that they outed him, and he doesn’t mind, just as long as they did what they were paid to do, and they did.  Aries reminds us that when he was champion, Hogan put Aries in the front line to face Aces and Eights and he got nothing for it.  Now he’s going to do things his way and get back his world title.  Jeff Hardy comes out and says all Aries had to do was ask like a man.  Aries responds that he isn’t sure about that, he thinks he may have to climb a ladder or have some other gimmick or stipulation that doesn’t favor him.  Hardy challenges Aries to a title match next week on Impact as part of Championship Thursday.  The crowd seems to like the idea, but Aries says he doesn’t want to fight Hardy in the Impact Zone in front of all his fans, he wants to decide when and where they fight, whether the fans like it or not.  Hardy says he always gives the fans what they want, and then tackles Aries.  The two men brawl for a while before Hardy drops Aries with the Twist of Fate.  Hardy climbs to the top, presumably for a Swanton, but Aries rolls out of the ring and backs away up the ramp.  Hardy still wants to fight, but Aries just smiles at him as Impact goes off the air.

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