IMPACT TV report 11/09/2012

Impact begins this week with a recap of the unveiling of the Aces and Eights member once known as Luke Gallows.  In the Aces and Eights clubhouse, the leader lectures  “Doc” (Luke’s new name) for letting himself get unmasked last week.  Devon tells Doc he needs to try and make up for what he’s done by teaming up with him to face Sting and Kurt Angle later tonight.

The first person to make his way out to the Impact Zone is James Storm.  Storm joins the broadcast team to scout his opponents at Turning Point, AJ Styles and James Storm, who are in the first match.

Match #1:  AJ versus Bobby Roode.

The two men lock up and AJ twists Roode’s arm behind his back.  Roode reverses the hold and twists Styles’ arm.  Roode switches to a headlock but Styles pushes Roode off and whips him into the ropes.  AJ Styles leapfrogs Roode; Roode hits Styles with a back elbow.  AJ retaliates with a dropkick.  Roode goes out to the floor and AJ pursues.  The two men exchange several punches on the floor.  AJ whips Roode into the steel steps and then rolls him back into the ring.

AJ re enters the ring and bodyslams Roode.  The two men exchange a series of punches and chops.   AJ hits Roode with a backdrop.  Roode punches AJ and then clotheslines him.  Roode gives AJ a neckbreaker.


AJ lands a kick and whips Roode to the corner.  AJ drives his shoulder into Roode’s gut.  Roode snaps AJ’s head down onto the top rope.  Roode climbs to the second rope and hits AJ with a neckbreaker.  Roode hits AJ with an elbow drop and then covers him for a two count.  AJ lands several punches; Roode responds by whipping AJ hard into the corner.  Roode takes AJ over with a snapmare and then applies a chin lock.  AJ escapes and hits Roode with a forearm.  Roode responds with a punch and then AJ hits him with an Enzuigiri.  AJ hits Roode with a leaping clothesline and a pair of chops in the corner.  AJ throws Roode out onto the edge of the ring apron.

Roode snaps AJ’s head down across the top rope.  Roode climbs to the top but AJ cuts him off and takes him down with a Frankensteiner.   AJ tries the Styles Clash but Roode fights it off and hits AJ with a spinebuster.  AJ tries the styles clash again but Roode again blocks it.  AJ tries a Pele kick but Roode avoids it.  Roode hits AJ with a fisherman’s suplex into a bridge and a cover, but AJ kicks out at 2.  Roode exits the ring to grab a steel chair.  James Storm takes off his headset and makes his way to the ring.

AJ hits Roode with a springboard crossbody to Roode on the floor.  AJ rolls Roode into the ring and starts arguing with Storm.  AJ tries to springboard back into the ring but Roode trips him up.  AJ crashes to the canvas and Roode rolls him up for the win.

In the back, Austin Aries confronts Hogan.  Hogan tells Aries that if he doesn’t return the title he stole, he will strip Aries of his title shot at Turning Point this Sunday.


Joseph Park is in the ring and he still wants a match with Aces and Eights.  Hogan comes out to tell him he’s still worried about putting a lawyer in the ring with Aces and Eights.  Bully Ray comes out to take Joe Park’s side.  Bully argues that Park is tough and has heart, and he also has more reason than anyone to hate Aces and Eights.  Hogan agrees this one time.

Tara and Jesse are in the back talking about Jesse’s ‘big win’ over ODB recently.  Jesse brags about all the technical moves he was using, and ODB interrupts to call him a douche and remind him that the only move he used was a ‘schoolgirl’ roll-up.  ODB says she and Eric Young are the only real power couple in TNA, and she challenges Tara and Jesse to a two on one handicap match.


When we return, AJ and Storm are arguing.  AJ is mad that Storm came to the ring to scout him before their match Sunday.  Storm says he’ll kick AJ’s face in.

Match #2:  ODB versus Tara and Jesse.

Kind of a silly match, but still fun.  Tara and Jesse apparently don’t have to tag, ODB is going to try and beat them both at the same time.  ODB dominates the start of the match with clotheslines, chops, and a lot of chest grabbing and BAM yelling.  Tara and Jesse knock ODB down with a double clothesline and then Tara starts to choke her.

The ref breaks up the choke and ODB goes back on offense.  ODB body slams Jesse and then bodyslams Tara onto Jesse’s prone body.  ODB whips Jesse into the corner and hits him with a splash.  ODB whips Tara into the corner and hits them both with a double Bronco Buster.  ODB spears Tara and covers her for the win!  ODB is TNA’s Ryback.

After the match, Jesse tries to sneak up on ODB but she sees him. Unfortunately she does not see Tara sneak up on her.  Tara cheap shots ODB and then hits her with Widow’s Peak.   Tara and Jesse steal ODB’s booze flask and empty it out on her unconscious body.


When we return, ODB is on the phone.  She is trying to get in touch with her husband and is screaming into his voice mail.  ODB says she needs him to team with her against Tara and Jesse, then angrily screams I LOVE YOU into the phone.

Match #3:  Kurt Angle and Sting versus Devon and Doc.

Before the match even starts, all four men start brawling outside the ring.  Eventually the match begins with Doc and Sting in the ring.  Sting DDT’s Doc but is distracted by Devon.  Doc takes advantage of the distraction and clotheslines Sting to the mat.  Doc tags in Devon and Devon hits Sting with a headbutt.  Devon hits Sting with a series of strikes and tags in Doc.  Devon and Doc hit Sting with a double Shoulder block.  Doc hits Sting with an elbow and suplex.  Doc hits Sting with a back elbow and tags in Devon.  Devon hits Sting with a leg drop.

