WWE Superstars and crew safely out of Saudi Arabia and en route to New York


The over 150 WWE Superstars, production crew, and employees are safely out of Saudi Arabian airspace and flying over Europe at time of this writing.

The chartered Atlas Air 8185 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia left for John F. Kennedy Airport in New York at 4:58AM local time, an hour and six minutes late than its scheduled time of departure. It is now expected that the flight will land at 9:54AM ET.

This is a non-stop flight and according to FlightAware it’s going to take 11 hours and 57 minutes with the WWE crew now able to relax having the massive Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet all to themselves.

This has been one hell of a few days for everyone involved in Crown Jewel with certain WWE Superstars even publicly complaining on social media about their long delay.