The Undertaker tells Goldberg that this Friday, he’s next!


In the final segment to close out Monday Night Raw, The Undertaker told Goldberg that he’s next and at Super ShowDown this Friday, he will claim his soul.

During the short in-ring promo, Taker said that he doesn’t want the family man Goldberg that smiles with his wife and son, he wants the unstoppable, mythical, icon Goldberg. “I promise you this, if you bring anything less, our first match will be your last!”

He then continued, “When the reaper beckons, you answer his call. I will claim your soul for all of eternity.” After the show went off the air, Taker then did the usual rest in peace line to send the crowd home happy.

The former WCW, World, and Universal champion will be responding to The Undertaker tonight on Smackdown Live and the arena is also promoting an appearance by The Undertaker. If that happens on or off camera remains to be seen.