Devon pretends that he’s going to let Sting tag Angle, and then Devon knocks Angle off the ring apron.  Devon tags in Doc and Doc punches Sting repeatedly.  Doc hits Sting with a running splash and goes for a cover; Angle makes the save.  Doc tags in Devon and Devon hits Sting with a back elbow and then tags Doc back in.  Sting and Doc clothesline each other and they both go down.  Doc makes his way over to Devon and tags him in; Sting tags Angle at the same time.  Kurt hits Devon with a kick and then a missile dropkick from the second rope.  Angle hits Doc with a German Suplex and Devon with an Angle Slam.

Sting enters the ring and hits Doc with a Scorpion Death Drop, and then puts him in the Scorpion Death Lock (or Sharp Shooter, as we call it here in Canada.)  Devon grabs Sting’s bat and takes out Sting and Kurt with it.  Bully Ray runs to the ring and clotheslines Devon.  Ray gets a table and sets it up in the ring, but Devon runs away.  Doc grabs Sting, but Sting hits him with a low blow.  Sting hits Doc with a kick and a punch, but more Aces and Eights members join the fight, ganging up on Sting and Kurt.

Doc puts Sting through the table.  One of the Aces and Eights members gives Doc a hammer, and Doc pounds Sting with it repeatedly, hitting him in the back, ribs, and each hand.  Joe, Chavo and Hernandez chase Aces and Eights away, but the damage is already done to Sting.


When we return, it’s Gut Check time.  Christian York makes his way to the ring to find out if Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Prichard are going to give him a TNA contract.  For the first time so far, all three judges agree:  Christian York gets the contract and is now on the TNA roster.


When we return, Hogan is in his office trying to find out about Sting’s condition.  Hogan is interrupted by Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan.  Hogan tells Morgan he won’t be allowed at ringside for Ryan’s match with RVD for the X Division title this Sunday.  Morgan tells Hogan he has no idea who he’s messing with.  After Morgan and Ryan leave, Hogan chuckles and says “oh but I do know.”  I think he’s gone senile.


Match # 4:  Samoa Joe and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez versus Magnus, Kaz and Daniels.

The match begins with all 6 men brawling in the middle of the ring.  Chavo, Hernandez, and Joe get the upper hand and chase the heels out of the ring.  Chavo and Daniels start the match off.  Chavo hits Daniels with a clothesline and suplex.  Chavo hits a knee lift and  a European uppercut.  Chavo whips Daniels hard into the corner.  Chavo charges, but Daniels gets his knees up and tags in Kaz.  Chavo takes Kaz down with a drop toe hold and tags in Hernandez.  Hernandez splashes onto Kaz and then tries a suplex but Kaz escapes and hits Hernandez with a spinning heel kick.  Hernandez tags in Joe and Kaz tags in Magnus.

Daniels grabs Joe and Magnus beats Joe down.  Daniels and Kaz double team Joe in the corner.  Joe fights his way out and puts a beating on Daniels.  Joe hits Daniels with a running back elbow and a kick to the head.  Joe lands some more strikes and a knee drop before tagging in Chavo.  Joe bodyslams Daniels and Chavo hits Daniels with a slingshot senton.  Chavo tags in Hernandez and Hernandez puts Daniels in a bear hug.  Hernandez takes Daniels over with a Belly to Belly suplex and tag Chavo back in.  Chavo hits Daniels with a dropkick followed by a knee strike.

Chavo punches Daniels out to the floor. Daniels pulls Chavo out to the floor and then slams him into the steel barrier.  Kaz hits Chavo with several cheap shots and Daniels tags Kaz in.  Kaz hits Chavo with running neckbreaker and then tags in Magnus.  Magnus lands several strikes and tags in Daniels.  Daniels scores with a neckbreaker and tags in Kaz.  Kaz clotheslines Chavo and Daniels hip tosses Kaz onto Chavo.  Kaz puts Chavo in a bow and arrow submission.  Chavo fights his way out of it, but Kaz rakes his eyes and regains the advantage.  Chavo responds with a hurricanrana and several strikes.

Chavo tags in Hernandez and Hernandez hits Kaz with a pair of shoulder blocks, a clothesline, and a splash.  Daniels comes in to help Hernandez and they try to double suplex Hernandez, but Hernandez blocks it and suplexes them both at the same time.  Joe enters the ring and scores with a clothesline and a powerslam.  All 6 men are back in the ring and the action breaks down into chaos.  Eventually Joe gets his hands on Magnus and sets him up for the muscle buster.  Kaz and Daniels trip Joe up and Magnus climbs to the top rope.  Magnus hits Joe with a flying elbow drop for the win.


When we return, Bobby Roode is laughing at the way James Storm and AJ Styles are arguing.  Roode thinks this gives him the edge in their three way match this weekend.

Austin Aries has makes his way to the ring, presumably to return the old TNA title and preserve his title shot this weekend.  Aries mocks Hardy for calling himself “the best on the planet.”  Aries notes that a lot of people call themselves “Best in the World”, Aries is actually the best wrestler in the universe.   Aries gives Hardy credit for being the greatest daredevil in wrestling, but promises to beat Hardy at his own game this Sunday when they face off for the TNA title in a ladder match.

Aries promise that if he wins, he’ll keep the old TNA belt, but melt the one with Jeff Hardy’s face on it and turn it into a belt buckle; that way Hardy’s face will always be near his crotch.  Aries says he will NOT give the belt back, and challenges Hardy to come and take it.

Hardy comes and takes it after a short fight.  Hardy takes both belts and asks for the hook to be lowered and places the belts on the hook and has it raised back up.  Hardy climbs a ladder underneath the belts, but Aries suddenly re enters the ring and knocks the ladder over.  Hardy hits the mat hard and Aries beats him down.  Aries climbs the ladder and poses with both belts as TNA goes off the air.

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