Brock Lesnar “quits” Smackdown and heading to Raw to hunt for Rey Mysterio


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were the only ones who appeared at both Crown Jewel and Smackdown on FOX last night after they managed to get out of the country on Lesnar’s private jet before anyone, thus avoiding all the problems that cropped up.

The duo kicked off Smackdown with Heyman replaying the whole Brock vs Cain match from Crown Jewel and the attack by Rey Mysterio following the ending of the match. Heyman said that just how they served Cain as the “sacrificial piñata,” Lesnar now wants Rey Mysterio sacrificed.

Heyman said that he was told that Brock cannot come to Raw to hunt for his prey because Smackdown Superstars are contracted to FOX and Raw Superstars are contracted by USA Network. But this was Brock Lesnar, the WWE champion, and he will do whatever he wants because no one will be able to do anything about it.

Heyman then announced that as of now, Lesnar quits Friday Night Smackdown and on Monday, he will be appearing on Monday Night Raw to go after Rey Mysterio.

The situation is that both the WWE and Universal championships are currently owned by Smackdown Superstars so one of them will be heading back to Raw. At this point it looks like Lesnar will be the one switching, taking the WWE title with him while The Fiend Bray Wyatt remains on Smackdown with the Universal title.