Funeral for Perro Aguayo Jr., held in Guadalajara, Mexico


The funeral for Perro Aguayo Jr., was held yesterday in Guadalajara, Mexico as the world of lucha libre is still in shock over what happened during the weekend in Tijuana.

While his famous father did not talk to reporters at the funeral, his mother released a statement which was published by the Associated Press. “We, as relatives of Pedro, want to thank all of you for the affection and respect you have shown for Pedro, and you will understand that we are in no condition to comment with respect to the death of Pedro,” Luz Ramirez said.

Dave Meltzer of the Observer said that a press conference held yesterday in Tijuana by the Tijuana Boxing and Wrestling Commission stated that Aguayo Jr., suffered a cardiac arrest in the hospital and died after arriving there at 1:30AM. That conflicts with the autopsy report which said that he died of trauma to the neck and a cervical fracture.