WWE bans the turnbuckle powerbomb move


PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE has permanently banned the turnbuckle powerbomb move, otherwise known as the bucklebomb.

The ban of the move comes after a few weeks ago, Kairi Sane was on the receiving end of a botched turnbuckle powerbomb courtesy of Nia Jax. The move was also in the news when Seth Rollins used it on Sting during their Night of Champions match in 2015, a move which was also botched and led to Sting suffering from spinal stenosis. Sting retired from in-ring action after that match and has not wrestled since.

WWE has a habit of banning certain moves due to their potential danger, some of which are reintroduced again years later, and some of which – like the sit-down piledriver – remaining banned.