Perro Aguayo Jr., died “almost instantly” from injuries according to autopsy report


The autopsy report of Perro Aguayo Jr., revealed that the Mexican lucha lire star died “almost immediately” of his injuries he suffered in the ring, suffering three fractured vertebrae and was dead by the time he was transported to the hospital, said Gilberto Cota Alanis, deputy prosecutor for Baja California state. The report was carried by the Associated Press.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation, and Cota Alanis said the other wrestlers involved in the match would be questioned about the incident as well as Wrestling and Boxing Commission officials who handled Aguayo’s body and the medical workers who attended to him.

The whole incident started when Aguayo Jr., received a missile dropkick and then was thrown out of the ring via a hurricanrana. Once he came back in the ring, looking already a bit groggy, Aguayo Jr., was hit with another dropkick that set him up for the 619 but that was apparently the final blow that lead to his death.