WrestleMania stage and entrance go up at AT&T Stadium


WWE gave a sneak peak at the inside of the AT&T Stadium yesterday during Smackdown which was part-live with cut-ins from Dallas in conjunction with the taped matches from Monday night.

The entrance looked somewhat complete with a huge Texas star leading to the ramp as the main focal point. Interesting enough there doesn’t seem to be a huge backdrop allowing seats to be behind the stage to have a full view anyway. A WrestleMania 32 logo hangs from the rafters on top of the stage.

Perhaps the thing that will catch the eye immediately is the enormous HD TV that hangs from the roof of the AT&T Stadium, giving fans even in the nosebleed section a great view of the action inside the ring.

Large steel structures holding the speakers and lights also hang from a rig underneath the screens and probably that’s where the Hell In A Cell structure will “hide” until it’s time for the match.

The stadium is not yet complete as no seats are visible on the floor yet but it’s a pretty impressive thing to see regardless.

You can see some photos of how the AT&T Stadium looks now below.