WWE tweet about Dana Warrior supporting GLAAD backfires big time


A tweet by the WWE Community Twitter account backfired big time after a link to a blog entry accompanied by a photo WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior going purple to support GLAAD on Spirit Day was posted.

Her late husband and WWE Hall of Famer the Ultimate Warrior had well-known public outbursts against the gay and lesbian communities and was often labeled as a homophobic and a bigot. Warrior once delivered a speech at UCONN in April of 2005 and argued that queers aren’t as legitimate as heterosexuals. “How are they not?” someone from the audience replied. “Because queering doesn’t make the world work,” Warrior responded. The exchange was part of a very controversial one hour speech that Warrior delivered on that day.

The tweet from WWE, while it was meant well, suffered backlash from fans who couldn’t not write about the irony of the situation.

“Maybe Dana doesn’t share the same homophobic views as her bigoted husband, but this is still a bad misstep on the part of @glaad,” read one tweet. “As for @WWECommunity, you never fail to astound me.”

“Oh, this is rich,” commented another one while many posted GIFs of irony memes. “I do recognize that people can change. If @DanaWarriorWWE used to be homophobic & isn’t anymore, then that’s great,” a tweet from another user said. “But the only way she can be taken seriously in this role is if she speaks on the issues & publicly denounces everything her late husband said on the matter.”