Perro Aguayo Jr’s cause of death released


The doctor who treated Perro Aguayo Jr., at ringside and backstage said that the cause of death is due to a cervical spinal injury according to the El Mexicano newspaper.

“I was with him for about an hour trying to revive him. He had an MRI to rule out anything else,” Commission doctor Ernesto Franco said.

Aguayo Jr., stayed motionless in the ring for several minutes before EMTs decided to show up, something which Franco is defending, shooting down the idea of malpractice. He said that there were two other wrestlers injured backstage receiving medical care when afterwards they noticed something’s wrong with Aguayo Jr.

Franco said that there were two ambulances at the show but both stretchers were being used which is why they decided to use a plywood board to carry Aguyao Jr., from the ring to the back area so they get him to the hospital as quickly as possible. He was eventually transferred to a proper backboard and stretcher in the tunnel backstage.

Franco added that they tried resuscitation for nearly one hour before declaring him dead at 1AM at the hospital.