Peter Rosenberg reveals why he doesn’t freelance for WWE anymore


A couple of years ago, WWE hired ESPN’s Peter Rosenberg and Sirius XM’s Sam Roberts to join in on the Kickoff shows and do some freelance work for the WWE Network.

But now, one of those two, Rosenberg, finds himself out of WWE’s good graces and in the latest episode of his Cheap Heat podcast on ESPN, Rosenberg spilled the beans on everything and why he’s not working for WWE anymore.

Rosenberg revealed that he had been dealing with personal issues lately and informed WWE that he needs a break from traveling. When he was ready to get back to work and do WrestleMania, Michael Cole, who is in charge of most on-air talent behind the microphone, informed him that his services are no longer required.

“WrestleMania came to New York City where I’ve been promoting it for four, five months prior, even when I was no longer traveling,” Rosenberg recounted. “And they said, ‘We don’t have a place for you on WrestleMania.’ They couldn’t even squeeze me on that Watch Along show with 80 people talking at the same time. Still didn’t have room for me there. Couldn’t put me anywhere.”

Rosenberg said that he is not mad at Michael Cole as the two were never “super tight” but then ripped on the Watch Along format saying that the show is an embarrassment to WWE and to the WWE Network. “That’s not a shot at Pat McAfee. I do not think anyone can do that show and make it good. You cannot have ten people talking at the same time. It’s not good.”

With him no longer working for WWE, Rosenberg said that he’ll be able to give more of an honest assessment of the product now and doesn’t intend to show all the love that he was restricted to since he doesn’t have to be on any of those shows any more.